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The back of an awesome Dollymop ensemble by Kalico Delafey. I looove the way the jacket lines follow the curves of the corset and really emphasize the points. They hug the body so well and still show off the corset. Not pictured is the front, which fastens with four rows of Petersham ribbons tied in bows, but is still mostly open to show the body of the corset.

I can’t wait to get a cute little black and purple jacket like this to go with my corset and an asymmetric skirt to match!


In Defense of Ready-to-Wear Corsets [From the TLA Archives]


  • Victoria Dagger in a Pop Antique RTW Corset, Photographed by Andres Razo
  • Eliza Berlin in a Pop Antique RTW Corset in a shape that was achieved with only 2 pattern changes from the ready-to-wear shape, Photographed by Jon Bean Hastings
  • Victoria Dagger in a Dollymop for Dark Garden RTW bridal corset, Photographed by Chris Gaede

I got my first Dollymop corset yesterday! It was made specially for me by Kalico Delafey is association with Dark Garden Corsetry. I’m hoping to build a full outfit off of this eventually, with a skirt, cropped jacket and hat. I also plan on getting a few more Dollymops over the next several years. I love them so much! Oh yeah, the colors make it hard to see. It’s black on black striped wool fabric, chevroned at center front and back, with purple satin piping, lacing, and pleated bust ruffle. The purples are a tad brighter than the picture.

My lovely #dollymop inspired #customcorset from #darkgarden came!
Shockingly it looks a little different than how I was seeing it in my head, but it’s more wonderful and the fabric feels amazing to the touch.
I’m super pleased with my color combination and how certain details will definitely pop once I put it together with things.
I know it’s hard to tell but the colors are roughly black and a chocolate brown.
Not normally a color scheme I would go with but it’s so subtle and the fabric was so pretty I just couldn’t resist XD

A Fascinator to Remember: Bridal Mixer & Trunk Show March 15 Brides unite! Come join Dark Garden in San Francisco for a lovely afternoon trunk show and bridal mixer with Kalico Delafay and Pop Antique on Sunday, March 15th. From 1pm to 5pm, Kalico Delafay and Marianne Faulkner of Pop Antique (that’s me!) will be in our 321 Linden St. boutique with a selection of alternative bridal headwear.

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Kalico Delafay is our in-house associate designer of the Dollymop corset line, and she’s designed several exquisite bridal ensembles for us over the year. However, her true passion lies in millinery. All of her creations are one-of-a-kind. Kalico’s sculpted felt creations utilize exquisitely upcycled vintage felt, veiling, and buttons, and she also does stunning lace and horsehair fascinators, straw boaters, and gloriously regal crowns made of stiffened lace and glimmering Swarovski crystals. Personally, of the several Kalico Delafay hats I own, my favorite is the one she custom-made just for me. I highly encourage you to commission a bespoke piece from Kalico - you will be absolutely thrilled with the result.

My line, Pop Antique, has a more minimalist approach. My “future vintage” style nods to the classic mid-century aesthetic without replicating it. I love simple, classic shapes, executed with great attention to proportion and finishing details. I never use glue to assemble my horsehair fascinators and all my buckram and sinamay pieces are individually hand-blocked. I especially love to make things my clients can envision fitting in their life for more than just a special occasion - a gorgeous hat collection deserves to see the world, not just sit in a stunning vintage hat box! My wedding is also coming up this October so I’d love to hear all the foibles and triumphs from your own wedding planning.

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We can’t wait to see you on Sunday, March 15 for our bridal mixer! If you’ve been struggling with your choice of veil or headwear, we’re sure to have something special that will please you.

Multi-Purpose Corsetiere

Doodled and idea for a cute corset! A Dollymop underbust in peacock teal herringbone (if I can ever find it in real life) with burgundy piping and pockets!