dolphin shaped

June 13, 2017
  1. Gemini

  2. Libra
     Sticky tape

  3. Aquarius
     Chocolate parfait

  4. Aries
     Olive oil

  5. Leo

  6. Sagittarius

  7. Pisces
     Parking lot

  8. Scorpio

  9. Cancer
     Roast beef
     Light blue

  10. Capricorn
     Dolphin shaped goods

  11. Taurus
     Coffee shop

  12. Virgo
tarquin x elucien hcs
  • -what court do we live in???? spring in the actual spring and summer the rest of the year. visit spring for calanmai fun (; (; (;
  • -beach days? beach days. elain wears those cutesy “vintage” style bikinis and lucien wears board shorts the color of her eyes <3 tarquin wears nothing
  • -tarquin is all the fuck about bringing them breakfast in bed and no one alive makes better smoked salmon than tarquin
  • -when he does this, elain wakes up all giddy and cute as if she’s somehow surprised even though he does this every other day and lucien rolls over like cauldron, tarquin, we could’ve slept in past dawn
  • -only SIKE no they couldn’t because the tide is high and tarquin’s takin the threesome on a boat
  • -(island sex)
  • -(ocean sex)
  • -(elain’s top falling off in the waves (lucien’s sneaky fingers helping a little))
  • -they worship her tits okay she’s so adorable and when they’re in bed no one goes five minutes without telling her how beautiful she is
  • -especially when her mouth is on one of their dicks
  • -a n y w a y
  • -farmer!elain doesn’t just grow flowers, she grows vegetables
  • -“here feyre have some salsa and pasta sauce and pickled peppers and jam and fresh apples and those strawberries mor likes so much - don’t say it’s too much, I owe you food!!”
  • -reluctantfarmer!lucien making sarcastic comments but still helping pull the weeds when it comes down to it
  • -useless!tarquin who lounges around in the grass shooting dolphin-shaped splashes of water onto elain, lucien, and occasionally the actual plants
  • -of course there’s still flowers though
  • -a whole daisy garden because they’re elain’s favorite and have become tarquin and lucien’s favorite by proxy
  • -and oops there’s a bare patch in the middle of it where someone(s) keeps rolling around
  • -(the three of them keep rolling around)
  • -(making out)
  • -it’s always a hot summer in the summer court with these three around (;
you and me

◇ Jungkook is an assassin who is hired to kidnap you in order to lure your father to Bangtan.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ assassin!au

◇ assassin!kookie is legitimately all i’ve ever wanted in life tbh


He had no idea when his guilt faded into nothingness; when he no longer became bothered by the blood on his hands; when the passion he had fought so hard for eventually seeped away.

He had thought nothing would bring them back; he almost didn’t want to have something have so much control over him - but then, when he least expects it, they come hurtling at him like a truck, and he has no idea what to do.


“On your right, Kook.” Jimin’s voice was quiet despite the fact that he was safely far away and tucked inside an armoured building, talking to Jungkook, who was the one who was executing the treacherous act. “Wearing the light green gown. She’s a beauty - hard to miss.”

Jungkook sighs, dressed in a black suit and sitting at the gleaming bar that was in the ballroom. He lifts the wine glass to his lips, covertly glancing to his right and catching sight of just who Jimin had described.

_____ _____. His target’s daughter. The person he’d be kidnapping to lure her father in, and then he could only guess that she’d be killed too.

Jungkook didn’t care about her father, really. He was a horrible man and that’s why he was being targeted. He bribed and blackmailed, tore families apart, and all for the money. Jungkook thought it was safe to say he deserved everything coming to him.

His daughter, on the other hand, was probably one of the people who was most undeserving of this. He remembered the feeling of regret and guilt that had consumed him as he read through the file Namjoon had slid over the table to him. He didn’t know what was more surprising; that he actually felt something for once, or that Namjoon felt that this mission was so important that he personally delivered the file to Jungkook.

_____ _____ was her name, obviously. She was 17, turning 18, but she had more on her plate than most people twice her age. Her mother died when she was 11, her uncle and aunt died in a car accident when she 14, her grandmother died just last week, and her dad was about to die.

She volunteered at local animal centres, and donated money to charity and orphanages and vets and animals shelters and suddenly Jungkook doesn’t think this will be so easy anymore.

And she was beautiful. Sparkling eyes and smooth skin and a beautiful smile, and Jungkook was sorry that such a kind and beautiful person had to die because she had a shitty dad.

“Jungkook?” Jungkook almost forgot where he was. He coughs awkwardly, inhaling a deep breath as he sets down his champagne glass. “You there?”

“Yeah, sorry,” he murmurs quietly, shaking his head gently as he runs a hand through his dark burgundy locks. Years and years of undercover missions had trained Jungkook into looking as if he wasn’t even talking, though he could be having a full blown conversation with somebody.

“She’s going outside, Kookie. Through the east door and she’s going towards the fountain at the centre, I think. I can’t see too well, it’s dark.”

Jungkook thanked him anyway, and downed the rest of the alcohol, before he stands up, brushing himself off and glancing around at the people around him, all dressed in expensive gowns and suits.

Jungkook suddenly feels very cut off from these people, who’s shoes probably cost more that what he was worth. He’s never been packed with money - he spent the first few years of his life on the streets, scavenging and struggling. He only got onto his feet once Namjoon’s father had found him and took him in, training and sculpting him into the man he was today. And yeah, sure, he had money now - but he still felt oddly isolated.

He’s comforted by the fact that he could possibly take out all of these people in less than an hour without anybody knowing - he’s much more powerful than them and their burly bodyguards who could probably only throw a punch.

He starts to make his way through the crowd, making sure nobody was watching him just in case they remembered his face (and Jungkook definitely had a memorable face).

“Is she still there?” He asks craftily as he maneuvers passed yet another waiter holding a golden tray full of champagne. The doors were in his sight, the gardens outside illuminated by moonlight.

“Yeah, she’s just kinda… sitting there? I don’t know, man, but I don’t think she’ll be getting up anytime soon,” Jimin commented, and Jungkook could just hear the squint in his voice, knowing that he was trying hard to see what she was doing, knowing that even though the CCTV cameras were good quality, they still weren’t as good as eyesight.

“Alright,” Jungkook mutters, approaching the white french doors that lead into the grand gardens. “I’m going in.”

“Tae’s near the bushes to the right of the fountain, out of sight of the cameras. Hoseok is in the white van that’s about a kilometre north. They’ll drive you to a gas station a few miles away and then you’ll get into another car with the girl and travel to headquarters.”

“Okay.” Jungkook doesn’t say much, repeating the instructions over and over in his head and prepping himself for the conversation he’s about to start, walking past beautiful exotic flowers that he more than likely couldn’t name and fragrant bushes of green leaves.

All of the paths lead up to one thing; a beautiful fountain of two marble dolphins, intertwined into the shape of a heart with diamonds for eyes and spewing crystal clear water from their mouths. Numerous marble benches surround the area, and there you are, perched on one, your head in your hands and your shoulders shaking.

Jungkook gulps, cracking his neck and brushing off non-existent dirt as he approaches you wearily. How strange was it that after years of smooth talking and charms, he still had to muster up enough strength to talk to a girl? “Uh, is - is this a bad time?”

He hopes your pick up on the slight humorous tone in his voice; he doesn’t want you to think that he’s too serious and lose your attention before Taehyung knocks you out.

Your head shoots up, your breathing is heavy, your eyes are rimmed with red but Jungkook still thinks you look radiant, especially with the moonlight illuminating your figure and the rose bushes that were behind you framing your body.

“Oh!” You exclaim, wiping your eyes quickly and Jungkook definitely knows this isn’t the first time you’ve sneaked off to cry at parties; it’s just the first time you’ve been caught.

“I - I’m sorry you had to see me like this,” you mutter, laughing awkwardly as you rub your hands against the light green chiffon of your dress.

“I - did you want something?” You stutter, trying to divert attention from yourself to Jungkook. Jungkook smiles awkwardly, moving apprehensively towards the same bench you were on. You let him sit beside you, clasping his hands together as he leans forward, his elbows on his thighs, and turns to look at you.

“Do you… wanna talk about it?” He murmurs, biting his lip as he realises that you have the cutest beauty spot just beside your eyebrow. He has to stop - he clears his throat nervously as he sees the reluctant look on your face.

“I don’t know,“ you raise an eyebrow jokingly. “I don’t even know you. And - if I tell you this,” you continue, “You can’t tell anyone else, okay?”

You let out a disbelieving laugh. “I don’t even know your name-”

“Jungkook.” The word has spilled out of his lips before he realized it. He refrains his eyes from widening as he notices what he just did, but he doesn’t matter, not as he sees Taehyung shoot him a look from behind a bush a few metres away. He’s reminded that you probably won’t be alive by the end of the week, and his mood lowers.

“Well, Jungkook,” you smile sadly, “I’m ______. And my grandmother just died.” Jungkook’s face contorts in pity - not because of your grandmother’s death, but because of the emotions that must be tormenting  you. He can’t relate, but he guesses that it’s horrible. “My mother died, my aunt and uncle died, and the last person I loved died.”

Your voice breaks but you take a deep breath and stop your tears from falling. You bite your lip and turn to him, smiling bitterly. “That’s it.”

“That’s it?” Jungkook echoes skeptically, “That’s it? That’s a big deal, ______. Your grandmother just died, you have every right to be upset. I mean, your dad is the only person you have now-”

Jungkook winces as he realises that not only did he give away that he knew you, it sounded insensitive and rude, too. “Sorry,” he starts, “That came out wrong-”

“Not really,” you sigh, casting your gaze downwards. You didn’t seem to realise that he knew who you were. “My grandmother was my last loved one left. My dad could care less about me,” you laugh bitterly, “The only reason he probably hasn’t disowned me is because I could potentially marry someone with loads of money.”

“That’s… that’s pretty horrible,” Jungkook mutters, watching as Taehyung approaches, cloth doused in chloroform in one hand and rope in the other. He bites his lip; he feels worse than he should for doing this.

“It is,” you agree, smiling, “But I’ve come to terms with it.” It’s silent for a moment and Taehyung’s almost directly behind you. “Thanks, Jungkook. That was definitely something I needed to get out.”

Jungkook clenches his jaw in guilt, but feigns a smile. This - this type of heaviness is tugging at his chest, and he doesn’t like it. It’s unfamiliar, unwelcome.

“Your welcome,” he whispers, watching Taehyung cover your mouth and watching your eyes widen in panic and betrayal. Your eyes flutter shut, and you become limp seconds later. Taehyung ties your wrists and legs together, and Jungkook almost winces at how tight it looks.

Taehyung grunts as he throws you over his shoulder, making sure you left absolutely no evidence, before he’s looking at Jungkook expectantly. Jungkook realizes that he’s been staring into space for a few seconds and coughs awkwardly, straightening his posture and painting his face with the emotionless look he was known for.

“Let’s go, then.”


It’s been 30 minutes since you had been officially kidnapped; after walking for about 10 minutes through thick forest, they came to a road that spun through the tall trees and continued out into the desert. Just as Jimin had said, Hoseok was waiting for them, all smiles and watching ______ curiously.

Jungkook felt slightly possessive over you after seeing how Hoseok had inspected you - after speaking with you, even for just a few minutes, he felt as if you were his responsibility, his girl - which was messed up, because he just helped kidnap you. And, anyway, his brain taunts him, she’ll be dead by Sunday.

The remaining 20 minutes was mostly spent in silence; Jimin informed them over the phone that people had noticed  _______’s absence and were searching for her already - her disappearance should be all over the news by tomorrow, Jimin had said. That gave Jungkook a good 5 or 6 hours to get to headquarters, where _____ would be held until her father came to them and was killed - and then she would be killed. A stone of emotion settled in Jungkook’s stomach, surprising him.

He was known as the stone cold one. The one who would never think twice before pulling the trigger. The one who couldn’t care less if his target volunteered at orphanages or gave $100 to a homeless person, and the fact that some random girl was reducing him to a hormonal teenager irritated and confused him.

He stole a glance at the girl that was laying on the seats opposite Taehyung and himself. Her wrists were already turning red because of how tight Taehyung had tied the rope (“I read she took Judo, Kookie. I’m not risking it.”), and her hair was ruffled and mussed. But she looked peaceful, and the only thing that could come to Jungkook’s mind was her - looking exactly as she did now, but blood seeping from the bullet hole in her heart. You can’t grow attached, he chants to himself, it will only end badly.

"You’re acting weird, Kookie,” Taehyung furrows his brows. Jungkook averts his gaze from the girl across from him, instead meeting Taehyung’s eyes. His friend is staring at Jungkook in confusion, eyes flitting between him and ______.

“What are you talking about?” Jungkook knows exactly what he’s talking about, but Taehyung doesn’t need to know that. “What do you mean?”

Taehyung scoffs. “You know exactly what I mean! Earlier on, you told her your name. You never tell anybody your name - heck, it took you three weeks for you to tell me your name-!”

“So you’re jealous?” Acting oblivious is the only thing Jungkook can do right now to get Taehyung off of his back. “You think I’m acting weird because I told her my name, even though it’s 90% certain that she’ll be dead in a few days?”

Taehyung is silent for a second, before he sighs. “That’s never mattered before,” he mutters, turning his head towards the front seat, where Hoseok is seated, listening to their conversation but not giving his input. He’s like that. He listens but never acts unless it’s completely necessary, and that was one of the reasons Jungkook liked him.

Jungkook clenches his jaw at Taehyung’s muttered comment, but says nothing. Taehyung is older than him and won’t hesitate to put Jungkook in his place, no matter how close they were. Instead, he turns his head the opposite direction, making sure he can still see you, and leans on one hand, waiting for them to reach the gas station.


“She should wake in a few hours, and there should be enough gas in it to get you to headquarters,” Hoseok explains, pointing to the Ford Fiesta that was parked at a gas pump. It wasn’t flashy, so nobody would look twice at it, and the registration plate was fake and couldn’t be tracked. “Tae and I are turning back to put the letter in place, and we’ll be home soon.”

Jungkook nodded, looking around to make sure nobody spotted him propping an unconscious ______ into the back seat of the car, inconspicuously trying to make her comfortable with Hoseok or Taehyung seeing.

“And then what?” He knows he’s said the wrong thing as soon as Hoseok raises an eyebrow, peering at him with narrowed eyes.

“And then we wait until her father comes to us. You know how it goes, Kook. Jeez, you really are acting off,” Hoseok mumbled, ruffling his orange hair with one hand, before rolling his eyes and turning towards the van where Taehyung was still seated. “Just do your job, Kook. We’ll see you later.”

Jungkook cursed internally. Taehyung and Hoseok were getting suspicious - he really needed to stop feeling like this, or else he could endanger his job. Relationships weren’t frowned down upon, of course - but with his target? It would meet some opposition.

He ran a hand through his hair, screwing his eyes shut, before he puffed out his cheeks and straightened his posture for what seemed the thousandth time that night, opening the door to the Ford and slipping in.

He turns the keys in the ignition, turning to strap on his seatbelt, and catches sight of you in the rear-view mirror; your eyebrows were now furrowing, and Jungkook guesses that you’ll wake soon – he decides that it’s best to start driving before you wake and cause a commotion.

The first few hours of the ride are silent; the inky darkness eventually transitioned to candlelight-like sunniness, and Jungkook stared ahead as he drove - he’d never admit it, but he’d occasionally sneak a glance at you as you stirred every few minutes.

There was nothing else to see, really; the desert was the desert, boundless and bare, stretching farther than the eye could see, and you were much prettier anyway.

It was only 10 minutes later when you woke from your forced slumber – a small gasp woke Jungkook from the almost robotic daze he was in. His eyes widened and he turned slightly in his seat to inspect you, chewing his lip in anticipation.

Your eyebrows were knitted together, eyes rimmed with red and already flooding with tears of fear. Jungkook could hear the short and erratic breaths escaping you, and it made him feel worse.

“Jungkook?!” Your voice was muffled and full of fear, just as Jungkook expected it to be with the piece of cloth wrapped around your mouth. “J-Jungkook, what are you doing? Where am I? What – what are you going to do to me?”

That last question struck a chord in Jungkook; he knew what Namjoon was going to do to you, and he hated it – he didn’t want you to spend your last few days in complete fear. He coughed, shaking his head. “Nothing you need to know.”

It was silent for a second and Jungkook wonders if that just made it worse - he wouldn’t know. If he was faced with certain death he’d just accept it, no questions asked, but he has to take the fact that you have emotions into consideration.

He waits for you to say anything else, keeping his focus on the quiet road in front of him. Then, he heard sniffling. His head snapped upwards towards the rear-view mirror, and he was surprised and contrite to see tears slipping down the reddened skin of your face.

“You – you’re going to kill me,” you whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. Jungkook’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes widened at the blunt statement. “I’m not stupid… You… After you get my father… I’m – I’m gonna die.”

Your voice broke on the last word, and unlike earlier, you didn’t fight the tears that erupted from you. They trailed down your face in silvery rivers, marking your skin with emotion and Jungkook gulped, taking a deep breath and trying to stay focused.  

“I… I actually trusted you!” Your voice is hysteric now, “God, I knew I shouldn’t’ve told you anything about me…”

“That’s not what’s gonna happen, sweetheart,” he murmurs quietly, and it’s loud enough for you to hear because your sobs have been reduced to small sniffles. He clenches his jaw, rolling his shoulders back and gripping the steering wheel tightly. He doesn’t know what he’s saying, but the protectiveness he’s feeling is taking control of his words - and he finds that he doesn’t disagree with them. “I’m not gonna let that happen to you.”

Jungkook knows that there’s a 50% chance that he can’t come through with his promise – but he doesn’t care, especially as your eyes lose their hostility towards him a few minutes after and your heartbeat calms. He’s strangely determined to see you live - you deserve that much.


“We’re here,” Jungkook mutters from the front seat. His words stir you from the sleepy and confused daze you were in previously, head starting to pound from the crying you had done earlier and fear still in the pit of your stomach. You’d be lying if you said you were completely comfortable with Jungkook – he was involved in getting you kidnapped, after all – but some part of you wanted to believe his promise and trust him.

You’re still tied up so you can’t manage to even sit up independently so you can take a peek out the window, but Jungkook exits the driver’s seat and flings the door open, pulling you out uncharacteristically gently and hauls you into his arms. It’s awkward and the sun is blinding you, you’re still in your gown from the banquet and you must look a mess, but your looks are the last thing on your mind right now.

The building Jungkook has stopped outside of is tall, broad, and made out of a dull grey stone and glass. It’s surrounded by high gates and has a car park out back filled with numerous cars, and beside it stands two other buildings - they look like apartment blocks. You wonder how these people haven’t been caught by the authorities yet, but you realize that they were most likely hired by the authorities - so who is it that wants your father dead?

Trick question - everyone does.

Jungkook stops outside of the gates and re-adjusts you in his arms, bending down just a tiny bit to speak into a little intercom that is directly beside the closed gate entrance. You gasp as you see a red laser run over Jungkook’s open eye – a light glows green in confirmation and then the gates are opening slowly but surely.

He doesn’t wait for them to open fully, slipping through the amount that has opened and striding towards the doors of the main building. As you look up at Jungkook, you notice that he looked completely and utterly blank – no light in his eyes, no slight smile lingering on the corner of his mouth – just complete and utter blankness. And that scared you more than anything - even though you had only known him for a few hours, he’d always looked so… so full of emotion.

The doors of the main building open suspiciously easily, and then Jungkook is walking through the surprisingly bright halls. There are people standing around, talking, drinking coffee, doing whatever people do, and only a few stop to glance at the sight of Jungkook, dressed in suit and tie, carrying a women tied up and in an expensive and luxurious gown. This must be a common occurence.

The fear in you is thriving now. Your stomach feels uneasy and unsettled, and you find yourself seeking comfort from the one person that you know even the tiniest bit – Jungkook. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge you shrinking into his chest though, and keeps walking, occasionally nodding to some people, the same blank look on his face.

Jungkook walks until he reaches a black door, completely bare except for a silver doorknob that he turns so that he can enter the room.

Your heart is beating fast now. You find yourself shutting your eyes tightly, dreading what was to come, but the only thing you were met with was silence. You open your eyes – they’re all staring at you.

Four men, not including Jungkook, who is still holding you close. All sitting around a large conference table, facing a gigantic TV and numerous computers and machines. They’re all silent, watching you closely as Jungkook sets you on a chair at the table, still tied up and gagged.

One of them sighs, running a hand through his hair and letting a chuckle escape his lips. “Jesus, Kookie. At least untie her.”

He’s tall, with a deep voice and dimples that don’t suit his profession or his appearance. He’s being awfully nice for someone who just had you kidnapped.

Jungkook, who’s standing behind you, scoffs but nevertheless he undoes the ropes that are digging into your skin. You notice that he spends a second soothing over the sore skin with his thumbs before he moves onto the gag tied around your head – and so does everyone else, because most of them are raising their eyebrows but they don’t object to anything.

Once your untied and ungagged, it almost feels as if you’re more vulnerable. You hug your arms to yourself, casting your gaze to the ground and hoping for the best even though you have a bad feeling about everything.

“Look up, doll,” another voice says. You daren’t disobey anybody in this room, and so you look up, meeting eyes with another one of the men. He has blonde hair, platinum and shiny, and plump lips and you acknowledge that he’s handsome, but it doesn’t stop you from wanting him to take a hike and never return.

“I know you’re confused,” he starts, voice condescending and making you clench your jaw. If you don’t get an explanation, you know you’re going to start crying. Fear is constricting your chest and even Jungkook’s presence isn’t helping. “But we’re not gonna hurt you – if your father co-operates.”

As soon as he says the words, you know you’re basically dead. “My father won’t come for me,” you mutter, taking the people in the room by surprise. “He doesn’t care about me, and I hope you know that.”

The one with dark, silvery blond hair grins from his space at the computer. “Well, that’s where you’re wrong, princess,” he comments, looking away from the computer. “Because either your father was kidnapped a few hours ago, or I’d say he’s coming to us.”

Your heart stops in your chest, eyes widening. The surprise shows on your face and you’re genuinely confused – your father? Willingly handing himself over? Willingly giving himself up, without a fight, just to save his daughter, that he despises? It sounded fake.

"Excuse me?” You echo, leaning forward. You don’t believe it - your father would never give himself up for your sake. The last one at the table raises an eyebrow at your reaction, mint green hair flopping as he rolls his neck. He turns to Jungkook, who’s still standing behind you, his hand on your shoulder protectively.

“Go take her to your apartment, Kookie.” He averts his attention to you, and you almost shiver at the sheer lack of emotion in his dark, dark eyes.

“We’ll spare you, but only because Kookie’s taken a liking to you. So - your father shows, you live. If he doesn’t,” a cold grin spreads across his face, “Better start thinking of your last words, baby girl.”

His words conjure a shiver that travels up your spine, and you register what he said only when Jungkook is grasping your wrist and pulling you out of the room, letting you exit first as if to shield you from the stares of the men inside.

Jungkook has taken a liking to you? Hard to believe, after the kidnapping and stuff, but also easy to believe. You weren’t oblivious – the promise he had assured in the car, the way he seemed to be protective of you when around people who were dangerous. You just figured that that was how Jungkook was - but apparently not.

You just - it… it seemed unreal, how lucky you were to be spared. Your mind was blank, and yet you began to feel sadness rise in your throat. You never particularly liked your father, but he was the last bit of family you had. You - you’d be alone.

The air is thick between you both as Jungkook leads you out of the main building and into the second building that looks more like an apartment block rather than the office that the main building was. He keeps sneaking glances at you and you pretend not to notice, until he leads you into the elevator and you’re stuck in silence.

“About… about what they said earlier,” Jungkook mumbles, leaning nonchalantly onto the railing of the elevator. He bites at his lip, feeling an extremely foreign feeling in his stomach at how small and confused you look. “I’m not gonna pretend that they were lying – because they definitely weren’t – but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.”

You nod, staring at the red carpet of the elevator, “I guess… I guess I’m still kind of uncomfortable around you.” Seeing the discouraged yet understanding look on his face, you shake your head. “But I’m on my way to being comfortable with you, definitely. When… when this whole… whole horrible thing is over-”

Your voice breaks and you’re cursing yourself for being so weak. Your father hates you, but you’re still going to miss him. You’re going to be spared but you’re still scared senseless by those men in the conference room.

Jungkook is torn between comforting you and not comforting you – he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable, and he’s rusty with his… ‘emotions’, but he’s read that hugs help people calm down, and you definitely look like you could use a hug.

He settles for pulling you close to his chest, resting his chin on your head and waiting for an objection of some sort. He doesn’t hear one, and sighs, shutting his eyes tight, wondering how screwed up your lives were on a scale of ‘White Picket Fence’ to ‘Cannibalistic Father-in-Law’. He decides that you’re pretty high up on the scale.

“Come on,” he says now, pulling away from the embrace and grasping your wrist. You notice now that the elevator doors have opened and are displaying a clean white wall. He pulls you through the hallway, past numerous wooden doors with numbers on them, until he reaches the one at the end of the hall. After pulling out a key card and swiping it, the door opens and reveals his apartment.

Jungkook tugs you in gently, a hand grasping your wrist softly. You linger in the living room while he delves further into the apartment, and busy yourself with calming the conflicting whirlwind of emotions in your stomach by peering around at where Junkook lived.

If apartments could have personalities, Jungkook’s definitely did. It was mostly black and white, as if the apartment had come like that, but it had splashes of colour here and there; a lone t-shirt, a small and old photograph, and, amusingly, an Iron Man figurine.

“I take it you’re a bit worn down?” He asks, returning with a shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. You hadn’t realised it, but you definitely were – your head was starting to ache, too, and the dress you had on felt more tight than usual.

You nod, and he hands you the clothes with a sheepish grin. “They might be a bit big, but it’s definitely better than sleeping in that.”

“True,” you agree, cracking a weak smile and accepting the clothes off of him. He directs you to the bathroom that’s next to his bedroom, telling you to go there when you’re finished dressing. After removing your dress, you only seem to notice the red marks that are still engraved in the sensitive skin of your wrist. Wincing, you pull the clothing over your body, trying not to irritate the marks and make them worse.

When you were finished, eyes drooping and mouth yawning every five seconds, you trudged into the room next over, your dress bundled in your arms. Jungkook is lying in bed, on his back and staring at the ceiling. When he notices that you’ve entered the room, he sits up, taking a glance at the dress in your hold.

“Just put it in the corner over there,” he comments, lying back down and waiting with baited breath for you to join him.

It’s awkward at first. Of course it is; you met Jungkook only yesterday, confessed your feelings within 24 hours and at the same time felt almost completely comfortable with him. You had never really had feelings for someone before – was this what it felt like?

A few minutes had passed and it’s getting cold despite the duvet that’s covered both of you. You’re almost sure that Jungkook is holding his breath because he’s so nervous, and decide that maybe you have to take a chance. You wiggle over in the bed until you’re directly beside Jungkook – the warmth radiating from him makes you sigh and wrap your arms around his broad chest.

It seems like hours before Jungkook finally releases a breath and starts acting normal; as normal as an assassin that was hired to kidnap you could act. One of his arms has wrapped around you and his breathing has evened.

“That picture in your living room,” you begin quietly, breaking the comfortable silence that’s settled over you, “What is it?”

He doesn’t speak for a while - a whole novel of choices is relaying in his mind right now. That photo was extremely personal and tended to stir emotions up within him, but he quickly realises that in order to make your situation work, he had to open up to you. Even if he hadn’t spoken about it in years.

“It’s my mother,” he answers. His voice is uncharacteristically small, and it almost reminds you of a child. “She was beautiful - well, you could see that from the picture…”

He inhales deeply. “She always smelled like flowers and she gave the best hugs - and when she died, a part of me died with her, I guess. I had no other people in my life - my dad walked out on us, she was an only child, and my grandparents were dead. I was only 8 at the time, but I was living on the streets and scrabbling to survive. That’s when I was recruited.”

“I’m sorry,” you murmur, “I know how you feel. When my mother died, I felt as if I’d never be happy again. It was horrible, like a… a cloud. A rainy cloud, just constantly hanging over my head. And then my aunt and uncle were gone, too, and it was unbearable. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. And then my grandmother was gone too.”

“You’ve had a much worse experience than I have,” he notes.

“Some would say that,” you agree, “But my grandmother taught me to keep looking ahead, you know? To always remember that the sun will keep rising. To remember that happiness is everywhere, and that I’ll find it one day.”

He notices your voice trail off sleepily as you finish, and he glances down at you - your eyes have fluttered shut, your head on his chest and your mouth opened in a small 'o’ as you slip into dreamland.

“I never thought happiness was a thing I deserved,” Jungkook whispers finally, minutes later. He heaves a deep sigh, and then he murmurs, “I never thought it’d come to me, after everything I’ve done. But… but you’re here, next to me, and I think it’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

He may be imagining it, but he thinks your embrace tightens around him.


I’m an adult

And that means that if I want to buy a wafflemaker that makes dolphin-shaped waffles - I can! 

And if I want to make them BLUE dolphin-shaped waffles, and call them Haruwaffles, and eat them with blueberries and whipped cream? 

…You can’t stop me >:3 !

@nechrollomicon replied to  “Although we all joke about the dolphin and all i don’t have to…”

Kurapika totally licked a dolphin and you know it. You can’t hide from the truth. And worst than that, he didn’t do it for the nen; it’s just the nen that took the dolphin’s shape because it was a form Kurapika knew best. It’s pointless to chose a dolphin for this use. The nen chose for him. Kurapika licks dolphins for kink.

are you trying to get to me because i edited chrollo eating a book nechro how are you so mean with me

I hope you take as much time defending this then:

Today’s Gender of the day is: Rose Quartz Dolphin

[Image description: A number of Rose Quartz necklaces in various shapes. From left to right they are the symbol for ‘female’, the symbol for 'male’, generic rock shapes, and dolphin shapes. They are labelled “rose quartz female”, “rose quartz male”, “rose quartz”, and “rose quartz dolphin” respectively.]

Dolphin Agency (Part 1)
  • Yuuki: Amari. I brought Emma. She was in my office.
  • Sakuma: While we were discussing a few things we noticed her.
  • Yuuki: Certain. Specific. Confidential. Things. You're getting where I'm going with this?
  • Amari: ...Emma, sweetheart—
  • Emma: What is this D thing I heard Sakuma-san talking about? And why is it confidential?
  • Amari: ...Dolphins! Sakuma-san ruined the surprise but Fukumoto had been planning on surprising you with dolphin shaped cookies!
  • Emma: Really?!
  • Amari: He said he'll make lots of cookies for you. But now Sakuma-san ruined the surprise.
  • Emma: It's fine. I'll go tell Fukumoto-kun we can forgive Sakuma-san by letting him help.
  • Amari: Yeah, you go do that.
  • Amari: ...well, that just happened.
  • Sakuma: Can I call them Dolphins Agency from now on?
  • Yuuki: Definitely not.
Deleted lines from The Avengers script #497
  • *(Fury tries to yoink the Tesseract)*
  • Loki: Please don't. I still need that...!
  • Fury: This doesn't have to get any messier.
  • Loki: Of course it does. I've come too far anything else.
  • Fury:
  • Loki: I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.
  • Fury: What? That blast from the portal blasted my ears out. Did you say "burdened with glorious porpoise"? Are you bringing in killer fish to our world?
  • Loki: Er—
  • Selvig: Director Fury, porpoises are mammals, not fish.
  • Male Scientist: I thought they were dolphins.
  • Selvig: Well, no, but those are a related cetacean.
  • Hawkeye: I thought he said "purses". "Burdened with glorious purses".
  • Loki: B—!
  • Male Scientist: My wife *does* need a new tote.
  • Female Scientist: What kind of purses?
  • Selvig: Are they dolphin-shaped?
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(sighs)*
  • Loki: *(muttering)* Fuck this Realm.
  • Loki: *(shuffles back through portal)*