Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet | We Should Hang Out - Con Bro Chill | Everybody Loves Me -  One Republic | Hot Problems - Dave Days | Whatta Man - Salt n Pepa | Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake | Suspicious Character - The Blood Arm | Pretty Boy Swag - Soulja Boy | Cupid’s Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes | Hurt Feelings - Flight of the Conchords | Because I’m Awesome - The Dollyrots | Mr Bombastic - Shaggy | Oh Yeah - Yello

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finding out true love is blind - louis xiv // notorious - duran duran // internet killed the video star - the limousines // // i bet that you look good on the dancefloor - arctic monkeys // everybody talks - neon trees // one way or another - blondie // scumbody told me - arctic monkeys vs the killers // hit me with your best shot - pat benator // because i’m awesome (dollyrots cover) - bowling for soup 

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Issue 35 of Stencil Mag will be live this January 31st, and you can expect to see interviews from the following: Simple Plan, Bloc Party, Tonight Alive, Bowling For Soup, Crown The Empire, Hands Like Houses, Theory of a Deadman, Sylosis, American Head Charge, Secrets, Everyone Dies In Utah, Newton Faulkner, Millencolin, Frameworks, ROAM,The Dollyrots, Good Tiger, Like Pacific, Lacey, My Dear Addiction, Dan Mumford and more!

Reviews: Panic! At The Disco, Basement, We The Kings, The Starting Line and more!

Live reviews: Bring Me The Horizon, Mayday Parade, Lower Than Atlantis

Best albums for bands touring shortly feature: All Time Low, The Used, Sum 41

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Matsubros crush on stage, says the song they're going to sing is for their best friend (which is their Matsu) & hopes he likes it, sings "My Best Friend's Hot" by The DollyRots. Matsubros reaction? (It's a cute song :3c)

Osomatsu: He would be dying of happiness. He would probably join in singing and dancing to the song

Karamatsu: He would be very impressed by their boldness and how smooth they are. He would have a huge smile plastered on his face the rest of the night

Choromatsu: He would be an embarrassed mess. He would be so happy, especially since they were calling him cute in such a grand way

Ichimatsu: He would get really shy and blushy. Having someone treat him like this actually brings a tear to his eye

Jyushimatsu: Wild and excited dancing! He would be so excited and boy does he have a great way of showing it

Todomatsu: He would be blushing as he hummed along to the song. This cute action is hella cute to him


No such thing as too much YukaKoichi.

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1. The Stalker Song - Bella Hemming | 2. Shoot Him Down - Alice Francis | 3. Stalker Song - Charlotte Martin | 4. Blue Eyes Blind - ZZ Ward | 5. No Smile - I Blame Coco | 6. Happy Together - The Dollyrots | 7. Tennis Court - Lorde | 8. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey | 9. Ace of Hearts - Zella Day  

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“This is my favorite song,” my fingers had turned the knob to the right before I finished. I immediately closed my eyes and angsty teenager jammed to Dollyrots ‘17’, air drumming and mouthing all the words. His laugh broke through the second chorus.

“This is the WORST song ever.” I hissed at him through clenched teeth, never missing a beat of the next verse. He sat back, watching me and chuckling under his breath until the last note rang out. I rolled my thumb over the volume and looked sharply at him.

“Go ahead.” I waved my hand flippantly to motion his move.

“That song was dreadful. How do you even listen to this stuff?” Another laugh from him. Another glare from me. “Total rubbish,” I thought my eyes would flip backwards from rolling so far into my head. “But I love it.” I stopped mid eye roll and let my quizzical expression speak for me. “I love the way you love it. The way you listen to it, the smile it brings to your face. Especially the way your eyes sparkle and dance. I will never understand why it makes you happy or how you can actually enjoy it but I will forever think of you dancing and love this song.”

The Dollyrots – Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles

The Dollyrots – Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles DVD/CD (Arrested Youth Records/MVD Audio/Visual)

Power Pop geeks unite! The Dollyrots, who have been flying the Power Pop flag proudly for well over a decade now, offer a celebratory look at their entire career with this killer new live set comprised of songs from their earliest days as part of the Kiss Or Kill scene (don’t miss the killer documentary In Heaven There Is No Beer: The Kiss Or Kill Music Scene from writer/director David Palamaro, while we’re discussing such things!) to their most recent album, ‘Barefoot & Pregnant’. ‘Family Vacation’ offers up a beautifully shot visual keepsake on DVD along with an accompanying audio companion on CD, capturing the band – vocalist/bassist Kelly Ogden, guitarist/vocalist Luis Cabezas, and drummer Rikki Styxx – in high-octane, ass-kicking action at The Roxy in Hollywood, California, in September 2015. The band is in top form throughout the 11-song set, delivering the goods and clearly having a damn good time. I give The Dollyrots 50 Impaler Bonus Points for turning in a concert DVD that clocks in at under 40 minutes – making it a true candidate for repeated viewings. For those concerned with the concept of ‘more bang for your buck’, have no fear… the DVD is topped off with a full-length commentary track, a crazy-fun behind-the-scenes tour documentary that adds roughly 45 more minutes of viewing pleasure, and guest appearances from Bowling For Soup, all of The Dollyrots’ former drummers, and lots more. The audio companion sounds amazing, with dynamite versions of ‘Because I’m Awesome’, ‘Jackie Chan’, ‘My Best Friend’s Hot’, ‘Twist Me To The Left’, Melanie’s ‘Brand New Key’, and 6 other Power Pop gems. If you missed the pre-order on PledgeMusic (shame on you!), the package is available at indie record stores and online now. The Impaler

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Oh for the Music Thingy how about Jo Harvelle and Sam Winchester :) <3

  1. Chains - Nick Jonas (already thought about a love triangle between Dean/Jo/Sam? All right you guys can say I’m crazy lol )
  2. My Best Friend’s Hot - The Dollyrots
  3. Fighter - Christina Aguilera 
  4. Love Me Again - John Newman
  5. How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Disciples) - Calvin Harris
  6. Take Me To Church - Hozier
  7. Hurricane (feat. Kanye West) - 30 Seconds To Mars
  8. Friends - Ed Sheeran
  9. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) - Jason Mraz
  10. The Feeling - Halsey


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117: What concerts have I been to?

I will just list band I’ve seen instead, I will probably miss so but this is hard. 
The Wanted x 2 
Twenty Twenty x3 
Bowling for Soup x2
Patent Pending x5 
Chunk No Captain Chunk
Knuckle Puck x2
A Day To Remember 
Neck Deep 
This Wild Life 
Rob Lynch 
Trash Boat 
State Champs
Boston Manor 
Room 94 x3 
Dave Giles 
The Bottom Line 
The Dollyrots 
People On Vacation 
Lower Than Atlantis 
Scouting For Girls 
Under The Influence x2
Neon Sarcastic x2
Taking Hayley 
My Favourite Runner Up
That Sunday Feeling 
Olly Murs 


Bowling for soup were AMAZING

All footage recorded myself, sorry it’s shaky :’)