dolorosa cosplay


I really want to be active here again!

Posting some of my HS (not all of course) cosplays from my Instagram, I’m really proud of them all! ;v; I’ll think about part 2 because it’s not all that I have done.

@steamshade - Dualscar, Rose, Feferi ♥ ♥ ♥


All of my cosplays of 2014
The photos aren’t in order entirely however the list is 
1. Rainbow drinker Kanaya Maryam (white eyes) - Katsucon
2. Dead Meulin Leijon - Katsucon 
3. Marceline the Vampire Queen - Katsucon
4. Kanaya with Chainsaw - CPAC
5. Short Haired Rapunzel - AnimeNext
6. Kanaya Maryam - Connecticon
7. Mandy - Connecticon
8. Rapunzel - Connecticon
9. Beachstuck! Porrim Maryam - Some beach 
10. Equius Zahhak - Connecticut Comicon (some random park tbh)
11. Meulin Leijon - Some field
12. Dolorosa - AAC

I’m so proud of my inprovement and I hope to grow and create lots more in 2015. I want to expand my variety of cosplays and grow as a cosplayer.

Goodbye 2014 cosplays you treated me well! ❤ 


Homestuck cosplays at ctcon on Saturday! I met a really awesome Horuss cosplayer. If you see yourself tag your credit

♍: Well I would not be so hasty to use the word ‘regret’.

♍: I can easily say I was not prepared for what I have done, and did not have the proper experience to handle what I did. 

♍: However, after loosing it all, and being taken into slavery, watching my son be shot, having Mituna be taken captures, and Meulin put in exile. I could never say I regret my decision because Signless’s efforts will not be forgotten and will continue to be fought for.