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Since I love Komugi so much I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past year! She is a DIM Laia head on a Leekeworld art body, and she is such a sweetheart I love her so much~~

I just got her clothes done the other day and I just love how she is turning out! I might get a better wig sometime for her piggy tails. I want to also get her some shoes and a few cute outfits in the future~

no offense but the str8s need to stop doing that thing where when a het ship is popular/has a lot of “moments”/whatever it’s “canon” and absolutely perfect and obviously everyone loves it and if they don’t they’re Wrong but as soon as a gay ship that they can’t fetishize is even remotely popular they turn around and act as if it’s “being shoved down their throats” and/or it’s abusive and/or “there’s no canon evidence” or they pull the whole “Why Can’t They Just Be Friends, Why Does Everything Have To Be About Romance” like it’s gettin reaaaall old guys it’s time to end it 


farewell degrassi tng meme [6/10 relationships]: Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne

“Now that’s a girl worth fighting for.”

Gotta Fuckin’ Go! ((A lighthearted Peter Maximoff Playlist))

1. Don’t Stop Me Now Queen 2. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) - Beastie Boys 3. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy 4. Weightless - All Time Low 5. What’s My Age Again? - Blink 182 6. Walk This Way - Aerosmith ft. Run DMC 7. Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance 8. Separate Ways (World’s Apart) - Journey 9. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics 10. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco 11. Ugly Faces - Watsky  12. I Can Do Anything - 3OH!3 13. Silver - Waterparks 14.Tom Sawyer- Rush 15. Time In A Bottle - Jim Croce 16. 7 Nation Army - The White Stripes 17. IV. Sweatpants - Childish Gambino 18. Grow Up - Simple Plan  



here have NINE inked Dolly pics I drew in one day. blank meme is here

a few random headcanons:

- Darling has the Charming Signature Smile, it’s blinding.
- Darling’s heroic duties include scratching itches Holly can’t reach
- Darling hates the cold
- Holly melts in direct sunlight
- A buddy of mine said she saw Darling Charming in her sports top. she said that Darling had an eight-pack, that Darling was shredded


“Every so often, liebchen, since I look like a demon… I have this irresistible urge to play the part.”

1. Holy Ghost Børns 2. Worship Brandyn Burnette 3. Pillowtalk Zayn
4. Velvet Breathe Carolina 5. Hurricane Panic! at the Disco
6. Animal Attraction She Wants Revenge 7. Closer Kawehi
8. Take Me To Church Hozier

(A sexy Kurt Wagner playlist. Art courtesy of alla-garus)



Cherubs Casanova

Ser Superman x Cherubs Dolly Madison

Welsh Pony Section A, Stallion


Born 2010

The Signs As... Jennifer Lawrence Roles
  • Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games): Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Mystique (X-Men First Class): Aquarius, Scorpio
  • Ree Dolly (Winter's Bone): Capricorn, Taurus
  • Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook): Cancer, Gemini
  • Rosalyn Rosenfeld (American Hustle): Libra, Leo
  • Serena Pemberton (Serena): Piscies, Aries

You’re No Good For Me // But Baby I Want You

1. Strange Love Halsey 2. Power and Control Marina and the Diamonds 
3. You Don’t Own Me Grace 4. Shameless The Weekend 
5. Under the Sheets Ellie Goulding 6. Settle Down The 1975
7. Diet Mountain Dew Lana Del Rey 8. Closer The Chainsmokers
9. Flaws Bastille 10. Sad Boy Laila

(A Warren x Reader playlist inspired by all of the wonderful fic writers and headcanons on tumblr. Specifically those by kurtwxgners, pagemaximoff, and shayara. I’m not a Warren girl but they create such great things with him. Enjoy!)