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The back of an awesome Dollymop ensemble by Kalico Delafey. I looove the way the jacket lines follow the curves of the corset and really emphasize the points. They hug the body so well and still show off the corset. Not pictured is the front, which fastens with four rows of Petersham ribbons tied in bows, but is still mostly open to show the body of the corset.

I can’t wait to get a cute little black and purple jacket like this to go with my corset and an asymmetric skirt to match!

I got my first Dollymop corset yesterday! It was made specially for me by Kalico Delafey is association with Dark Garden Corsetry. I’m hoping to build a full outfit off of this eventually, with a skirt, cropped jacket and hat. I also plan on getting a few more Dollymops over the next several years. I love them so much! Oh yeah, the colors make it hard to see. It’s black on black striped wool fabric, chevroned at center front and back, with purple satin piping, lacing, and pleated bust ruffle. The purples are a tad brighter than the picture.


D: ‘ey, dollymop, so I don’t get it, what’s your talent after all?

G: You’ve been with me multiple times now, right?

And you still don’t get it?

I can’t have kids

Oakland Trunk Show at A Revelation in Fit

Dark Garden is so excited to partner with another amazing local business and fit expert. A Revelation in Fit is a bra fitting boutique owned by former Dark Garden employee, Robynne Winchester. On December 17, from 6 to 9 pm, we will be joining A Revelation in Fit for a corset trunk show in their Oakland boutique.
Corset Trunk Show A Revelation in Fit 3974 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA Friday, December 17 6pm-9pm

 We will be bringing our best-loved styles for all figure types, in full size runs. Valentines, Cupids, Dollymops, and Cinchers will all be there. We’ll have classic black poplin corsets for foundation wear and waist training, as well as some of our gorgeous Limited Edition fabrications. The latter are available off-the-rack at a special price, discounted $200 from their made-to-order pricing.

If you’re already a Dark Garden client but aren’t familiar with A Revelation in Fit, here’s what you need to know. There is no better place in the Bay Area for bra fitting. We all keep hearing that 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size - in our experience, that’s no exaggeration! Much of the problem is the lack of diversity in the bra sizes easily available in the US. Whether you’re small band/full bust, large band/small bust, or anything in between, A Revelation in Fit has you covered. They stock bras in sizes 28-46 A-KK. A properly fitted bra – like a good corset – can change your life. It can reduce back and shoulder pain and improve your confidence as well as the hang of your clothes.

We hope we’ll see you in Oakland for this delightful event! Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends.
-Marianne Multi-Purpose Corsetiere

Q: Is Glory at least a bit useful? If she lives with you. I mean… Like cooking, cleaning or anything elase? Or does she do nothing but slack off? 

A: Whelp, ‘er main concern is so my and Chains dongs won’t itch


Other than that there’re not many other uses for a dollymop, helps a little here and there and fine

What else can you ask for?