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I want to be Mathilda Lando (from Leon: The Professional) for Halloween, but it's cold where I'm from (around 10C), and I was wondering if you had any cold weather suggestions that would work with that costume! Especially pants, because in most of the movie she's wearing shorts.

You could wear the comic print leggings under the black denim shorts cause she wears that and you could wear it with the green jacket here are some options for that… QUILTED SERVICE JACKETTRINITY BOMBER JACKETReclaimed Vintage Flying Bomber JacketPadded Bomber Jacket or Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket  and underneath you could either wear the black crop top or the striped crop top  and pair it with her accessories like the brown ankle boots, cream knit socks, red crochet beanie, brown belt, sunglasses and choker. btw dollskilll has a whole collection inspired by mathilda atm if you didn’t already know and you can check my mathilda tag for more ideas too. <3