New Paper Mario on Dolphin

As you might have guessed, I have decided to port my New Paper Mario texture pack onto the Dolphin emulator. (Paper Mario on a dolphin, get it?)
I have thought about this for quite a long time but now I have decided that Dolphin is better suited for the task than N64 emulators. Dolphin still does have some problems, but at least it is still actively being developed.

So, what does this mean?
-Well, unfortunately it means a lot of work since I have to rename practically every texture for it to work with Dolphin.
-However, it also means that once I’m again at the same state of texturing, it will go much faster.
-And it also means that I now have more motivation than ever, now that it’s actually possible for me to finish the pack.

Now… it would be great if some people would like to help me. This time, it’s mainly about playing through the game on Dolphin and dumping and sorting all the textures so I can just focus on retexturing. 
So, if you have any experience with Dolphin and how it handles high-res texture packs and would like to help me, send me an email at: npm at nelde dot ch (preferably with the email address that is connected to Dropbox) and I will add you to a Dropbox folder where you can contribute.
I appreciate your help, but please only write if you have some experience

Wii Shop Channel Now Works on Dolphin Emulator
Wii Shop Channel Now Works on Dolphin Emulator

Have you ever wanted to enter your credit card information into an emulator? In Dolphin Emulator’s newest update, now you can. With the new update to the Dolphin Emulator, you can connect to Nintendo’s servers in order to purchase and download games. See more in the video…

Undertale Chao Garden Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


This mod includes full texture replacements for all three Chao Gardens, the Chao World Lobby, the Chao Kindergarten, Chao Raceway, Chao Karate, and a save file with the Chao seen above.

This mod requires Dolphin Emulator and an iso of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for Gamecube (for legal reasons we cannot provide this, don’t ask).

Download Link

Please check the READ_ME.txt file or read below the cut for an install guide as well as an important texture issue/glitch to keep an eye out for.

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Was taking some screenshots Xenoblade Chronicles of fake animals that I liked particularly well.

Xenoblade was such a good game, if you like rpgs at all I can not recommend it enough. The world is so imaginative and the story is excellent through and through. It really is a special work.


Hello everybody, here’s a set of screenshots from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness running on the Dolphin Emulator version 4.0.2.

This one has quite a few graphical bugs in it still but its in a playable state as long as you can ignore them. The game is beautifully detailed with the emulator however and its well worth checking out.

Happy gaming folks, I’ll have more screenshots for you soon.


Groose says it best! I just stumbled across a few of the screenshots I took during an emulator playthrough of Skyward Sword I did a year and a half back. The game has some beautiful effects, and aside from a few blurry textures it looks great in HD! I seem to have lost most of the pics I took earlier in the game, but I thought I’d share a few of my favourite ones from what remains.

Dolphin Emulator is brilliant! Aside from a few audio sync issues and minor problems with the bloom effect scaling it emulated everything very well (and for all I know they may have fixed some of those issues since I played). And in case anyone’s wondering - don’t worry, I own it all on wii / am not a filthy pirate.