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Happy World Laughter Day!

In celebration of World Laughter Day, we asked librarians to share with us some of the funniest anecdotes, eavesdrops, and questions they’ve encountered in the library. Here’s what they had to say:

“A kid sees our Academy Awards display and points to the Oscar statue—‘Look Mom, C3-PO!’”

Martha Scarpati, Cedar Mill Community Library

“Many, many times we’ve had patrons forget their groceries in our branch. Every time, it includes a huge bag of milk! No one ever comes back looking for them.”

- Amy, Toronto Public Library

“I once had a patron ask me: ‘So, what do you do all day when we’re in school? Do you just read and chill?’”

- Martha Scarpati, Cedar Mill Community Library

“I was once on the reference desk when this 4 or 5-year-old child approached me and was rubbing their tummy. She said to me ‘Do you know what I am full of?’ and I looked at her and said ‘yes, blood.’ Clearly not the answer she was looking for as her bottom lip started to tremble and tears erupted as she called out for her Mother. The correct answer was: candy.”

- Cameron, Toronto Public Library 

“At one branch, a seat was stolen from a public toilet. I was both grossed out by the idea and convinced this would be my weirdest library story—until I was at another branch, where someone stole an entire toilet from the public washroom. I mean, even if you really needed a toilet—would you steal one that had been public?? I still keep trying to imagine how this one came about…”  

- Alice, Toronto Public Library 

Gif via Giphy.