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I’ve decided to finally add a miniature furniture & decor line to my etsy, ever since starting on this tiny home journey last year. So this week was focused primarily on plants, and I plan on moving onto furniture and mini pets next week ^_^

You can see my current collection here, and everything is 1:12 inch scale so it can be added to your modern dollhouse, or just displayed on an empty shelf nook like how I do :P


Forest Dollhouse 1\12 scale by Mara

Naga Boyfriend

I got not one but TWO anon requests for a naga story. I am loving your requests guys and I will keep pumping them out.

   When you were young and your home was becoming too hard to live in you would run away, going to the river deep in the woods where you father was too afraid to go. You’d sit on the ban and throw flowers into the stream, sniffling and whimpering as you tried to convince yourself it wasn’t ok to cry now.

   As you tossed the flowers into the water one rose up, cupped in a palm of dark skin. He smiled at you, his eyes gentle as he placed the flower in your hair. You notice sharp fangs in his smile, but you’ve seen a smile more terrifying than his. You saw no danger like you had seen before. He tells you it’s alright to cry, stroking your hair and comforting you. He promises you to always be at the river when you needed him, no matter what.

   You continue to visit the river, always greeted by your new, strange friend. His slitted eyes always peering up out of the river as you run to the bank. He always places a flower in your hair and holds your hands as you tell him why you’ve run away again. You don’t think he is listening to you, but it is nice to have someone to talk to anyway.

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The miniature journey continues!

I wanted to make an entire bedroom scene, but given how I take photos… decided to split it into several different scenes so as to not overwhelm the viewer :)

This scene is focused on a mini clothes rack where you’d hang your clothes and put any used pieces in the laundry basket. Admittedly, the laundry bag turned out a little more festive than anticipated, but I wouldn’t mind owning one irl if I came across something similar.

Everything is handmade (including Grumpy Mcgrumpface) and the framed print is actually up for sale in my etsy. It’s a copy of an original gouache painting I did featuring some Canadiana, and a larger version for real-sized walls should be available fairly shortly as well.


YOU GUYSSSSSS. It’s finally over! I can finally share with you what I have been up to! This is my entry for the 2015 Creatin’ Contest! The Candy shop features many assorted handmade candies, as well as some indulgent sweets like macarons and cakes! Here are a few pictures to share my excitement for this project. I will be sharing more detailed images in the coming days/weeks.

Little life update- I recently finished another semester of school, GOT ENGAGED, then my fiancee graduated from college! Life. Has. Been. Crazy! There will be a video for my YouTube channel where I will talk a bit about this build. There may actually be a few videos because I now have a personal channel (DIY, lifestyle, vlogs) AND my good ole’ miniatures one! My A Bohemian Bazaar channel has long been neglected but I hope to bring it back to life in the coming new year.


Hi guys, just popping in here to show y'all what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. I wrapped up this mini credenza project this past Monday, and while it was a challenge (mini hinges! Staining in -10 degrees! Cutting teeny tiny monstera leaves! etc.), I’m pretty proud of the result.

I was inspired by the midcentury modern aesthetic for this piece, and even broke apart an old compact (some foundation thingamabob from 9 yrs ago 😅) to make the hanging mirror.

The mini hinges are made from jewelry headpins and a San Pellegrino can (please try their blood orange flavour if you haven’t already), and the whole thing took aaaages to come together mainly because I didn’t realize how long staining and varnishing would take. You can see it in its unfinished state in the 2nd photo.

Hope you guys like it, and I may make a few mini potted monstera to sell in the future if anyone wants one. I think it’d be pretty funny to have a monstera plant that’s half the size of your palm…


I made these lil baby mice back in December for a Christmas ornament idea… needless to say, that didn’t work out (wuh wuh wuh) so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them that wouldn’t disturb their sleep :P

Anywhosits, I finally realized that what they really needed were just some comfy beds to call their own, and now they’re also up for adoption in my etsy shop.