Hypatia’s Hi-Res Wind Waker Texture Pack


The latest version of the pack is now out! go team!!

New texture format, entirely new pack, no need to download the previous versions. Finally the icons are working and now the game is about 85% done. How cool is that?

For a more complete list of what the current WW HD pack includes click here!

Other Mods:

  1. Mario Craft 64 mod! 
  2. WW Alternate link/tetra skins
  3. WW Alternate shadows
  4. WW Xbox HUD
  5. WW PS3 HUD
  6. Metroid Prime Canon/Doors

coming soon: Viewtiful Joe HD HUD pack

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*the alternate oufits pack will be updated in july


Hypatia’s Hi-Res Wind Waker Texture Pack UPDATE


dont say i never do nothin for my team

make sure to download and install the first pack before installing this one

Other Wind Waker Mods:

  1. Alternate link/tetra skins
  2. Alternate shadows
  3. Xbox HUD
  4. PS3 HUD

also check out my Mario Craft 64 mod!

and why not support me on my patreon? :V

cba to write out what’s done so heres a list of what isn’t done instead:

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The Dolphin emulator can do amazing things these days!

The game-modding scene around the Oculus Rift is exciting, because very few games have become fully compatible, but tons of games are being brought into VR through small victories.

Just being able to walk around Outset is incredible. I can’t wait to see an entire Nintendo game comfortably playable in VR!


my dolphin configuration

the game is fully playable without slowdown with these settings tho theres stuttering at times when it loads the new textures.

sometimes i up the internal res for gameplay but it means some cutscenes go out of sync and a couple of places dont run well

i use an older version of dolphin so i can have SSAA  (v important for screenshots) but because it’s an older version if have to use a cheat to remove the fire effect from dragon roost cavern

i’ve completed most of the game with these settings tho i haven’t tried the using the camera (its possible that doesn’t work, i can’t remember)

edit - added a screenshot of what it looks like in game


Dark Samus: Oh. It’s you!

Samus: Step away from that phazon!

Playing some Metroid Prime in my holiday! Using Dolphin emulator and motionplus (like it works), so have some HD screenshots! The game generally holds up nicely in HD, especially since many things are modelled rather than faked with textures, making them scale up well. A few spec maps would’ve worked wonders. The graphics are glitching a bit but it’s playable, and pretty!


Why would I play Mario Kart 8 if I could play this?


thanks to the new dolphin texture format, i’ve been experimenting with custom mip maps to fix the problems wind waker’s ocean has with aliasing.

previously the only way to fix it was to use the 4xSSAA option ontop of a high internal res which looked great but ran awful

but now it looks pretty damn good just running at 4xNative Res. in fact the new 4096x4096 texture has less aliasing than the original 256x256 texture!

cool, huh? anyway that’s going to be in the next update