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Warning: FLUFF, sexual assault, that’s it i think.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester, Castiel

Summary/Request: Hi, i love your work so much! Could you do an imagine where the reader gets attacked by a drunk guy from a bar and her brothers and Cas come to the rescue. FLUFF, lots of FLUFF please. Thank you, keep writing!

Word Count: 1,209

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

After week of researching, kicking, ass, and many bruises finally the hunt was done. You had to say you were kind of proud of yourself, you fought off nearly an entire pack of werewolves almost without a scratch. So with a hunt all done of course you and your brothers went to a old bar to celebrate. It was all going great, until it didn’t.

You and your brothers walked into the dingy bar feeling accomplished and ready for a few glasses of cold beer. Dean walked in front as always inspecting the place for hot women while you and Sam walked behind looking for an empty table to sit. Finally you found an empty booth at the end of the place and sat down, Dean walked over to the bar to order a few beers and some food leaving you and Sam alone.

“Hey, good job back there. You really did kick their asses.” Complemented Sam as he fist bumped you and smiled.

“What can I say Sammy, I learned from the best.” You smirked back at him.

“Aww thanks Y/N/N”

“I meant Dean” You said back jokingly, smirking at him mischievously.

“You little-“

“Beer!” You yelled raising your arms as if you were a child as Dean approached the table with the drinks.

You all grabbed your drinks and began to talk, talk about the hunt, the future hunts, and everything in between until your glasses of beer were out leaving you all wanting more. Suddenly Dean’s phone began to sound so he answered while you and Sam looked at him curiously.

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It isn’t “weird” that my dolls don’t have names, characters, or backstories assigned to them. That doesn’t make them incomplete. There are a quite a few hobbyists who collect BJDs just for the sake of having cute things, you just don’t hear much from them. And this is fine. It doesn’t affect your own enjoyment of the hobby in any way. That being said, please stop sending me unwarranted suggestions!!


Coffee Shop Soundtrack Part 1

Title : Coffee Shop Soundtrack Part 1

Paring:Steve x Reader

Words :1304

Summary : So this is my second marvel fic and the first time  writing Steve. The fic is about a girl (you) owns a coffee shop and start to like a super soldier. There is a lit bit of Angst but its a happy fic. Pretty sure there will be part 2.

Warnings : Angst, fluffy

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If you ask any child what they want to be when they grow up , you probably going to hear about being a rockstar, a doctor, a celebrity but not me. My grandmother teach me how to cook when i was 10 since the moment i baked my first treat i knew that  was i want to do for living.

12 years later here i was , i own my coffee shop a little place away from the crowds. Honestly i loved this place, i put so many effort for here to be a safe heaven for anyone who wants to forget about life.

The walls are cream, the furniture are all pastel colors excepted the tables that are black, all the tables have daisies and of course the big blackboard with lyrics of the week , this week for example are better love by Foxes “Don’t ask me how But I always thought that we could have a better love”. The costumers leave a suggestion in a box but this week was my choice.

I met my boyfriend Logan in the second year of college, he was nice, polite, but i wasn’t in love with him. Sure i care about him if he was happy or getting enough sleep but my heart never beat faster with him anymore, i never fell nervous around him it was just convenient.

Every Wednesday, he came to the coffee shop. Tall, handsome, with big beautiful blue eyes and a body of a God. He sat on the same table close to a window and ask a expresso as usual never nothing to eat just sit there and draw.

This Wednesday was raining a lot , was only me and the greek God. . Feeling bold i approach him with a banana muffin and a cup of coffee. Usually i would hate be alone with a stranger guy but his presence was calming.

As i place the muffin on his table he said to me “ Miss , i didn’t order anything” with a gentle smile i placed my cup of coffee on the table and sit on the chair in front of him and said “ is on the house , you are there sit alone for 3 hours i thought that maybe you are hungry.”

He smile to me a calm and gentle smile and introduce himself “Well i am Steve , and Thank you so much but didn’t have to, what’s your name doll ?” Honestly i found the nickname kind  of weird but like a say he wasn’t a creepy guy he was nice.

After i told him my name, we started to talk for hours about everything and nothing, he told me how much he hate flavored coffees, how much he liked of binge watch How I Met Your Mother and how much he hated the finale, how he never know  which book buy on the book store.

He asked for a few suggestions of movies and tv series to watch and how could you say pass the opportunity of have more to talk with a amazing guy. When i looked in the clock was almost time of closing but i had to ask.
“Why do you came always on the same time on the same day of the week and sit on the same table?“ I didn’t want make him feel uncomfortable but was odd fortunately he just shrugged and said ” the view of this window is something else, i can see the small garden, the people passing bye, i can draw and nobody can see and the best part i can always see you passing to one way to another, about the day is just usually my day off"

I was surprised by his answer but before i could say anything Logan came by the door to pick me up, the two man were similar in a few aspects and totally different in others .Both are blondes without any facial hair, they are tall but any similarities end in there.

Logan’s eyes aren’t warm or kind, he was always on a suit because of his job and his only hobby was run on Sunday mornings. He didn’t like of watching tv or take a break with nice cup of coffee. He liked everything fancy and complex. Nothing ever could be simple for him because wasn’t worth his time.
He wasn’t always like that, when we were in college we used to dance on the living room, eat junk food watching game of thrones and always talk until we fall asleep.

Steve got up and take me out of my daydream. The way home was silent only the rain on the window of the car and the soft voice of James Bay on the background. I was expecting a fight, a jealousy attack but nothing. Logan started to make dinner while i took a shower. We ate at silence and went to bed without saying anything.

After every week that passed i was more excited to see and talk to Steve even if way  only for a few minutes. He never talked about the day he met  Logan but always telling me funny histories. Like the day he bought a book of vampires warrior by accident, how he started to watch Adventure time as a joke but end up loving . And now he eats at least two muffins every day.
It’s been one month since i started my friendship with Steve and one month since i had sex with Logan, he was always tired. I was taking away from my daydream with him yelling my name.

“What’s the problem?“ I asked not in the mood of start a fight “Do you still love me?” He asked heartbroken when i didn’t answer after a few minutes he spoke again “i am not mad , i love you but we are not the same couple that we used to be, we are 4 years together and we never spoke anything about get married or having kids i just want to know what’s going to happen with us.“

I was surprised to say at least i never thought he was going to approach me this away but i have to tell him the truth ” it’s been awhile since i feel closed to you in any way i care about you but i don’t love you anymore" O course that i started to cry after i said this words that i wish i had told him a long time ago.

After a week my big blackboard was more hopeful since the break up the lyrics now are Fall Out Boy Alone together “Say yeah, let’s be alone together We could stay young forever Scream it from the top of your lungs”. In a long time i was happy , i  see Steve sometimes he come tree times this week one alone and the other two with a beautiful girl with red hair. 

She show up a few days letter and  surprised me “ When you are going to ask my friend on a date ? I am tired of him talk how pretty you are and nice , he is a great guy so dump that other guy and end his misery” I was shocked with her honesty i seen her two times but she was her being brutally honestly “ We end up things a few days ago, i am not ready to start to date again, but i do like Steve”  she smile and said great and leave.