If I could go back and tell my five years ago self anything it’d be “it’s okay things are tough now but stick it out because someday you’ll get to be in close personal proximity to Dolph Lundgren.”

“I hope your mom walks in while you’re watching this.

‘Mom I’m watching a Let’s Play I swear to god.’” (x)

I will say that I was watching this Let’s Play next to my parents and I got so nervous that they were going to look at my screen that I had to switch tabs.

Dolph Lundgren’s relatively low ranking in the pantheon of action heroes has always baffled me. He’s been in tons of movies, but between Rocky IV and The Expendables, the vast majority of his films struggled to reach even C-movie status. Sure, his roles as Ivan Drago and He-Man give him enough 1980s cred to belong in the list of great old-school action men, but his actual legacy train seems to have stopped somewhere between Seagal Junction and Post-1990s Van Dammetown. This is despite the fact that the man is the closest thing to a real life action hero the scene has – a Scandinavian giant whose mere picture can make criminals run for their lives, and who once legitimately punched Sylvester Stallone in the heart so hard that the man was hospitalized. Dolph Lundgren the real person did with one punch what Ivan Drago the fictional fist-god couldn’t do with a thousand.

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