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NieR Automata meets amazarashi “Deserving of Life” MV Trivia + NieR Automata Technology Analysis

Watch the MV + English Lyrics here

The story is a set in NieR world a year after the story of “Deserving of Life Picture Book” created by Yoko Taro, which is bundled with the limited edition of “Deserving of Life” Album. It sets on the year 11944 AD in distant future.  

The MV story is about a “certain incident", in a ruined factory. An integrated management Living Machine robot, is depicted following a programmed command for destroying the dolls left by human beings from the old world.

There are 200 dolls created for the MV. It’s created carefully so all the clothes and accessories can match the NieR Automata world. It’s created under supervision of a famous doll creator, Ryo Yoshida.

All the dolls created only to be crushed, burned, shredded, and exploded. Even though it looks like a high cost music video, Yoko Taro said that it’s a limited budget production. The team works very hard to make it best with those limited budget.

Many gameplay footage shown on the very beginning of the video. It represents the memories of the Living Things. One of them shown a new type of enemy. The Tank Enemy Type.

There’s some signs around the factory walls that about the Warning of the Dolls and “REMEMBER THE 1728″. The warning sign told us that the dolls could infect Living Machine with “ERROR 1728″. We shouldn’t love or have any feeling to them, because the Dolls have no spirits. And those who don’t follow the warning should “Remember the 1728″ which we will talk about it later.

Besides the destroyed Dolls, you can see some destroyed Living Machines among the mountain of junk. And in the end you can see 2B modeled Dolls among the other Dolls. 

Right in the middle of Doll destruction mission, the Living Machine robot suddenly obstructed by some kind of emotion that they shouldn’t have. Probably he starts to feels something after destroying the dolls. Their eyes blinking so much and they seems confused to do any actions. The robot even tries to Stop the doll destructing machine.

But then the system forced to Install a Patch that will fix that emotion feelings. The robot then continue the Doll destruction mission. You see that “AVSYS” besides the Patch installation UI? That’s an acronym of “Audit Vault System”. It’s a kind of data warehouse (database) schemas that manage the audit data collected from the secured targets. Just another technical definition.

My Analysis:

Disclaimer - These following paragraphs are only my analysis and speculation, it’s not a fact nor official.

So we can conclude that Living Machine is probably programmed to emulate a function to feels and having an emotion. But later on, somehow, it’s considered to be a bug. It’s called Error Number 1728.

How do I get that kind of analysis? Well.. besides getting the information from the MV, I also read a bit of futurist theory. One of the those theory tells that that in 2045, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve all of the human problems. And I think that NieR Automata has a similar theme. 

AI will evolves much further so it can resembles human ego. And this theory also believes that, somehow, a thing resembles to human being can be created by overwriting the AI algorithm and such, to be similar to human’s DNA and RNA. Although in human it’s usually called “hearts”, still it’s a part of “mind”.

I already wrote about DNA and its connection to NieR/Drakengard world, you can read it here.


Goo Goo Dolls - Name (1995)

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rule: list 5 or 10 of your favorite kpop boy/girl groups. Put your very first bias of each group and name the mv you first saw the member in.

1) BTS: Jungkook in no more dream

2) Monsta X: Wonho in Trespass

3) Oh my girl: Mimi in Closer (I remember being amazed at Yooa too tho, like this girl looks like a doll in that mv)

4) Super Junior: I remember stanning Eunhae since the beginning but it wasnt because of the mvs so

5) Pentagon: Hui in Gorilla

6) Nu'est: Baekho in face

7) Mamamoo: Hwasa in don’t be happy

8) DBSK: Jaejoong in Mirotic (not sure about this one tho)

9) Exo: Kyungsoo in History ( I unstanned him for a while after that for no reason, thank god I found the light again :’)  )

10) B.A.P: Zelo in Warrior

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