I have tried to be Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé, Emma Watson and Jessica Simpson but the truth is I am none of them but yet I am all of them. In this world originality is hard to come by. I would like to think that I look as glamorous as Victoria or as fierce as Beyoncé or as intelligent as Emma but I am a country girl, I wear boots and heels, I was never the most intelligent in school but I have a students spirit. I am a mutt, I love fashion but I like to work on motorcycles, I think they are fascinating. I love to do makeup but I also love to feel the recoil of a skeet gun and like my mama I’m pretty good at both. I can sing all of Dolly’s songs and rap all of Eminem’s. I have realized that it has to be boring to be just one thing, I am glamorous and fierce and intelligent but all in different ways. I am the product of a beautician and a redneck, I can name a model from every era and all of John Wayne’s movies; I am the granddaughter of a self made engineer, I can fix my own vehicles and I am the wife of an athlete turned business man, I can tell you weird fact about football and its players. I am a jack of all trades master of none. But most importantly I am the daughter of a King, I know my worth, do you know yours?

As it draws near to Christmas I can’t help but to draw on the Christmas music that played a pivotal role in my life. With #AmyGrant I was young and runnin everywhere with my mama. Times were easy and carefree. As I aged I fell in with #Destiny'sChild and it was so early 2000s and all about bling. Then when I moved out on my own with my best friend @kelicad she introduced me to two great people I already listened to but just the Christmas version #DollyandKenny. I think of all of these and remember home and the love of the season. Its great to Remember when being so far from family and friends. #christmas #music