Hypatia’s Hi-Res Wind Waker Texture Pack


The latest version of the pack is now out! go team!!

New texture format, entirely new pack, no need to download the previous versions. Finally the icons are working and now the game is about 85% done. How cool is that?

For a more complete list of what the current WW HD pack includes click here!

Other Mods:

  1. Mario Craft 64 mod! 
  2. WW Alternate link/tetra skins
  3. WW Alternate shadows
  4. WW Xbox HUD
  5. WW PS3 HUD
  6. Metroid Prime Canon/Doors

coming soon: Viewtiful Joe HD HUD pack

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*the alternate oufits pack will be updated in july


so i downloaded the latest version of iishiruka. it runs so much better for me than the main build of dolphin!

been running in 21:9, 2560x2112 with 4x MSAA and no slow down at all!

soooo i’ve been messing with the post process effects. not usually a fan of them because they’re a ‘one size fits all’ thing so they might look great in some situations then awful in others but i’m hoping i can figure out some good all round settings for the DoF. WW’s always had a fake DoF but it emulates terribly so.. 

I’m really into the rim lighting tho, its one of the few things from WW HD i wished was in the original. bloom sucks mostly, maybe with a bunch of specific settings and then lots of texture brightness tweaks it could work but i cba to do that

light scattering is a nice enough effect tho.. oh and SSAO runs terribly and i dont think it fits WW very well (lighting’s too smooth but it looks nice enough with the smooth custom shadows)

anyway since iishiruka runs so well i’m like now ‘officially’ converting the texture pack to .dds so theres zero stutter that way (and iishiruka doesn’t like jpegs anyway)… so thats a thing to look forward to


Hey, I made a decent amount of changes that I thought I’d share!

I tweaked my home quite a bit, and also started work on a new ui.

I’ve changed a few of the characters as well, mainly repainting their eyes and changing the colors of their outfits/hair. It’s all experimentation at this point - I’ll eventually be painting new outfits for most of them. (Right now I’m just trying to make Selena’s skin darker without making it look totally pixelated UGH)

ok I have to do homework now bye


Hypatia’s Hi-Res Wind Waker Texture Pack UPDATE


dont say i never do nothin for my team

make sure to download and install the first pack before installing this one

Other Wind Waker Mods:

  1. Alternate link/tetra skins
  2. Alternate shadows
  3. Xbox HUD
  4. PS3 HUD

also check out my Mario Craft 64 mod!

and why not support me on my patreon? :V

cba to write out what’s done so heres a list of what isn’t done instead:

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Hello everybody, here’s a set of screenshots from Killer 7 running on the Dolphin Emulator.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever played this game. My friend recommended it to me since I enjoyed Killer is Dead and I’m liking it already (Especially the artstyle). The gameplay takes a little bit to get used to but it’s a great deal of fun (And beautifully detailed at 6x the native resolution).

Happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!