I’m done with this whole illuminati frenzy. I don’t care anymore if these musicians worship the devil or not. I’m a Christian and my role here is to love people, not to judge them. Yes their songs may not glorify God, yes they swear and do all sorts of things but then again do we as Christians always act Christian? Plus technology is so advance these days that photoshopping has become as easy as 1,2,3; even a 5yr old can use photoshop, so I think it’s really dumb for us to just pick up what the media or some fanatics put out there and say that it’s true. Anybody can photoshop a video or a picture to make someone look demonically possessed, so why do we chose to see artists through other people’s eyes - especially those that hate them - I just think its unfair on them. Personally I’m not gonna judge artists anymore because they are people too. Id rather sit in my room reading my bible Instead of going on YouTube to search up all those negative things about those people. I may not listen to their songs but that doesn’t mean that I’ll sit there and say bad things about them because at the end of the day, they are humans and God loves them too