Dolores O'Riordan - Ordinary Day

This song makes an ordinary day lively for me. Awesome lyrics and that acoustic guitar work rings in my ears throughout. Its strange that the Cranberries never really interested me very much until I listened to this album of hers. Some really awesome tracks, which I’m pretty sure not many people have heard. The video is a lil weird but I believe Dolores is a very beautiful woman and what makes it better for me is she’s Irish!!


90s nostalgia at the end of 2014…

The Cranberries Top 20 Songs

20. “This Is The Day” (Wake Up & Smell The Coffee, 2001)

19. “Raining In My Heart” (Roses, 2012)

18. “Hollywood” (To The Faithful Departed, 1996)

17. “Ridiculous Thoughts” (No Need To Argue, 1994)

16. “You & Me” (Bury The Hatchet, 1999)

15. “I Can’t Be With You” (No Need To Argue, 1994)

14. “Animal Instinct” (Bury The Hatchet, 1999)

13. “Salvation” (To The Faithful Departed, 1996)

12. “Tomorrow” (Roses, 2012)

11. “Time Is Ticking Out” (Wake Up & Smell The Coffee, 2001)

10. “Free To Decide” (To The Faithful Departed, 1996)

9. “Promises” (Bury The Hatchet, 1999)

8. “Ode To My Family” (No Need To Argue, 1994)

7. “Stars” (Roses, 2012)

6. “Dreams (Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, 1993)

5. "Analyse” (Wake Up & Smell The Coffee, 2001)

4. “Just My Imagination” (Bury The Hatchet, 1999)

3. “When You’re Gone” (To The Faithful Departed, 1996)

2. “Linger” (Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, 1993)

1. “Zombie” (No Need To Argue, 1994)