Dolly Parton wants us to run away with her

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I’ve been called a slut a lot in my life. Especially by other femmes. It’s kinda one of those “ultimate insults” we throw at each other. I feel like a femme’s always supposed to have some excuse at the ready if we choose to wear clingy or revealing clothing. It’s almost worse when you’re curvy- because our bodies are already stigmatized, choosing to wear clingy/revealing clothing is almost like asking to have people talk shit about you.

But honestly, when my clothes look clingy or revealing…that’s usually intentional. And being called a slut has never really bothered me. I can’t speak for anyone else, but showing off my body doesn’t stem from a lack self-esteem. What’s that @dollyparton When she talked about admiring the style of the “town tramp”? I’ve always identified with that sentiment. There’s a lot of power in dressing like the “town tramp.” The town tramp stands on the outskirts of conformity. She spits in the face of socialized beauty standards. And honestly, Dolly is one of the baddest bitches in history so where she goes, I follow without question.

Anyway, it’s been ages since I treated myself to a bra that isn’t purely utilitarian. I’ve been obsessing over @theashleygraham’s @additionelle collection, and I decided to treat myself to a lingerie overhaul. When I snapped this photo while getting dressed this morning, I thought some of my facial expressions made me look pretty slutty. But then I smiled and thought, “….isn’t that the point?”

Bra- @additionelle

Undies- @calvinklein

(at Durham, North Carolina)

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I was digging into the archives looking for something else and happened upon this seldom seen Dolly photo of mine from around 1999 or so.

Yes, of course I sell prints and can deliver by Christmas…

Photo © Jim Herrington