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ordinaryaffairs  asked:

Can you post some links for fall clothing essentials?

Yes! I wasn’t sure what your personal style was/your price range, but I tried to include things that I personally like/would recommend. I tried to include a variety of prices. If you had something different in mind- do let me know :)






anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have any cute clothes that can stand cold days? I live in Alaska and I was wondering if you have any recommendations that suit the weather. Thank you~

sure! i’ll just make this a general cold weater recommendation list!

coats / jackets

shirts (great for layering under looser sweaters or strap dresses)

sweaters / sweatshirts

bottoms (long pants are a good option because you can wear cute pants and just layer thick af tights underneath)

skirts (again, tights are your best friend. personally, i wear skirts all winter with thick tights)

also you can check my coord tag for more ideas!

Costume For The Day:

- Black BDG high-rise twig jeans

- Brown suede moccasins

- Sleeveless 90s floral dress with princess seams worn under…

- a Navy/white marl slouch-sweater with dolman sleeves

- Pink socks proclaiming “Cats! Cats!! Cats!!!” and little cat faces all over them.  I painted them all in - they are just too tiny to see.  Get out your microscope - I dare ya!

- Hand-made repurposed leather* earrings with turquoise scarab charm (made by yours truly)

* Many of you have been asking “WTF is repurposed leather?” Well, dear tumblr, let me tell you: I used to work (as an intern)(would we call this work?) at a leather goods designer in SF that threw out a BUNCH of leather scraps everyday.  One day I said - Hey, can I have these (pulling a bag out of the trash)?  The designer looked at me with slight disgust at my trash-monstrosity and said: Umm, yeah…



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Green Cowl Sweater / Brown Dolman Sweater / Purple Rudolph Sweater 

Long Loose Sweater / Christmas Sweater / White Neck Collar Sweater 

more items on sale to pair with:  Black Slim Thicken Pant /   Black Slim Embroidered Pockets Pant /  Navy Slim Button Denim Pant /  Navy Slim Denim Pencil Pant /  Ripped Slim Denim Pant

Burgundy Thick-soled Suede Boots  /  Burgundy Chunky High Heel Almond Toe Boots /  Black Heel Boots 

raccoons are so precious to me. tiny little trash fairies with small paws and small noses that look like they’re wearing dolman sleeve sweaters. ridiculous. i want a hundred.