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hi i read you introduced a couple of fics, may I ask what are your fave jeff x annie ff? :)

Those are just a few. Check my community fic rec tag for more!

Edited to add: teruel-a-witch​ commented and suggested more, all of whom I’ve read and enjoyed, so I’m adding them:

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You know I have to do my duty and ask -- XENA/GABRIELLE! :D

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: Oh, Xena does, hands down.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: “I’ll rise, but I refuse to shine!” Xena has her grumpy mornings, but Gabrielle is just not a morning person.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: They both fret over each other SO MUCH. Gabrielle is more likely to fuss at Xena for minor injury or illness than vice versa, but for major things, neither of them is afraid to show how worried they are.
  • who plays pranks on the other: Oh gosh, they both do, but Gabrielle usually starts it. (Xena usually finishes it.)
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: Gabrielle is, but it’s not like Xena even pretends to resist the idea.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: Gabrielle. Big flowery nicknames that Xena finds equal parts embarrassing and really adorable.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: Gabrielle again, bless her heart. Not the most graceful sleeper, Gabrielle.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: I love that this is a ship where there is no doubt an actual canonical response to this question. I only wish I could remember who said it first! I think, pretending this is some AU where I’m having to make this up instead of just forgetting who says it in the canon, Xena does. Gabrielle says all manner of sentimental things to Xena about family and friendship and companionship, but Xena is the first to distill it down to “I love you.” And then they both say it all the time.

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Boy Meets World!

  • Favourite Female: …Topanga? :P
  • Favourite Male: Shawn
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Cory, Eric, Feeny
  • 3 OTPs: Cory/Shawn, Topanga/Cory/Shawn, Eric/Jack
  • Notp: I didn’t/don’t really have any???
  • Funniest character: oh man. earlier seasons I’d have to say like, almost everyone. later seasons, Eric SOMETIMES (they went a little overboard in his dumbness)
  • Prettiest character: …Shawn
  • Most Annoying Character: in a supposed-to-be-annoying way, Minkus! annoying TO ME…….aaaahhh I don’t know D:
  • Most badass character: Harley ;D 
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Cory!
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Angela, probably!!
  • Male Character I’d Marry: as horrible as he might be at it… Shawn. I’m shallow, shut it.
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: not a big fan of Chet, Shawn’s dad!

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Xena/Gabrielle doing the plot of Merlin AU! (I don't know why, just the first thing that came to me ... :D)

Man, weirdly difficult!

  • Xena is, like … Nimueh and Merlin in one person. She’s a warrior priestess of the Isle of the Blessed who has a destiny in Camelot to protect Princess Gabrielle, and has to hide her magic to do it. Not that she actually spends long hiding it, she and Gabrielle work it out pretty quick.
  • Callisto is Morgana. I am completely not sure who is playing the role of Gwen, but Callisto is definitely Morgana.
  • Xena doesn’t make up elaborate ridiculous stories about how various magical things happened, she just solemnly says “I have many skills” whenever anyone goes “How did you do that???”
  • There’s at least one ridiculous episode where Gabrielle’s cousin from a neighboring kingdom, Aphrodite, comes to stay and accidentally doses the whole palace with a love potion (only Xena and Gabrielle don’t act any different because they’re already in love with each other, man, I miss the golden days of ridiculous Merlin love potion fics).
  • Joxer the Mighty, Knight Errant, who is about as useful as Brave Sir Robin.

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I don't know if you are in the mood to write Faking It, BUT, if you are!! Karma/Amy, Strikhedonia.

oh gosh this will fail so hard because lol at me writing things I’ve never even THOUGHT of writing in but!!! for you <3

Strikhedonia - The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”.

It’s a Friday, and probably the worst timing Karma could have gone with. It had taken so long for them to get back to anything remotely resembling their relationship before The Truth Came Out—which is a pun Amy doesn’t seem to appreciate right now. 

But she’s trying to explain and apologize for the aforementioned bad timing and keeping secrets is nothing she ever wants for them again. She remembers, she remembers feeling hurt about the secrets above anything else, and she knows that’s still not exactly fair but—

It had taken them so long to get here again and she hopes she’s not too late. When Amy asks too late for what? Karma starts to begin another ramble, but then decides to just go for it.

To hell with it.

She lurches forward, hands awkward but sure on Amy’s cheeks, and kisses her best friend. It’s exactly like every other time, and five billion times better.

get to know me better meme

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Name: Lauren
Last thing I Googled: how many pounds to a stone
Nickname: LC
Birthday: December 30th
Gender: Lady
Height: 5′3″
Favourite colour: pink
One place that makes me happy: my mom’s house in St. Louis
How many blankets do I sleep under: sheets and duvet
Favourite film: Clue, Labyrinth, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Last book you read: Unmade, by Sarah Rees Brennan
Most used phrase: probably ‘good lord’
First word that comes to mind: lovely
What I last said to a family member: that’s cute
Favourite beverage: tea
Favourite food: sushi, anything banana flavored 
Last film I saw in theaters: Into the Woods (I think)
Dream vacation: Disney World, London, Oxford
Dream wedding: medium sized, springtime, everyone in pastels
Dream pet: cats!
Dream job: published author

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A random assortment of ships!: Francis/Mary, Henry/Catherine, Merlin/Morgana, Xena/Ares, Jaime/Brienne

Francis/Mary: I backed out of this show after the fireflies thing, so I know they’re kind of, in Ross and Rachel terms, on a break, but based on the canon I have seen they are a pretty solid A. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

Henry/Catherine: Probably a B. I don’t ship them with the fire of a thousand suns or anything, but damn did I enjoy the hell out of their banter.

Merlin/Morgana: SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A. In the show we deserved it would have been an A. In practice despite some brief hope during season two and even briefer hope during season four it ended up at a D. Possibly a D-. Weirdly, while I can kind of forgive Morgana trying to kill Merlin a lot I cannot forgive THE DAMN POISON.

Xena/Ares: Like, C for sexual chemistry, F FOR EVERYTHING ELSE. He isn’t even high on my Folks Xena And Gabrielle Might Consider For A Threesome list, despite Old Ares Had A Farm. Poor Ares and his wonderful arms and his wonderful jaw and his truly terrible facial hair and life choices.

Jaime/Brienne: Haven’t seen the most recent season, but I think I’m at a pretty solid B for them? Mostly because of secondhand feelings from you, not gonna lie, I have some reservations about him being redeemed enough to deserve the glory of Brienne, but Brienne seems okay with it so I guess I’ll allow it.

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I got SO OBSESSED with Merlin/Morgana in s3 when it seemed like we were going to get an epic sexy foemance, and — shockingly!!! (cough) — the show just abandoned any relationship depth completely. WHAT A SURPRISE.

I just … couldn’t Morgana have known? Couldn’t they have been epic enemies without the weird old man disguise and with a lot of near-tearful yelling at each other because they aren’t young and innocent anymore? I don’t even need this to have been a happy ship, I just needed it to have more depth than it did!

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THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: When do you think Xena and Gabrielle got together romantic-stylez??

See, I am super conflicted about this question. Fairly often I am Team Let’s Prolong The Pining As Long As Possible, but with Xena and Gabrielle, really, it’s quite clear that it happened well before the end.

So I think I’m going to have to go with them getting together late s2, circa “The Quest” and “A Necessary Evil,” while Xena is busy being dead and they Realize Things. That makes “A Day in the Life” them having domestic realizing-how-married-they-are early-relationship things, and then makes s3 the early rocky parts of their relationship since that’s the only time when they sort of might break up, and then they get it fixed up circa “One Against an Army” (which is the BEST EPISODE) and are blissfully married thereafter.

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Xena/Gabrielle - ☆, ■, ♦

Happy headcanon: Since the last two episodes definitely didn’t happen, my happiest headcanon for these two is that after the show, long after the show, when they decide it’s time to settle down a little, they open up a school for hero training, and it becomes a place people come to from all over the world to learn how to be heroes in their own way.

Living arrangements: On the road, in bed pallets right next to each other, bless them! Or in Xena’s grandparents’ farm, once it’s fixed up a little, or at their school for heroes, but really, always together, in the same room or sharing the same fire, that’s the important part.

Quirks/hobbies headcanon: Because I cannot resist, Xena still embroiders sometimes. Gabrielle’s not great at it, she’s a good seamstress but her decorative things can sometimes get a little lopsided because she gets distracted singing or thinking about the universe. Still, some summer days on the road when the days are long enough they don’t travel for all the daylight, they stop and sew, and leave whatever they’ve made in the next village.

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  1. E/R (Les Mis)
  2. Parker/Hardison/Eliot (Um, hopefully these will be OT3-compatible) (Leverage)
  3. Xena/Gabrielle (Xena Warrior Princess)
  4. Joan/Sherlock (Elementary)
  5. Sam/Steve (Winter Soldier)

And I will taaaaaag … samyazaz, dollsome-does-tumblr, socpuppet, and anyone else who feels like doing it!

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Xena and Gabrielle, sleep headcanon

Gabrielle is a restless sleeper, all sorts of tossing and turning and talking. At first, this drives Xena completely up the wall–she’s used to needing to be aware while she sleeps, and she wakes up all the time worried they’re in danger because Gabrielle can’t keep still.

After a while, though, it starts being comforting, and eventually Xena finds that she can’t sleep without the noise anymore.

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XENA AND GABRIELLE, OF COURSE. :D I am just gonna be that person who always shows up asking for Xena and Gabrielle.

  • who wears the ugly christmas sweaters GABRIELLE
  • who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa They take turns picking the movies, Gabrielle usually makes the cocoa
  • who starts the snowball fight Gabrielle, but Xena finishes it
  • who drags the other under the mistletoe Oh, both, constantly
  • who decorates the house Xena more the outside, extravagantly, Gabrielle more the inside, in a somewhat scattered manner
  • who hangs up the ornaments on the tree Both of them, definitely
  • who cooks christmas dinner Gabrielle, when she can get Xena to stop using her cooking implements for unintended uses!
  • who invites the other to sing a christmas duet Gabrielle, a hundred hundred times Gabrielle
  • if they have any holiday traditions All sorts of them! Mostly at Gabrielle’s insistence, though some of that insisting is her getting Xena’s family traditions out of her and then making sure those happen.
  • who would start a food fight during baking They both get covered with flour on the regular, let’s be real, and again, usually Gabrielle starts it and then cheerfully loses
  • who would get drunk off of eggnog Gabrielle, absolutely

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Francis and Mary, happy headcanon

So here is a modern AU headcanon because I am pretending that plague things are not happening:

Francis has big warm old man sweaters and Mary loves stealing them, to the point where Francis sometimes has trouble finding a sweater when he’s cold. However, it’s totally worth it for Mary wandering around his apartment wearing one of his huge sweaters and not much else, holding a cup of tea. If he maybe invests in a few more sweaters, no one could really blame him.

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Hahahaha, the centaur baby birth is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen on television! Ah, show!

I’m so torn. Because on the one hand, centaurs are awesome. There should be more tv shows featuring centaurs. But on the other hand, fucking ow. And how? And wHYYYY?