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The Signs as Mermaids
  • Aries: a vibrant and beautiful creature, Arian mermaids reside in shallow, brackish water such as lagoons, sometimes playing tricks on nearby humans or even drawing ships to their doom with siren calls, their tails are a deep, blood red, marked with unclean, black stripes and fins that unfurl like fans at the end of their tail and its sides, as sharp and dangerous as their teeth, delicate webbing between their fingers
  • Taurus: these laid back beauties stick to mangroves and slow moving water, they decorate their bodies with the wonders of the sea: pearls, shells, and even the ocean life itself, allowing starfish to stick to their tails, they avoid others but will save many sailors from drowning, their scales are as golden as the sun, their fins strong yet tapered delicately
  • Gemini: these mermaids are often found in the middle of the sea, playing with dolphins or even whales, they often tease sailors and flirt with them relentlessly, their tails are particularly long and strong, scales so small they are indistinct though they creep up Gemini's stomach, their fins are awe inspiring shaped like wings at their back and trailing in a swirl behind them, a radiant blue and white like the surf
  • Cancer: these mer make their homes in coral reefs, curled up with eels and using clams as pillows, they protect the reefs from boats and fishermen, they hoard pearls and all other treasure they find, their skin and scales are almost translucent, resembling mother of pearl, and emit a soft light similar to the moon, yet their scales are hard like shell and their nails and teeth must be sharp to defend themselves and the reef
  • Leo: these mermaids are brazen, they often approach populated beaches, drawn by the laughter of the children they love to play with and often save from drowning, they decorate themselves with the treasures of the sea, braiding pearls and shells into their hair, wrapping beautiful plants around their waists, their tails are like sunlight, their eyes sharp and golden, and their fins almost heart-shaped
  • Virgo: these reclusive mermaids live in freshwater rivers where they hunt fish and play in the current, they clean the rivers of trash and help animals survive, algae creeps up their tails and their skin is splattered with markings similar to the pebbled riverbed, their tails are almost rough like an alligator's back and this skin creeps up their spines as well, colored a similar dark green
  • Libra: more siren than mer, these gorgeous beings often steal sailors away, seducing them with first their elegant voices and then their eyes as bright as the sky, they don't realize that they are harming the sailors, only taking them to a better place, Libran mermaids are like wisps of mist, airy and light, tails shiny and a gentle blue, fins delicate and wispy
  • Scorpio: no human has ever seen a Scorpio mermaid, they remain deep beneath the sea where few have ever reached, where no light touches, reclusive and secretive, their scales are as dark as the night but their skin is patterned with intricate swirls which emit a hazy, purple glow just as their eyes do, their tails are as lithe as an eel and finned in a similar manner
  • Sagittarius: who knows where you will spot this mermaid, they travel all over the world, from freshwater to the deepest depths of the ocean, constantly exploring and seeking out other mermaids and people alike, their scales are scattered across their body, the color of the sunrise, and their fins are a brilliant fan, ombre and almost ruffled as it creeps up their tail in layers
  • Capricorn: reclusive and quiet, these mer stay in deep water, very rarely coming to the surface, they are predators but do not attack humans as other mermaids do because they wish to be left alone, their tail is not scaled, rather more similar to a shark's flesh, a deep color that wavers between purple and blue, their fins hard and sharp, all lean muscle and dark eyes
  • Aquarius: these mermaids often hang around heavily populated beaches and even ports, curious about human beings and their technology, they often make friends with humans and visit them regularly, when not amongst humans they are exploring the ocean, their tales are a deep, regal purple, their hair long and tangled, a very similar color, and they decorate their bodies with strange items they find in the water
  • Pisces: these little mermaids are mostly reclusive but very curious about humans, they live in lagoons or among the mangroves, quiet and never imposing, they keep the animals safe and use their magic to keep the water clean, their scales are a deep magenta that glimmers in the light, fins as long as their hair, at their jaw rests a pair of fan-like fins that they use to scare away predators
10 Alternative Facts about Donald Trump
  1. Donald Trump was banned from SeaWorld for attempting to ride a dolphin.
  2. He claims to have learned how to ride dolphins by playing the Sega Genesis classic, Ecco the Dolphin.
  3. Ecco the Dolphin was released in 1972, six years before Trump was born.
  4. Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures who use their opposable thumbs to pick sea urchins off the seafloor to wield as weapons.
  5. Donald Trump fought in the Great Dolphin War of 1831.
  6. Over 3 million sea urchins were killed during the Great Dolphin War. No dolphins were harmed.
  7. The Great Dolphin War was the inspiration for Ecco the Dolphin, which Donald Trump designed.
  8. Donald Trump is a dolphin.
  9. You are a dolphin.
  10. We are all dolphins now.
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nintendo needs to make another Kirby Air Ride game, with multiple larger city trial maps, more mini games, an option where you can spend more time powering up in city trial and then competing in a series of mini games and races, and online multiplayer.

A video demonstration of how to combine Choujuu Sentai Liveman’s Live Robo and Live Boxer into Super Live Robo starring Megumi Mori who played Blue Dolphin/Megumi Miskai in the series.

Disabled Mermaids

Just disabled mermaids.

Blind mermaids with guide sharks/dolphins/turtles e.t.c

Deaf mermaids freaking out when they meet divers who can read their signing and sign back

Mermaids who’s tails don’t work so they swim really slowly.  Mermaids with missing arms who swim lopsided  because the use them for balance.

Mermaids whose gills don’t work holding their breath for hours, (because mermaid anatomy), and breaching like a dolphin. 

And most importantly autistic mermaids who stim by making dolphin sounds and playing with beads and seaweed. Whose special interest includes shipwrecks and collecting shells because they love the texture.

 Just give me disabled mermaids   

‘uno: the movie’ but every instance of a 7 being played is replaced with the entire 50 turn mario party let’s play, but every time someone wins a star it’s replaced with uno: the movie, but every time a 0 is played it switches back to the 50 turn mario party lets play, but every time someone loses coins via candy it switches back to uno: the movie, but every time a draw 4 is played it switches to the 50 turn mario party lets play, but every time there’s a 3v1 minigame it plays uno the movie, but every time someone draws more than 4 cards it plays the 50 turn mario party let’s play, but every time someone lands on the gold space it plays uno the movie, but every time jeremy says ‘here’s looking at you’ it plays the 50 turn mario party let’s play, but every time the dolphin is used it plays the monster mac video

Seafaring Encounters
  1. The water is dense with fist-sized jellyfish.
  2. A school of dolphins play in the water off the starboard.
  3. Two sirens are beating the tar out of each other on a nearby shoal.
  4. The water is foaming with bubbles.
  5. A flock of big blue waterfowl circle the vessel. A few perch in the rigging.
  6. A huge serpent is basking at the water’s surface. It flees from any confrontation.
  7. Whales breach about a kilometer away.
  8. The wind dies off completely.
  9. A vessel is seen on the horizon, but it is moving fast and away.
  10. A vessel is scuttled on a shoal. There is no visible movement aboard.
  11. Two water currents meet here, resulting in grid-like waves.
  12. A rowboat is visible bobbing in the waves. It contains a selection of fiction books, cured meats and dried fruit, and a pouch of tobacco.

some dolphin pods play catch with each other. theyll take a peice of seaweed and catch it on their front fin. then, as they swim, theyll shake a little and losen it, letting it float free in the water. another dolphin swimming behind the first one will then try and catch the seaweed on its fin and continue the game

Yesterday the sky was gray and boring and it was beginning to rain a little but out of a sudden I felt this strong unexplainable urge to go to the beach.

Universe you are full of surprises and magic - not only did I see a rainbow and an incredible sunset that turned the water turquoise and crystal clear but also dolphins playing in the water right in front of me. One of the nicest evenings I’ve had in a very long time. Moral of the story is trust your intuition folks 😉✨

Law of attraction: