dolph camp camp

I love these talented boys so much!

they are all so dear to my heart, keepin’ up the flame


“Welcome to camp, asshole”


I can’t believe I finished this oh my god, see you all in hell.

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since my last post about this got a lot of notes I give you all my

Language Headcanons™

Max of course knows Hindi and maybe some Urdu
Nikki probably knows… Wolf ? Or sign language
Niel can do Morse code and understand binary pretty well, and probably studied up on Hebrew to impress people at his Bar Mitzvah
Preston learned French and some Latin for the theater Aesthetic™
Harrison is definitely Israeli, so Hebrew and/or Arabic
Nerris of cOuRse memorized as much of all the DND languages she could find, elvish, orc, goblin, dwarven, etc…
Erid’s dads probably learned a couple languages for their job, so she might know a couple, but not very well
Dolph knows German, surprise surprise
Space kid does Morse code as well, I think that’s it
I’ve always got Scottish/Irish vibes from Nurf, even though he doesn’t have an accent, but I’d like to think he knows either Gaelic or some Nordic language maybe
For the longest time my hc was that Gwen was Mexican, so I imagined her trying to speak Spanish to Max when he first arrived at camp and he’d just stare at her blankly like he always does
David definitely 100% knows flag and smoke signals, Morse, sign language, and I imagine he’d try to at least know how to say ‘hi’ and ‘I love you’ in as many languages he could just in case