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Miss Nico got a makeover from the lovely Kai (dollgirls) and I have NO words for just how spot on and perfect she now is. I now have the most stunning 1920s girl ever.

Nico is a SD13 Sunlight Kun from VOLKS
- Faceup: Darjeeling Aesthetics
- Eyes: LUTS
- Wig: LUTS

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dollgirls asked:

whats with all these daddy apologists

no you don’t understand daddy doms are just misunderstood.. ): calling out sexual harassers and skeevy guys is so mean!! protect them!!! protect the sacred cummies!!!!


Nilou arrived back from darjeeling-shop yesterday but I was finally able to take pictures of her gorgeous face this morning. All I gotta say is wow! Her turnaround time is extraordinary. She received the head on Friday and it was finished by Sunday. She is incredibly sweet and an amazing artist. Doing all this work while in school is really hard and I just have so much admiration for her. Thank you so much again and I am already planning out which dolls to send out next ;)


I finally finished Sueding and restringing Gabriel ^^’ It was exhausting… Heres some pictures of his body as requested by dollgirls of darjeeling-shop afew weeks ago (I still can’t tag your main in anything. Sorry).

Sorry for the long wait! I hope these help. Let me know if you need any other specific pics of this body. I have a few more of his posing ability, but he’s very difficult, even now, to get to do anything

Edit: i put his for arms on the wrong side >> oops

dollgirls asked:

i'm so sorry about everything happening to you rn dude ... it's like the same with art theft on this place - "you posted a thing online and now it's everyone's property and we get to disrespect you however we want!! if you don't want it to happen don't do it!!" like do you guys not understand how gross and victim-blaming that kind of mentality is? and how just because you put something up doesn't mean you DESERVE to be treated shittily? ugh ... ;/ there's no stopping em but i do hope they stop

gosh thank you so much, you totally get what I mean and I’m happy most people except the rare anon in my inbox seem to understand this too. victim blaming is ultimate bullshit, and they’re basically saying that anything is up for grabs just because it’s public material - SURE, you can remove the caption and promote your shitty kink blog and totally misrepresent a fashion style as a fetish if you want to. should you do it? absolutely not. but apparently, because I posted it, I should JUST DEAL with gross people objectifying and degrading me and my buddies, because, yanno, IT’S THE INTERNET, KIDS, DON’T BE SO FUSSY AYE?? ;-) jesus christ. thanks so much for your support and understanding I’m so happy all you guys are on the same page as me here u_u

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Name: cads
Nicknames: bean, bunny, goddammit you
Birthday: october 20th
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: it’s easiest to just say homo
Height: 5’3”
Favourite Color: coral pink
Time and Date of current moment: mon dec 8 10:49 pm
Average hours of sleep: 7
Last thing I googled: “yo j discontinued?!?!?!?!”
One place that makes me happy: i am always happiest when i’m at home
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 sheet, 1 duvet, 1 old quilt AT ALL TIMES

dollgirls replied to your post “Nach, did you just, uh, sleep with a Twi’lek guy for information? …”

whoa whoa i need some context here due

All you need to know is

1.) Bounty contracts require information

2.) The Twi'lek contact was looking for a wild night out

3.) Nach (aka me) = too tired to fully understand anything at this point

4.) Flirting is a good idea, yeah?  We’re at a cantina anyways and I might as well attempt to amuse Gault.