Here are photo comparisons of the dolls in the new box set (pictured on the left) and the individual dolls (pictured on the right).

  1. Box set Cinderella’s dress seems a little less puffy, although in the box it looks fluffed. Her dress seems to have the same embellishments as the individual doll. Her hair looks to be styled a little differently as well. Her face make-up seems to be a little different as well.
  2. Box set Kit is wearing his ball outfit, while the other Kit is in his wedding attire. The face mold appears to be the same.
  3. Box set Lady Tremaine is wearing her ball outfit, whereas the individual doll wears one of her daytime outfits. The face mold appears to be the same.
  4. Both Fairy Godmother dolls appear to be the exact same, although the box set one appears to have a slightly less fluffed dress.

I did not include Anastasia and Drizella since they are completely new dolls :)

I will do more photo comparisons on request!

Anna:”Look, the Disney Store is almost just around the corner!”


Anna:”Yeah, like 70 km…*awkward smile*

Anna:”Please,Kristoff!” There’s even a supermarket just around the corner with an awesome range of the finest carotts. And this time for real, like ehm…25 m!

Kristoff:”Ok, you won Feistypants! Let’s go!

Anna:”Thaaank youuu, Kriiiiistoooooooff!” *kiss*

Impressions from the Disney Store in Palma de Mallorca. Small, but lot’s of variety. Many Kristoff figures and plushies and the whole “Art of Jasmine” collection. I think every Disney Store that sells Kristoff merch is worth mentioning. In Paris they just a mug with Kristoff for example.