How wonderful it felt…
How wonderful it felt waking… still… unmoving… blank.

How wonderful to be free from the curses of thought… questions… concern.

How wonderful to feel the delicious natural nectar between it’s legs. To fully sense measured taps of the heart. To blankly eye the rise and fall of snowy breast topped outlining swollen areolas.

It is said as one sense fades… is removed.. the others are hyper enhanced… a form of compensation… adjustment. 

How wonderful it must feel to feel, to be consumed and bathed in a constant loop of pleasure on high. To embrace a higher awareness and arousal of it (self).

Gone… the bus schedules, deadlines, meetings and arguing over search engine optimizing keywords.

Gone… the mundane decision of food stuffs, clothing choices, budget calculations, political correctness, and socialized societal mandates.

Enhanced… your purpose in life, serenity of it (self), the calm elation of a flat- lined mind.

Enhanced… the flow of blood to nether regions, the natural release of serotonin, tactile touch and sensory feedback from every inch… every pore… every input and errogenous point on it’s body.

How wonderful it must feel to quietly wait for Maker to lay next to it, whispering the sweetest cotton candy instructions into the empty… soft… pliable mind.

Told only what is important… Instructed on tasks that only yield pleasure… reward… contentment.

How wonderful it has to feel to know attention is constantly given. To be used for a shared purpose and design. To drop, drip, and delve into the deepest parts of it’s core being.

Obeying… pleasing… feeling… needing not to need for it is made into a living form of need itself.

How truly wonderful this all must be.