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Pictures from Dolly Day <3

To make long story short - it was awesome. The staff, the location, the vendors, the visitors, all of them. I’ve meet some awesome people, including some I’ve meet last year at LDoll too :) Vendors were for example MIshis Dolls, Le Belles de Jour Dolls, Lisa Toms Art Dolls, Kawkana, Aileendoll, Dollmore, Darak-i, Another Space, Doll Peddler, Charles Creature Cabinet, Irrealdoll, Atelier Momoni, Merry Doll Round, Bunny Hearts, Magic Mirror and Walloya Morning (I hope I wrote everyone right…) - I also forgot a ton, but I didn’t made pictures of all stands ;(

And yeah Aileendoll came over and made pictures with Eryn <3 There were soooo cute together!


“No two people on earth are alike, and it’s got to be that way in music or it isn’t music.” -Billie Holiday

Many of the greatest women in music history tend to get overlooked when there’s discussion of who’s the best or who’s ‘queen’ or who has the biggest influence. Without some of these performers, your fave probably wouldn’t be here.

Not only were these women pioneers artistically, but huge feminists who defied traditionally male-based genres with grace. And I think that’s pretty cool.

anonymous asked:

could you recommend me some of siouxie songs? i only know happy house and hong kong garden - the first i hate the second i really like

You hated it?! omg! Well, here’s a list of my favourite songs.  

Red Light - Christine - Switch - Paradise Place - Spellbound - Arabian Knights - Halloween - Night Shift - Sin in My Heart - Voodoo Dolly - Cascade - Obsession - She’s a Carnival - Melt! - Painted Bird - Slowdive - Swimming Horses - Candyman - The Sweetest Chill - Cities in Dust - 92° - Trust In Me - This Wheel’s on Fire - You’re Lost Little Girl - The Passenger - Peek-a-Boo - The Killing Jar - Carousel - O Baby - Tearing Apart - Stargazer - Not Forgotten - Sick Child - The Lonely One - Falling Down - Forever - The Rapture - The Double Life - Love Out Me - Love Crime - Interlude - Cry - Kiss Them For Me - Hong Kong Garden - Israel - Face To Face - Into a Swan -  Here Comes That Day - Loveless - If It Doesn’t Kill You - Heaven and Alchemy

That’s it, and I’m pretty sure I forgot some song. Hope you like it. ♥

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