Here’s my cutie Lenoire. She’s an Asleep Eidolon Solstice and even though I’ve seen some people with AE dolls around on the internet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else with a Solstice! I feel kind of special being unique in a way but I’d certainly like to see more folks owning this beautiful sculpt.

Oh she is gorgeous.  Whoever did her face-up did a great job.

Surprise Giveaway!

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The winner will be pulled from a “hat” and wins all of the below/in the photo.


1. Larme 09
2. Misc Hair Accessories
3. Misc Keyrings
4. Misc Stationary.

I will probably add more as time goes on!

Now the boring bit, the rules:

1. Closing date is June 1st 2017 8am GMT. Any entries after this won’t count.
2. You can reblog one time only  - I will be checking.
3. Main accounts only - I will be checking.
4. You must be following me!

Any further Qs, inbox me.

And just to show I do actually send the prizes —->

Quick snap of my honey queen Polaire before leaving the house for a dinner with relatives 😋 I’m thinking of doing a series of collectable postcards of my crew at some point. You’re welcome to suggest who you’d like to see next if you know them by name 💌

Prints in the background are also for sale! $5 each, $8 for a set of two. Full images available at Feel free to message if interested!