Colorful dolphin luminous pillow music pillow doll here on Harajuku Fashion: (x)

Material: Plush
Filler: PP cotton
Color classification: sky blue, white, pink
Height: 45cm, 70cm

You can buy the pillow in ink, white, or sky blue.

$30.70 with the music option or $27.70 without the music. Both are luminous. Enter the code “sakura” at checkout to get a bonus 10% off your entire purchase. Enjoy~

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Today is World Oceans Day! 

It was in the ocean about 3.5 billion years ago that the first life on Earth arose. Today, the planet’s oceans are home to an amazing diversity of life in a wide range of habitats, from tropical coral reefs to the frigid polar seas. Still, many parts of the ocean are poorly known, and less than 5 percent of the deep ocean has been explored. For every new species, there may be hundreds more yet to be discovered.

Explore the diversity of the undersea world in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life! Learn about:


A lot of people seem to be under the impression that this whole debate is just about Seaworld. That we hate Seaworld and want to see it shut down. But really this is about all cetaceans in captivity. It doesn’t matter if Seaworld truly cares about their cetaceans or if Seaworld takes excellent care of them (that’s an argument for another post) because even if it was true that Seaworld’s cetaceans are thriving I will continue to fight for all the other cetaceans who are in even worse conditions.

This isn’t about Seaworld. This is about these cetaceans everywhere. This is about intelligent animals being abused in horrendous conditions. Every time these things are brought up someone makes it about Seaworld but I think it shows a lot about you if the only thing you care about in this debate is how the orcas at Seaworld are treated.

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