dolphin hunts

Before the 1960′s, when the TV series Flipper became popular, trained sea creatures such as dolphins were a very rare occurrence. Richard “Ric” O’Barry was a dolphin trainer at Miami Seaquarium and helped to capture five wild dolphins that would be trained to star in Flipper. He carried this on for 10 years until Kathy, who was the main dolphin to star in Flipper, died in his arms; he strongly believes she committed suicide when she didn’t resurface for air. It was this one event that completely changed his stance on what he was doing. He suddenly realised that imprisoning and training these beautiful and intelligent creatures for human entertainment was abhorrent. On Earth Day of 1970, Ric founded The Dolphin Project which is an organisation dedicated to educating people about the plight of dolphins in captivity. This organisation rescues and rehabilitates dolphins and releases them back to the wild. As well as this, Ric leads an international effort to stop the hunting of dolphins and the trafficking of dolphins to theme parks such as Sea World. He has written two books: Behind the Dolphin Smile and To Free a Dolphin, and also appeared in the documentary, The Cove.


The duels between hunters and hunted are as dramatic as any event in the natural world. The stakes could not be higher. For both, it’s a matter of life and death. Yet surprisingly, it’s the hunters that usually fail. To have any chance of survival, predators must be perfectly tuned to their own hunting arenas. Every habitat brings a different challenge. THE HUNT will reveal as never before the extraordinary range of strategies predators use to catch their prey. But even for the most skillful, success is never guaranteed.


BREAKING NEWS TOKYO (AP) — “Game of Thrones” star @Maisie_Williams wants everyone to stop buying tickets to marine shows. She says it’s the best way to stop the capture and killings of dolphins in Japan.

Williams spoke Friday in the small Japanese town of Taiji, made famous in “The Cove,” a 2009 Oscar-winning film that documented the dolphin hunt and starred Ric O'Barry, the dolphin trainer for the “Flipper” TV series.

Williams is the latest celebrity trying to save dolphins. Others include Brian May of Queen, Sting and Daryl Hannah.

She hopes her influence on social media, with 4 million Instagram followers, will help educate people about Taiji, including Japanese.

Williams, global ambassador for O'Barry’s Dolphin Project campaign, says only a handful of Taiji fishermen are benefiting from the practice. (x) (x) (x)

  • MC: You'll never guess what just happened.
  • Addison: You went out in the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal, which brought you 5,000 years into the future, where you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you're back, to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we are transported to work at the think-a-torium by telepathically controlled flying dolphins?
  • MC: Hunt kissed me.
  • Addison: Who would ever guess that?

“Nori Zith” and “Morning Glory” in Gasaprilla Sound, just under the Boca Grande Causeway bridge. Ever since September 2016, we’ve been seeing the dolphins hunting there in the evenings, apparently hunting around the large pilings and throwing their fish in the air

qualis caeruleis tumido sub gurgite terror
piscibus arcani quotiens deuexa profundi
scrutantem delphina uident: fugit omnis in imos
turba lacus uiridesque metu stipantur in algas                
nec prius emersi quam summa per aequora flexus
emicet et uisis malit certare carinis:
talis agit sparsos mediisque in fluctibus heros
frena manu pariter pariter regit arma pedumque
remigio sustentat equum consuetaque campo                
fluctuat et mersas leuis ungula quaerit harenas

Statius, Thebaid, 9.242 - 251

Such terror only fishes know, beneath the rolling tides, when there within the hidden deeps they see a dolphin on the hunt. Into the abyss the shoal flees as one, and huddled together in horror amid the green seaweed will not emerge before their foe leaps up in an arc above the surface of the waves, and there decides to chase instead a ship new-sighted. Thus Hippomedon drove the scattered heroes through the deep currents of the river, guiding the reins with one hand and with the other hand his sword, while with his heels for oars he steered his steed: which, though accustomed to the battlefield, tackled the waves and bravely sought out with its hooves the submerged sand. 

possibly one of the most astonishing similes in a work which tbh is pretty damn full of astonishing similes?? im going to marry statius???

What baffles me about the Taiji Dolphin Hunts is how they just wipe out entire pods - I’m certain that the cetacean population in that area must be in rapid decline.

A pod of Risso’s Dolphins caught the other day? Slaughtered. That’s a whole family just removed from existance. A whole line of genetics just stricken out.
And that was only a small pod - they round up groups sometimes reaching into the hundreds of certain species (common dolphins it seems usually) and butcher the majority of them.

Any that they release are likely going to die due to the stress or being to young to actually fend for themselves - they don’t leave any viable animals free.

It’s just crazy, there is no method to the madness whatsoever.