dolphin encounters

Dolphins galore!

Spectacular encounter with an estimated 2,000 Common Dolphin aboard Fast Cat this morning.

Although they are the most “common” marine mammal off our coast, that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing! With their beautiful hourglass pattern, curious nature and sheer number they never cease to thrill us and our passengers.

Photo by Naturalist Craig DeWitt 

Dolphin Duo by joostvanuf A duo of young Atlantic Spotted dolphins spirals around me while returning to the surface. These dolphins are some of the most interactive dolphins I have ever encountered. Just spectacular..! Image taken while freediving, ambient light only.


Went on an impromtu whale-watching trip yesterday with @floatslikebricks and was INCREDIBLY lucky to see the CA140s in person!! They had just made a kill on a common dolphin (we encountered the larger pod stampeding away from the scene), and were feeding and celebrating! We saw a few small breaches, tail lobs, pec slaps, and spyhops! One female turned on her back and did a double pec slap for about 15 seconds! It was a wonderful and special experience.

‘Monster’ Shark Kills Dolphin Off Australian Beach

A pod of dolphins swimming near the beach appeared innocuous, according to observers, until one of the animals started to lag behind the group. Upon closer examination, a gaping wound was noticed across the dolphin’s back, likely the result of the shark’s first bite. The other dolphins crowded around the injured animal at first, according to the Daily Telegraph, but fled as the shark moved in for the kill.

After circling the hapless dolphin, the 3.5-meter-long shark lashed out once more, taking a bite out of its tail. The shark then waited for the dolphin to die before continuing to feed.

inariedwards  asked:

Nice news: Just read on NPR that TripAdvisor is stopping selling tickets to tourist attractions where people come into contact with wildlife, "pay to play" things, "swim with dolphins" stuff etc... And they'll make an online portal to educate people about animal welfare and conservation practices. It feels like the word is getting out and hopefully/maybe in the future it just won't be financially viable to operate one of these types of businesses, because most people will know better. :)

Yup, I’ve seen that and shared it on the WADTT Facebook page! (Its content is pretty different from the blog content). 

What’s cool to me is that they’re stopping helping out things that are cub petting, elephant rides, and other pretty shady stuff. I’m not sure how I feel about swim-with-dolphin encounters… I know a lot of them are pretty shady, but there are some decent ones and I’m not sure if that’s differentiated. I like that they’re still supporting decent educational activities like touch-pools or zoo programs. 

The problem, though, is that there’s like… one decently written article about the topic, at all. Most of them are badly written and confusing af. For instance, AZA endorsed the move probably because it involves not supporting things like cub petting, but it’s being represented as ‘AZA sides with PETA’ and ‘AZA has turned against its members’ because I think some of Seaworld’s dolphin programs fall under the purview of what TripAdvisor is opting out of. 

It’s a mess in terms of it’s reporting, but I think overall it’s a decent step. It looks to me like the TA people did some research into what’s actually shitty and what counts as an educational experience and are differentiating them pretty decently.