dolphin noises

the signs as things boys at my school have said/done part 2
  • aries: i only write in capital letters now. this is the new me
  • taurus: *yelling marco up a flight of stairs*
  • gemini: if you're not sinning you're not winning
  • cancer: party hard, work hard
  • leo: *sticking hand out of the classroom window* this is football weather
  • virgo: *uses his notebook as a pillow to nap in class*
  • libra: i keep putting the back of this pen in my mouth but then i remember i found it on the floor
  • scorpio: *to his friend* trip me again and i'll break your knee
  • sagittarius: *yelling polo down a flight of stairs*
  • capricorn: why did god make humans flammable
  • aquarius: i can make some sick dolphin noises wanna hear
  • pisces: *holding his butt the entire class because he sat on the radiator for too long*
  • Taeyong: *brings girlfriend to the dorms* Welcome to my-
  • Johnny: *dressed as a cowboy with a watergun* Yeeehaaaww
  • Ten: *painting his toenails* Guyz I'm in the zone..
  • Taeil: *Being his own hype man * I love my mom. I love my dad. I love my grandma. I love my grandpa. I love singing.
  • Donghyuck : *smacking everyone with a toy hammer*
  • Mark: *trying to stop donghyuck* DUDE GIVE IT A REST.
  • Chenle: *making dolphin noises with his dolphin toy* Im channeling my inner animal.
  • Doyoung : *burnt the food Jaehyun made. *
  • Jaehyun : *trying to not smack Doyoung with a pan*
  • Yuta &Winwin : *watching anime*
  • Taeyong : I think I got the wrong place.
How would Monsta x react to their first win
  • Shownu: Probably doesn't know where he is, what happened, what to do. Clueless about what kind of speech he should say. Awkwardly handing the mic to others.
  • Wonho: Crying. Bawling. Sobbing. Snot and tears all over his face. Saying "I love you" to fans and his mother.
  • Minhyuk: Either being his hyper self, screaming, jumping on others, shock all over his face. Dolphin noises. Would give an awesome, heartfelt speech. Or crying discreetly behind a member.
  • Kihyun: Cocky and proud af. Grinning from ear to ear. Showing the trophy to everyone. Being proud of his fans. Playing it off as no big deal. Laughing at Wonho.
  • Hyungwon: Michevious grinning. Standing there awkwardly. Probably would make meme faces. Maybe mantis dance. Laughing at Wonho too. (Lowkey wanna see him crying)
  • Jooheon: Another crybaby. Would try to thank his fans, but his words would be incoherent. Dabbing through the tears. Would hug everyone near him.
  • I.M: Just as clueless as Shownu. If he's got say something he would spill out some weird shit. Maybe funny dance. Kissing the trophy. Wouldn't know what to do with the bouquet.

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Hi! Can I get a HC with the RFA+Saeran's reaction to MC's ex who broke her heart so badly when they broke up and after MC seeing the ex, she sort of feels scared about RFA+Saeran leaving her like the way her ex did? Thank you!

Sorry this took so long! Hope you like it though~


  • He took you to a restaurant for a date
  • Everything was great until your waiter came around
  • Zen saw you got really tense as soon as the waiter introduced himself
  • He asked you once you were alone, and you explained that he was your ex
  • What hit you worse is that he didn’t even recognize you
  • Zen could see that you were really shaken
  • He asked if you wanted a new waiter, but you told him it was fine
  • You told him how your ex dumped you over text after a year of dating
  • It was really abrupt and it crushed your heart because he said you were too clingy
  • There’s a short pause before you ask if he thinks that’s true
  • Of course he shuts the idea down immediately
  • But now Zen is fuming, because how could someone make you feel that way about yourself
  • When the waiter comes back around, he looks at Zen and says, “Hey! Aren’t you that popular singer online? Can I have your autograph?”
  • Zen smirks at you before agreeing
  • He writes on the napkin, “An autograph for the biggest ^*)&$ on this %^$&*%^ planet ^&#% you *dolphin noise*
  • You watch in horror as your ex reads it
  • When it’s a time to order, a new waiter comes


  • You were out for a walk in the park when someone lost their dog
  • Why does that always happen with Yoosung???
  • A beautiful woman jogs up to you to claim the dog and thank you both
  • She goes back to a man who you recognize and gasp
  • “That’s my ex,” you inform Yoosung
  • You tell him that your ex cheated on you and when you caught him, he just said you weren’t beautiful enough for him
  • “I guess he found the right girl,” you mutter
  • You grow quieter as the walk goes on, and Yoosung can tell what you’re thinking
  • “If you think you’re not good enough, or I’m going to leave you, just stop. I saved my shoulder for 21 years!”
  • You just tackle him in a hug and say how he’s the best
  • You also notice his compliments increase tenfold today


  • You were helping Jaehee with some grocery shopping
  • You two were just standing in line when a guy with flowers stands in the line behind you
  • “MC? Is that you?” he asks. He glances at Jaehee “Guess you’re not so lonely anymore.”
  • Normally, Jaehee would’ve brushed it off, but the way he rolled his eyes ticked her off
  • Seeing how uncomfortable you were, she said she forgot something and dragged you to another aisle
  • She asks who it was and why you seemed so shaken up
  • You explain it was your ex from a few years back who had dumped you because you confronted him about spending more time with his friends than with you
  • You had felt lonely, and it made it worse when you found he had cheated several times
  • Jaehee just narrows her eyes, “Do you need me to judo flip him?”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • “Because I can flip him.”
  • “Please don’t…”
  • “Warn someone that there’s going to be a clean up on aisle three.”


  • It was one of those annual office parties in Jumin’s department
  • But, he had forgotten something at the penthouse, so you decide to run it over
  • While you’re there, he introduces you to his small department
  • Before you’re about to leave, a man saunters up to you
  • “So, dating the CEO now, huh? Guess you’re climbing up the ladder, gold digger.”
  • You would’ve slapped him if Jumin hadn’t intervened and called you to the side
  • He saw the situation, but wanted to ask you what happened first
  • That employee happened to be your ex who you broke up with due to his lack of care for you
  • You worked constantly in order to help him financially, but he only slacked off at home and spent most of his time drinking instead of with you
  • To make it worse, he accused you of being too ambitious
  • Jumin somehow managed to calm you down, but he was wearing a small smile on his face
  • “Coincidentally, we’re making cuts in the department and your ex happens to be the one to be let go due to his lack of work ethic.”
  • Still, your ex’s comments are starting to get to you and you ask Jumin if he thinks they could have some truth
  • He just sighs and pulls you into a hug, reassuring you that he knows you were never in it for the money, and your hard-working nature is one of the things he loves about you


  • You both had taken a rare trip to the mall, and after hours of shopping around, you take a break on one of the benches and just people watch for a little
  • Seven just taps your shoulder and points to this couple making out on the other side of the area
  • “Is he a vampire or something? Yikes.”
  • He says it at a joke, but you abruptly stand up and start walking in the other direction
  • He’s worried so he goes after you
  • You tell him that the “vampire” was your ex who had randomly said he wasn’t into you after three years of dating
  • Later you found out he was cheating…with the very same girl he was with now
  • You start rambling on about how it was probably because of you
  • You start naming your own insecurities
  • Seven is patiently listening, assuming your venting
  • But when you say, “You probably want to leave me too because of how I am.” 
  • He snaps
  • He scolds you for a really long time for thinking of yourself like that and how he would never ever leave you
  • …he doesn’t stop until you hug him and thank him


  • You guys are eating peacefully at a froyo place when a loud, obnoxious couple walked in
  • Saeran gets worried when you say you suddenly want to leave
  • But he doesn’t argue and walks out onto the patio with you
  • You apologize and explain that the couple was your ex and your old best friend
  • Your ex had dumped you years ago only to start dating your closest friend a few weeks later
  • You think he would be fuming, but he just starts talking about how the past is the past and that you needed to look ahead to a bright future together
  • Just as you’re starting to say you’re worried that he might find someone better, he just shuts you down and claims you’re stuck with him
  • “Wow…you’re a lot calmer than I expected,” you admit.
  • He just smiles before announcing that he wants to get more toppings
  • You watch from the window
  • You notice he mutters something to your ex
  • You don’t know what it was, but your ex collects his girlfriend and leaves the place
  • Saeran still wouldn’t tell you what he said, but you couldn’t help laughing 

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nursey/dex harry potter movie marathons? hogwarts houses? taking patronus quizzes? does dex relate to ron? do they debate over dumbledore? just...Nurse and Dex and Harry Potter. ((there is a harry potter marathon on rn and I'm curious about your thoughts on this))

  • harry potter movie marathons are SUCH a thing
  • nursey is 100% a hufflepuff and damn proud of it
    • he’s seen “a very potter musical” but he’s not sure if dex has or if it’s something dex would find funny so he doesn’t say anything until they’re talking abt how he’s a hufflepuff and dex is like “is it bc you’re a particularly good finder?” and nursey is like “!!!!! YES”
  • dex is conflicted bc he always thought he was a gryffindor but he took the pottermore test and got slytherin
    • nursey: i mean technically if you had the sorting hat on you would ask it to go to gryffindor so you would be in gryffindor
    • dex: ok true but WHAT IF I BELONG IN SLYTHERIN
    • nursey: william albus severus poindexter, you were named after two headmasters of hogwarts -
    • dex: SHUT THE FUCK UP
  • dex’s patronus is some kind of dog, nursey’s is a dolphin
    • nursey is excited bc he can make dolphin noises and this gives him a perfect excuse to do it
  • dex actually relates to hermione more than he relates to ron bc like… he gets valuing your education and wanting to know all the information and being thrown into a new environment. she’s his fave.
  • nursey’s in agreement that hermione is the best character, but his is more based on how fucking badass book hermione is
  • they don’t debate on dumbledore bc they both agree. actually the first time they watch harry potter together when dumbledore comes on screen nursey is like “whatta dick” and then dex is like “RIGHT THOUGH? RIGHT????” and then they spend the whole movie talking abt every shitty thing dumbledore did
  • dex’s favorite hp is chamber of secrets
  • nursey’s favorite is prisoner of azkaban
  • one time they get a lil drunk and make an ordered list of hogwart’s most attractive students
    • “dean thomas is first.” “fucking obviously, poindexter.”
  • they always end up making out when they watch it, but nursey always has to stop and turn it off bc “it’s hashtag awks to have your tongue in my mouth while cedric diggory is being murdered by voldemort, babes.”
  • RAPMONSTER: He broke something again -> God of destruction
  • JUNGKOOK: Look at his hair -> Coconut head
  • JHOPE: OH! a horse -> Jhorse
  • Taehyung: He is too weird -> Alien
  • JIN: He is eating again -> Pig Jin
  • SUGA: Sleeping again? -> Motionless Min
  • JIMIN: *dolphin noises* What a cutie -> Mochi~~
  • BTS : Wait! Why is Jimin the only one with a cute one???

Here’s an NCT drinking game I thought up! These apply to any of their V Lives, NCT LIFE’s and anything else there is!
Remember you can use any beverage you like, alcohol or not (if you’re underage please don’t use alcohol!!)

- Doyoung dabs
- Chenle makes a dolphin noise. Drink twice if he says “Jisung Park” or “oh my god!”
- the Foreign Swaggers™ say something in English
- when there is a JohnTen moment
- when Haechan roasts someone. Drink twice if Haechan is roasted
- when Mark does aegyo but ends up cringing
- when Johnny makes up a show (Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation™, Johnny’s FM Radio Station™ etc.)
- Jeffery!!
EXTREME if you can handle it:
- Drink when any member roasts another member
- Drink when there’s a gay moment
- Drink when Taeyong acts like a child


Links to watch it on Tumblr HERE or on Vlive CH+ HERE

  • Jin and Hoseok’s food dance is back
  • Jhope asking Jin to not play with food. Jin telling him “But I am the one who’s eating it” savagery man
  • BTS trying to harmonize the intro and failing like everytime / because Giving the same excuse as usual “It is still the morning”
  • Jimini cute way of drinking (LIKE YOU WILL DIE IT IS SHO CUTE)
  • Jimin asking for cooking tips from Jin and trying to crush rice with his smol hands
  • Jin turning a potato peeler into a knife. Jhope into a razor and JK into a clipper … the amount of EXTRA … While Jimin is singing in the backround
  • Jin then goes to cook in peace in the back a recipe he learned from a chef (That boy knife skills are no joke)
  • We discover that Rapmon minced the bones with the chicken then asks Jin if he can eat them. Jin “Am I a dog?” is pure gold
  • Taetae batteling the lid of a blender for minutes just to give it to jin that opens it in a second (Jin is a hero with no cape in the kitchen I swear)
  • V takes super care of the squirell bowl as he cleans it multiple times it is so cute seing him all focused
  • Rapmon vs the clock who does not wanna stand and that keeps falling (Rapmon the genius just disappears once near a stove)
  • RM found pots when asked to bring serving plates. Then thought of this genius idea of pairing a green pot with Jungkook’s red plate to express traffic lights????? then find streaming dim sum … Hobi became hopeless with that hyung’s ideas …
  • Jin pitying the lonely potato he found on the floor (what a big heart)
  • Jungkook’s magic show featuring the glued potatoes continues
  • Jin was all the time next to Namjoon (Namjin shippers are still making dolphin noises)
  • Jhope, Rapmon and Jungkook deviding the chores perfectly (Team work=BTS)
  • We discover that our golden maknae who is good at everything is good at doing the dishes too as he did them in Busan (Why you so perfect boi)
  • JK tip for clean dishes: Rince with cold water to get ride of the soap residue (If JK said it it must be true)
  • Rapmon singing Cypher while doing the dishes was goals
  • JK thanking Rapmon out of the blue was so cute
  • Surprisingly RM didn’t break any dishes nor cut any finger (Our prayes reached)

By @mimibtsghost

Dates with Monsta X!

a small imagine of my headcanons of where monsta x members would go and how they would act on dates with their s/o~

·amusement park dates
-doesn’t really bother where you two go, but going there makes you happy and he loves to see you happy
-since he doesn’t get scared of any rides he’s up to go on any attraction
-lets you cling onto him in case you get scared or dizzy
-ties your shoelaces for you
-when you’re not looking he looks at you and smiles shyly to himself
-super happy to have you
-either holding your hand or having his arm around your waist
-buys you food and feeds you
-likes to poke you when you wait in line
-piggyback rides
-couple pictures
-backhugs because he loves the smell of your hair
-“you’re really beautiful”
-walks you home
-kisses you before saying bye 

·cooking classes dates
-signed the two of you up just bc he wanted to spend even more time with you
-at first he burned everything but is actually quite good now
-“hey babe does this taste alright? let me taste yours too~”
-is excited when they get to cook your favorite foods
-giggles when you compliment his cooking
-gets distracted by you so sometimes he forgets to add get some ingredients
-threw flour at you once and it almost resulted in a food fight
-thankfully no one noticed that except the pair behind you two
-whispers all sorts of things to tease you and make you blush
-holds your hand during breaks
-smiles sweetly at you all. the. time it’s adorable
-if you have some ingredients left when you finish you make each other some small snacks without anyone noticing

·sleepover dates
-always up for building forts
-usually you make them together but sometimes he makes them himself before you come over to surprise you
-does he ever stop cuddling up to you?
-he doesn’t
-sings for you
-if you go to the toilet he’ll yell your name across the house if he gets bored (which he will)
-says ‘i love you’ a lot but blushes when you say 'i love you’ to him first
-playing games together
-one time you played monopoly the whole night
-cartoon marathons !!
-what is sleep when he’s around
-cheek kisses !!
-plays with your fingers
-gives you cute nicknames
-he wanted to make prank calls once but started giggling before he even dialed the number
-makes dolphin noises to make you laugh

·picnic dates
-gets really excited
-usually makes most of the food he brings
-once he ruined the food and had to run to the store to buy your favorite snacks really fast so he wouldn’t be late
-told you about it and the two of you laughed 20 minutes straight
-you don’t really have a favorite spot to be at
-sings for you but asks you to feed him (or kiss him) first
-if any of the other members show up he throws anything at sight at them so he could be alone with you
-one time he dropkicked minhyuk
“one time he dropkicked me bc of chicken it was revenge”
-throws snacks at you to get your attention
-takes candid photos of you
-teases you a lot
-he’s secretly looking forward to winter so you walk cuddled up to each other around instead of having picnics (also he wants to push you in the snow)
-plays with your hair a lot
-kisses you a lot because he loves the feeling of your lips against his

·napping dates
-usually at his place
-gives you five blankets because he doesn’t want you to get cold
-likes when you play with his fingers
-you two made a list of movies you could watch together but fell asleep before the half of the first movie
-you sleep with your head on his arm
-he mumbles in his sleep sometimes it’s cute
-usually wakes up before you
-wakes you up with constant cheek kisses
-cuddling for the next twenty minutes
-when you decide to get up you two try to make something to eat
-puts thing out of your reach so that you have to ask him to get them for you
-sometimes he puts them higher and asks for a kiss first
-after you make the food and eat it you go watch that movie you fell asleep while watching
-falling asleep again

·coffee dates
-on your first date he spilled coffee all over himself because he was so nervous
-you have this one coffee shop you always go to you love the coffee there
-either picks you up or if you meet up there he’ll wait for you outside
-does aegyo so you can’t drink coffee in peace
-also does aegyo whenever you ask him to do it
-skinship !! lots and lots of skinship !!
-likes to compare the length of his fingers to yours and then intervenes them together
-keeps holding your hand
-lets you touch his dimples
-caffeine can affect him a lot sometimes so he gets really hyper
-if he notices another guy even glancing at you he’ll give him a deadly glare
-leans across the table and kisses your forehead
-rapping about how much he loves you
-doesn’t want to go home and leave your side

·video game dates
-at his place
-bought that one game you wanted to play and said he had it all along because he got shy about it
-you distract each other while playing since both of you want to win
-end up in weirdest positions like hanging upside down from the couch
“it’s hard playing like this”
“the one who sits normally loses”
“you’re on”
-pretends he’s sad when he loses
-acts cool when he wins
-when you take a break you like to lay in his lap and let him play with your hair
-he loves to kiss your nose when you’re like that
-playing all night long and wondering why the sun is already shinning
“isn’t it like 3am?”
-going to sleep at 9am and waking up in the evening
-wakes you up by blowing in your ear

nicknames i have 4 nct

why am i making this its 2.53am

taeil: a couple letters off from being renjun’s fav hyung

taeyong: kink fairy

johnny: ten’s husband

yuta: yuta-chan (i cant get the nickname out of my head it was in the tags of a gif i reblogged)

ten: that one kid everyone knows is gay

doyoung: angry bunny who just wants love and attention

jaehyun: freaking rude please put some sleeves on ur clothes for the sanity of nctzens

winwin: dong snakecheng

mark: margarita


jeno: a thot whos shipped with everyone in dream

donghyuck: his lines are like jaemin

jaemin: dead in a ditch

chenle: self aware screaming dolphin who makes ‘jisung pa R k’ instead of dolphin noises

jisung: will one day rule them all/satan