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“Friends” [Seth Rollins]


Turning on Dolph Ziggler after you find out he cheated on you with your cousin. You decided that being single wasn’t all that cracked up to be so your best friends Seth, Roman and Dean set you up with one of the most popular superstars, but it turns out that it happens to be non other than your best friend SETH. You decide that Dolph should get what he deserves so the guys make him pay. You thank Seth with sex later that night in his room.

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kinda felt weird writing this after knowing that Seth cheated on his ex-fiancé lmao

You’d walked in on the two of them. It was a young, pretty girl, her eyes wide and doe-like - clearly too naive to realize what she was getting herself into. You’d almost wished that it was a fake-tanned bleach blonde, seeing as that would have been easy to drag back to the bedroom. However, this cute, innocent looking girl, giggling and twirling her hair, made you feel even worse about the whole situation. She was clearly in love - far too young to realize the gravity of the situation. But you know what the worst part of it all was? It was your cousin

“You’re pathetic,” you shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut in hopes to flush the image from your mind. “Don’t fucking look at me like that. You’re not the victim here. You cheated on me, Dolph. What else do you expect? What, you want me to drop down on my knees and kiss your feet? Well, you’ve got another thing coming.”

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