dollie stitches


Her name is Pearl-Dolly Darling
(Dolly has her nickname)
And she is a rag doll demon with cloth stitches and other stitches

Dolly owns a bakery which not many people go to. Some come and go but it wasn’t enough. For years she tries to advertise her bakery by going out doing bake sales; Cupcakes, cookies, lemon meringue, key lime pie, you name it.
Baking is her specialty but it’s hard for her and her work to be noticed.

She has a salty manner, has a jersey accent, sucks at romance but gives solid advice.


I dug this project out the other day.  It was almost finished and I had forgotten all about it.  Finished the rest of it in one day–just in time for First Fruits.

My second Persephone inspired piece. I based my design on a mixture of traditional pomegranate cross stitch and neolithic and Mycenaean motifs from Leslie Graham McCallum’s Pattern Motifs: A source book.

Each one of these tiny little pomegranates has 132 cross stitches in it.


Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors

Every night, night after night that she stayed up puttin’ piece after piece into that coat was sown with love. It was like, Dolly, with every stitch that she was mending our family’s broken hearts. Your mama’s heart holds all the love for our family, Dolly. And her heart’s strong… but it can be broken.