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Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


The Deep Blue

The Deep Blue

Request: Kind of? 

Genre: Fluff

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by shitjeon

Fantasy AU Series


Plot: Jungkook’s one and only love was the ocean, until he saw a mystical creature, what happens now?

Jungkook loved the ocean, the way she danced against the rocks, the wind only spurring her on. No ship, no human could get in her way as she was a force to be reckoned with. The mystery beneath the vast sea always kept Jungkook curious. Perhaps there are houses deep beneath the ocean? Just like there was on land, people living underwater, Jungkook always thought there was, a childhood dream that always made him second guess what everyone else told him.

  Jungkook spent his entire life near and in the deep dark ocean, his house was perched on a hill, over looking the beauty on summer days, the diamond incrusted body of water, glimmering and glistening in the heat seen from his bedroom window.

His summer was spent playing on the hot sand, swimming in the cool water and fishing on his fathers old fishing boat, occasionally scuba diving in the depths, the ocean was an old friend who brought him comfort and calm, the salty smell was his Utopia, beside the ocean was his only true home, and he knew this beach like the back of his hand.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + saeran reacting to MC taking them out on a date to the aquarium? ^^ MC is super excited to go and doesn't tell them where they're going at first.

(I had a bunch of stuff written for this and my google chrome decided to crash sO IT’S LIT RN)

~Admin MP


  • When MC says they’re going somewhere on a date, Yoosung is so ready
  • Except MC is keeping it a secret
  • Yoosung whines a bit but MC just grins and winks
  • It seems like MC is super excited to go, though, they keep smiling widely and their eyes keep lighting up whenever they mention it
  • They get into the car and MC starts driving to their destination
  • Yoosung asks once more where they’re going, but MC just happily says, “You’ll found out soon!” 
  • He gets a little pouty face and MC just squishes his cheeks at a red light because he’s so cute??
  • Once they get there, MC makes Yoosung close his eyes so that he can’t see where they are
  • As soon as he opens his eyes, though, they light up and he takes MC’s hand, bouncing up and down
  • Because animals and fish and it’s so fun, MC!!
  • The two of them walk around and gape at the large enclosures and read the animal descriptions together 
  • Yoosung proudly talks about how he’s learning about seals in his advanced animal bio class
  • They both stare at the large deep sea exhibit
  • The blue light glows on Yoosung, making him gorgeous and ethereal
  • MC hugs his arm and buries their face against him, enjoying this free time with him


  • MC reveals with a smug smirk that they’re going on a date
  • And it’s a secret!!
  • Of course that drives him NUTS
  • He bothers MC every two seconds about it
  • “Hey, MC, where are we going?”
  • “A place.”
  • “…Are you going to tell me?”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Now? How about now?”
  • “no.” 
  • He’s surprised and impressed by their tenacity 
  • But he’s also a determined lil fuck so even in the car he’s asking
  • “Listen, MC, I was a secret agent, I know hwo to get info out of people”
  • He tries to trick MC by being like “I sure can’t wait to go to the amusement park!” thinking they’ll correct him
  • They just shrug and he’s seething
  • Pouts for half the car ride
  • But once they get there he shouts “I KNEW WE WERE GOING TO THE AQUARIUM!!” (sure u did honey)
  • He sprints around trying to see as much of the aquarium as they can (”we can do it all in one day, MC, I know it)
  • His favorite thing to do is pet the stingrays and scream when it nibbles on his hand
  • When they look at the large exhibits, the blue light paints MC in it’s glow
  • “Hey, MC…” they glance over, seeing that Seven’s golden eyes are soft.
  • “You look like a Smurf.”
  • MC loves this carrot top demon


  • Okay hear me out: Jaehee who loves to know a lot of information
  • She loves learning new things?
  • And going to new places?
  • So as soon as MC finds out that Jaehee’s never been to an aquarium, but that she would like to go MC’s like “MY GF NEEDS TO GO SHE DESERVES THE WHOLE WORLD AND MORE (same MC)”
  • So she announces that they’re going on a surprise trip
  • But that it’s a double surprise because neither of them really knew it was going to happen and Jaehee is not allowed to know!!
  • Amused, Jaehee goes along with it, only asking once just to see MC’s reaction
  • MC mimes zipping their lips and throwing away the key
  • It wa super cute so Jaehee kisses them
  • When they pull up, Jaehee sees where they are and gets a small, pleased smile on her face
  • MC lives for that god damn smile
  • They hold hands, walking around as Jaehee reads every single exhibit sign out loud to MC, her voice informative, yet soft since it’s MC
  • When they get to the dolphins, Jaehee’s mouth just falls open because she loves them so much
  • Reads the story about how the dolphins were saved from getting strangled by garbage in the ocean
  • “…Jaehee are you crying
  • “N-No”
  • Afterwards, when they’re leaving, Jaehee backs MC up against the car and kisses them deeply, thanking for taking Jaehee to the aquarium


  • This is so cheesy and romantic so Zen, of course, loves it
  • “We’re going on a date but it’s a surprise date! You can’t know about it!” 
  • MC is super happy though and seems like they want to burst and tell him, so he doesn’t push them (even though he really really wants to)
  • Does ask them once in the car and MC turns to look at hm, opens their mouth then shakes their head
  • “No, no! It’ll be better if we wait! But I do love the place. It’s calming!”
  • They hold hands in the car and Zen sings to the radio (duh)
  • At first, Zen is like “…an aquarium?”
  • He’s never been to one, but he’s also never really liked the ocean, so he doesn’t know what to expect
  • Falls more in love with MC but also loves the aquarium
  • It’s such a gorgeous place and MC is super into it, pointing out their favorite looking fish
  • After roaming around the bottom area, they go to the food court and get something to eat, sharing the food like the gross couple they are 
  • Then, of course, they have to get their pictures taken in the photobooth
  • Get the cheesy little stickers on it and everything
  • Zen hangs at least ten copies of it up around the house


  • Since MC knows that Jumin doesn’t really tend to like being in large crowds of people
  • So they end up renting out the aquarium for the night so it can just be the two of them
  • *Cue Just the Two of Us*
  • But MC wants it to be a surprise so they don’t tell Jumin about it
  • They just say “wear some nice clothes and be prepared for a nice night!”
  • Jumin secretly really likes surprises so he doesn’t prod MC
  • His whole life, people gave him what he wanted and never ‘surprised’ him so he loves it when MC does
  • MC goes all out for him because Jumin always goes all out for them so he deserves it
  • Even makes Jumin wear a blindfold (which makes him smirk and MC’s like “NOT NOW YOU ANIMAL”)
  • Leads him to where there’s a romantic dinner set up in the light of the deep sea exhibit, the fish and sharks calmly swimming around in the blue glow
  • When they let Jumin look, his eyes widen and his face softens so much that he looks like an innocent little angel
  • He’s actually shocked and surprised
  • “…This is for me?” he seems so baffled, like he never imagined anyone would do something like this for him
  • “Of course!” 
  • The two enjoy their dinner, Jumin refusing to let go of their hand the entire time because he’s so in love


  • I feel like MC wouldn’t really want to keep it a secret from Saeran because it might give him anxiety?
  • So they wouldn’t tell him exactly what it was, but they would mention that there would be fish involved
  • Saeran just likes to be with MC and he trusts them completely to make sure that he’s comfortable with whatever happens
  • While they drive, MC just talks about random stuff and Saeran watches them, in awe of how beautiful they are?? 
  • When they get to the aquarium, Saeran brightens a little bit and is extremely curious
  • MC’s favorite activity to do is introduce Saeran to new things that they think he would like and could be soothing for him
  • Honestly, Saeran’s eyes are wide and full of wonder as he looks around at the large exhibits and takes it all the sights
  • Sometimes there’s too much sensory overload but the two of them step to the side and get away from the crowd
  • When they go to the stingrays, MC expects him to be hesitant but he fucking WHIPS his hand in there 
  • Looks wide-eyed at MC
  • “They feel slimy!!”
  • The entire day, Saeran is just taking everything in and having a great time. 
  • MC loves seeing him so happy and would give the world for him to always be like that.
impulse kiss (harurin, pg, ~2300 words)

Another entry for the 30 Sharkbait Kisses challenge and now I’m nearing my personal goal (15,000 words) because I keep accidentally writing 2000+ word ficlets oh well.

SO THIS IS. A WEIRD AU. WHERE HARU AND RIN NEVER MET AND NOW THEY’RE BOTH 19-20 AND RIN IS A FREETER AND ONE OF HIS JOBS IS PIZZA DELIVERY BOY. don’t ask me how this au came about, why they don’t swim or know each other, i have no idea, but here we are.  DELIVERY BOY AU.

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Dolphin tongue?


bjork = dolphin

Amusement Park Series (3/4)

Your Least Favorite Ride At The Park

(2/4)   Request Here

Aaron Carpenter: Dare Devil Dive. There was something about only being in a harness connected to some strings that did not appeal to either of them.

Cameron Dallas: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. You both found that minions and Despicable Me were too over hyped.

Carter Reynolds: Wild Mouse. It was a fun ride, but it jerked you two around too much and gave you a headache that lasted the rest of the day.

Hayes Grier: Drop Tower. Dropping from 100 feet in the air at 56 miles per hour was not something you wanted to do twice.

Jack Gilinsky: Woodstock Express. It was slow, and the drop wasn’t even fun. Though, it didn’t help that the ride was made for 7 to 12 year olds.

Jack Johnson: Banshee. It was too quick, too high and had too many loops for your liking. You threw up after you got off of it.

Jacob Whitesides: Odysea. The random sprays of water coming from the dolphin and whale’s mouths took you by surprise each time it hit you in the face. Also, you were the only two on the ride over 10 years old.

Matthew Espinosa: Tidal Wave. The ride soaked you to the bone and, unfortunately, you were wearing a white shirt, so Matt had to give up his jacket so that you could cover up your blue bra and white bandeau.

Nash Grier: It’s A Small World. It was a mistake to go on that ride first thing in the morning. The song was stuck in both of your heads until 11 pm.

Shawn Mendes: Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. The strobe lights gave you a headache and both times you went on it, the guns weren’t working.

Taylor Caniff: Hat Dance. Spinning in circles around and around was not your cup of tea.

"BAN: Series for the Last Day:" Bhanu Kapil

It is the last day, and along the river, women are gathering the raw silk and cotton in coils of dripping color, feet bare, raw really and they’re exhausted. This is the day that wires me to color but they are — most of the way through their own lives. 42? 50?

From the mountains. From the sky.

It is the last day I knew you in the time that we touched. And the more I write this, the more I realize how long ago it truly was that we touched. Centuries have passed and each life, I am born feet-first beneath a Lebanese cedar until finally, I am born in England on a summer’s day, girls with pink ribbons in their hair trailing an even paler red light from their bodies as they gallop past on the street below. I count their cells. Each cell gives off a tiny bit of light. That light escapes; and yet, as the passage to rebirth narrows, I look away from them — fierce white animals that they are.

I knew you.

Come back.

Be mine.

I loved a man. A man with teeth made of channeled white — the white of lions. This is the language made available to me by English. Language does not survive death. I loved him and now — I search for him, scanning, at every airport and sometimes even in the supermarket in the large town to the north.

For more.

I can’t sleep at night. Approaching death each time, I feel neither anxiety nor fear but relief that I can try again.

Come again.

It is the last day. I am 23. My husband is 24. It is 1895. It is 1431. It is 1972. We have been married for five months. I love him in a way that unknots me from the sky — from the inexorable flow of day into night. Even the day is night when he is near me. But he dies. He dies then dies again. We gasp — I gasp, my mother-in-law gasps — but die he does, in front of us, on the wet ground. We are in the courtyard when he buckles to his knees, then over to his side. He is walking to the kitchen from the bath, a threadbare towel thrown over his left shoulder, a thin cotton dhoti tied around his waist. July and so it’s raining. Monsoon jasmine spilling out of our mouths when we scream: the air…

By nightfall, his pyre is prepared. A leaf wrapped around a mixture of nuts and a narcotic, an altering — powder — is pushed into my mouth. Drugged, I am propped between two others as I walk to the river pyre and there he is, there he is, there he is — a form.

Sheet, sticks, red powder and a fire — a fire is so cold…the red shape against the black river behind it, running hard. Monsoon…

And with a shove, and with a push.

I am gone.

No, they haven’t lit it yet. I am lying on top of my husband. And when they set the fire, I don’t feel anything.



Dressed in white.

The fire sobers me up. The fire reaches my foot and in that instant, terrifying everyone, I stand up. I stand up and I scream. I scream and I arch back. I arch back and I rotate. I twist in the air.

Imagine a woman leaping from a fire into the water.

For an instant, she’s glimpsed — seen by others — face up — in that water, the fire running over the top of her body — and then swept — downstream — still ablaze.

The pink dolphins surge towards her. Why?

This is the last day.

Now my eyes are closed. The pink dolphins keep my mouth and nose above the water. Gradually, the calls of the men on the riverbank fade. I fall asleep. I fall into a deep sleep.

In this sleep, the dolphins carry me to the delta and then out to sea. There, a whale slips beneath and carries me farther in — deep into the true sea.

Tiny creatures come and nibble away at my burns — my legs and ankles fused together — until I am covered with coppery scars. My face a mask like a copper-colored leaf mixed now with a vertical skin, preserving it. My face. I drift beneath the falling stars, the blackness, the darkness, the river, for whom it is preserved.

And now I am dead. I am a mixture of dead and living things — all the creatures of the sea are breathing with me and for me, their mouths on my chin, my lips. The tiniest breathing of all. Their oxygen is like me. I am like them. For many hours I bob and select, with each breath, a continuing life but a storm is coming, the waves are crashing over my head — my head of long red hair, my white, creamy, and unreal skin — the pallor beneath the leaf — and even the whale needs to dive down now, renew his source of love.

And now, gradually at first and then with a great roar, mid-ocean: rain. A lightning bolt strikes me where I lie in my caul of throbbing weeds and fish. And this.

A next life.

My eyes flung open to the sky. To begin.

To live again — affixed to the circuitry of the non-living world.

By nightfall, I was red.

Almost but never quite dead.

To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To begin. To never begin. To beign.

To bump.

To bump against land when I come to it.

To wash up. Why?

Yesterday, I oiled then braided my hair. I washed myself. I ate a balanced meal with milk. I poured a glass of milk into the sea.

Imagine the cloud of milk as it dissipates.

Now drink water.

I drink the water for Ban.

I write these notes for Ban.

You read these notes for Ban.

Why? I feel bad for you, having read this far into the nothing that these notes are.

And must be.




Just as skin is bland and eases off the bones at the least touch.

Or tongue.

Of flame.