if anybody else is playing mysims skyheroes on dolphin emulator and is bothered by how they made justice’s skin lighter heres some textures that return his original look from mysims agents

just drop them at
Users\??????\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures\RJ6E69(or whatever is your mysims skyheroes game’s id. mine was RJ6E69) and i think you should be fine! dont forget to have this option on

annd the custom textures should work the next time you open the game!

Wii Shop Channel Now Works on Dolphin Emulator
Wii Shop Channel Now Works on Dolphin Emulator

Have you ever wanted to enter your credit card information into an emulator? In Dolphin Emulator’s newest update, now you can. With the new update to the Dolphin Emulator, you can connect to Nintendo’s servers in order to purchase and download games. See more in the video…


Hypatia’s Mario Craft 64 Texture V. 1.2 (for Dolphin)



Finally released a version of the mod for dolphin, so now you can enjoy 21:9, post processing and all the other benefits dolphin has :P

The pack is a slight update over the last version and also includes my ishiiruka post processing settings. 

(still not happy with the SSAO but its easy to disabled if you dont like it. vignette is designed for 21:9 too so might be too heavy on smaller aspect ratios.)

How to Change your Character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

EDIT 6/9/16: Here’s a list of the character files!

ok ok so people ask me how i did the thing where i changed my character to one of the npc’s. It’s a simple process but it’s also hard to figure out, though once you do its one of those things where you slap your face and groan in how simple it was all this time. Me? I spent days trying to research the file types used, I downloaded a bunch of different programs and no success anywhere. SO! I’ll help people out. This is gonna be long bc I tend to ramble? and ill be including pictures. i apologize 2 mobile users

A warning: im not giving out iso download links nor am I giving out the downloads for the programs used. You’ll have to find those yourself and, as for the iso, that’s up to you decide whether to pirate or to burn from a CD, sorry, i’m not getting myself in trouble over a simple tutorial post. Anyway, continue on!

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