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Puddle of Nope

Context: The DM is running The World’s Largest Dungeon setting. The party has come to an area flooded by murky water. Stalled by the heavier armored players, it gives me a chance to flex my nature spells.

Cleric(Me): I cast Speak with Animal and summon a celestial porpoise. A pink one, preferably. I tell it to use its echo location to look around.

DM: Alright, you summon it. After a little bit it comes back.

Me: What did you see?

DM, in his best dolphin voice: Hands!

Me, in-between laughing: Nope. Nope. Nope.

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Hi! I binge read all of these haha, but could you do RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having a stuffed animal they are overly attached to? I'm obsessed with this fluffy cow I have.. It's embarrassing but I feel like it would be a cute lil thing to write.

Haha, so cute! Don’t we all have one of those:) Hope you like these scenarios!


  • You offer to drive him to work one day
  • While you’re grabbing one last thing out of the house, you tell him to get in the car
  • He notices a stuffed penguin on your dashboard
  • It looks familiar and finally he realizes its the one he gave you when you first started dating
  • “You’ve been keeping it in the car the whole time? I had completely forgotten about it.”
  • “It’s so cute, and it means so much to me. So of course.”
  • He’s flattered and flustered at the same time
  • He keeps playing with it while you’re driving
  • Honestly, a danger to the road because you keep getting distracted cuz he was so cute
  • He asks you what you named it and you suddenly grow quiet
  • When he keeps prodding you, you break down
  • “Pengzen….”
  • He thinks it’s the cutest thing


  • You were sick, so he wanted to pop by and see how you were doing
  • He wanted to surprise you, so you didn’t expect him to show up at your doorstep
  • But he was the surprised one when you were clutching a stuffed puppy
  • You got super embarrassed and threw it into your room
  • “No, no! MC, I think it’s cute!”
  • When you finally recovered and brought it out again, he saw how beaten up it was
  • You explained it was from your childhood and now he’s just dying inside
  • He loves seeing you interact with stuffed animals so much
  • While he runs out for your medicine, he gets you both matching stuffed bunnies
  • “You can think of me whenever you see it, and I’ll do the same for you!”
  • You cherish just as much as your childhood stuffed animal


  • Months ago, she saw you had grown a new obsession with peacock feathers
  • Your stationery, notepads, and even mousepad had peacock feathers
  • To tease you, she boughts you a peacock stuffed animal
  • Months later, she came into your room and you had the peacock propped on your shoulder
  • You explained that you were pretty much obsessed with it
  • Mostly because she bought it for you and you thought it was sweet
  • She’s hit with the feels
  • Sometimes she’ll snap pictures of you with it


  • You usually went to his penthouse to visit him
  • But today, he really wanted to surprise you at your place
  • So he stopped by out of the blue after a meeting nearby
  • You invited him in, although the apartment still had some things scattered about
  • One of those things was your favorite stuffed lion on the couch
  • He picked it up and asked you why you had a toy
  • You chuckled and explain that it was from middle school
  • “But….why?”
  • “Memories….but mostly for comfort.”
  • “I don’t understand.”
  • You just laugh it off and go get some drinks from the kitchen
  • When you return, he’s sitting on the couch and clutching it to his chest
  • He tries to say he’s testing this whole comfort theory
  • But he doesn’t let it go for his whole visit


  • You had recently brought some boxes from back home
  • You called Seven to help you carry them into the apartment
  • After bringing the last box, he sees a stuffed tiger at the top
  • You saw it and took it from him, squeezing it tightly in a hug
  • He’s just grinning at you and saying how cute you are it is
  • “Isn’t it? My friend got it for me during the worst finals week of my life. He was sweet to notice my suffering?”
  • “He?!”
  • You thought you caught him staring at the stuffed animal oddly, but you shrugged and moved on
  • A few days later, Seven gifted you with a small tiger robot
  • He also brought a bag of different stuffed animals and told you to pick one
  • What was he planning to do with the others though???


  • He was having a really rough day
  • He didn’t even want to move off of the couch
  • In an attempt to comfort him, you bring out your favorite stuffed dolphin and hand it to him
  • You explain that hugging it calms you down
  • As he holds it close to him, he starts opening up
  • He admits that it is comforting and that he used to want one when he was a child
  • But he was never allowed to have any toys
  • You feel so bad, you go out and buy him a stuffed turtle
  • You hand it to him, “This is to help you get out of your shell!”
  • He’s so touched...even if he doesn’t show it


  • He had bought you this stuffed Koala as part of a Valentine’s day gift
  • Now every time you sent him pictures on Clapchat, you featured the Koala
  • He always got a kick out of it because you got creative with your photos
  • You would always dress it up in something from your house
  • One time you put sunglasses on it
  • Another time you put your scarves on it
  • You were so obsessed with it
  • He found it really cute and really sweet
  • It became a little inside joke between you two

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ponyboys first trip to the zoo

You’ve got it, fam. 🙏  (At the time, Ponyboy was 10 years old, Sodapop was almost 13 years old, and Darry was 16 years old.)

- “Could Steve come?? Please, mom, please,” Soda begs and Momma Curtis, being the nice lady she is, agrees. Ponyboy was really excited and now he’s like “Oh, great.:,) because Steve is tagging along.

- Pony is squished between Sodapop and Steve the whole way there and he’s literally this close 👌 to losing it bc Steve and Soda are screaming lyrics to whatever songs come on the radio and leaning over Pony to playfully fight.

- Darry and Papa Curtis go their separate ways to explore exhibits while Momma Curtis stays with Steve, Soda, and Pony.

- They’re barely passed the gates and Ponyboy is Already Ready To Go Home™, but Momma Curtis buys all the boys some ice-cream located near the bird exhibit and Pony feels a lot better.

- That is until a fucking peacock chases Ponyboy around the exhibit and Steve is laughing so hard that tears are pricking his eyes.

- It flares its feathers and tries to peck at his t-shirt with its beak and Ponyboy starts to cry bc he just can’t with today and Momma Curtis has to grab him and shoo the birdie away.

- Sodapop gives Ponyboy the rest of his ice-cream (Pony dropped his while running) and cheers him up w/ his charm and they all start to explore the different exhibits.

- Ponyboy really loves the dolphins, he puts his hand on the glass and stares at them in awe. ♡

- Steve is yelling at the koalas and trying to feed them crackers.

- Sodapop makes faces at the snakes from behind the glass and screeches when one tries to strike.

- Sodapop gets to feed one of the giraffes and it stays by his side, so he keeps petting it and feeding it and he tries asking the zoo keeper if he can take it home.

- Steve and Sodapop try communicating with the gorillas and acting like total dummies, but the gorillas get pissed off and pound on the glass with their fists and it scares tf out of Ponyboy and he hides his face in his mom’s shirt.

- Ponyboy ends up feeling really nauseous bc the flamingos smell awful and Steve and Sodapop won’t stop chasing each other and bumping into Ponyboy (Steve does it on purpose).

- Bc of that, Pony is incredibly irritable and whiny and Darry has to carry him to the car to take him home early.

Listen everyone, calm down. There are plenty of wrestlers left on the Smackdown Live roster, like Randy Orton and, uh, those interchangeable tag team men, and … uh … (squints at writing on hand) “Dolphin Zuniga.” 

Two of a Kind


On a trip to the amusement park, it turns out that Akira, Ryuji, Ann, and Shiho have a lot more in common than they thought.

A follow up to Small Steps.

Read it on AO3 here


“It’s not a date,” Ryuji had said, adamant, when they were first making plans. “It’s just four friends hanging out. Just, y’know… two dudes… and two girls… at the amusement park.”

Akira had looked up at him, Ann’s invite half-typed on his phone.

“So…” Akira blinked. “Think I should get dressed up?”

“Dude,” Ryuji sighed. “Don’t make it weird…”


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Jungkook As Your Boyfriend

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Here’s what I think it would be like if Jungkook was your boyfriend, enjoy~! (He looks so boyfriend material in this gif i might scream)

•sends you memes constantly

•no seriously, literally 24/7

•"i have a meme that’ll make you feel better!“

•literally wakes you up with cute wholesome memes

•honestly just memes

•tries to cook for you

•but fails miserably (it’s the one thing he’s not good at)

•"maybe i could just ask jin hyung to cook for us…”

•loves to watch cartoons while eating breakfast

•shows you off to his hyungs

•"what can i say, she’s amazing"

•takes you out for ice cream often

•purposefully gets some on your nose

•him then apologizing and wiping it off -with a huge bunny smile obv-

•jokes around constantly

•it’s goddamn jungkook wtf do you expect

•gets caught staring at you with his chin in his palms

flustered “n-no i wasn’t s-staring at you…”

•but then winks when he catches you staring

•sings to you

•"okay one more song, it’s getting late"

•still sings to you when you’re asleep

•beats you at Mario kart

•occasionally lets you win

•"wow, you actually beat me-“

•"ow stop hitting me with the pillow!

•"i so did not let you win!”

•takes you to the amusement park

•tbh he just loves playing the games

•wins you stuffed animals

•"do you want the panda or the dolphin one?“

•holds your hand on the rollercoaster

•"you’re doing great!”

•"see look nobody died"

•takes pictures of you with the stuffed animals he won you

•"just one more!“

•changes his phone wallpaper to pictures of you

•hesitantly brushes his hand against yours

•before finally holding your hand


Greek Mythology Series | Powerful Couples

Amphitrite & Poseidon

Poseidon is the God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Floods, Droughts & Horses. He is the son to the Titans Cronus (Time) & Rhea (Fertility & Motherhood). When Poseidon was born, he and his siblings were swallowed by their father. However, his brother Zeus received aid from Metis, who gave him an elixir that would cause Cronus to disgorge his siblings. This event caused the war against the Titans, led by Poseidon and his brothers Hades and Zeus. The Cyclopes created a magical trident for Poseidon during the war which helped aid them to victory. They trapped the Titans into the Pit of Tartarus. After the war, the three brothers took to the cosmos to draw their lots for who would rule the realms. Zeus won Olympus, Hades won the Underworld, & Poseidon won the sea. Thus, he became the King of the Sea. 

Amphitrite is one of the fifty Nymph Nereids. She the the daughter to Nereus (Old Man of the Sea & Rich Bounty of Fish) & a Nymph named Doris. She also may be the daughter to Pontos, but that is a less common myth. Amphitrite is the Goddess of the Sea, Mother of Fish, Seals & Dolphins. 

Amphitrite refused Poseidons’ hand in marriage and hid from him near Atlas in an ocean stream at the far end of the earth. It wasn’t until Delphin, the Dolphin God, tracked her down and convinced her to marry Poseidon. She then married Poseidon and became the Queen of the Sea. Together they gave birth to Triton (Sea), Rhode (Of the Aegean island of Rhodes), Cymopoleia (Violent Storm Waves) & Benthesicyme (Waves). 

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@the guy who has a dolphin patronus how the heck can you hate dolphins? they're fast. they're cute. trainers can ride on their backs like a horse or a skateboard. they have been known to save fishermen from drowning. wth bud

I agree that dolphins are cool, but let’s be fair. People can like and dislike whatever animals they choose. Again, if I could choose between a dolphin or a dragon, I’d go with dragon. So if I was handed a dolphin I’d be disappointed because of the options available.

Also to be fair, dolphins can be jerks when they want to be. They’ve been known to pick on other creatures and even kill them. I had a book when I was younger that had illustrations of this group of dolphins completely destroying this hammerhead shark. Like they blew him out of the water… literally.

what if drunk kanan looks melancholic and mysterious, adding to her popularity and number of fans, bc she gets really quiet but she’s actually just musing things like “what if dolphins have hands” and “oh theres free breadsticks maru likes breadsticks right how many breadsteaks can i shove into my hoodie without anyone noticing”