I didn’t like seeing all the alien makeup while creating human sims, so I decided to hide them.

This hides the makeup, so that they do not show up in CAS for human sims. They will still show up for alien sims.
As I was not sure what to consider the 3 Doll/Stripe lipsticks that come in the normal lipstick colours, I made an extra file for these.

3 files included, choose the ones you want. Don’t use the GTW ones, if you don’t have GTW.

  • NikSim_AlienLipstickHider_BG (hides the alien-coloured versions of the Basegame lipsticks)
  • NikSim_AlienMakeupHider_GTW (hides the alien makeup that came with GTW)
  • NikSim_DollStripeLipsHider_GTW (hides the redish-coloured DollLips, Stripe and StripeSmudge lipstick)