dollfacemay asked:

Sometimes I get really happy you exist. You're intelligent and have an interesting personality. I look forward to checking on your blog, the pictures you post and the things you have to say. You're memorable. I really like that about you. I think it'd be neat to spend an hour with you in a bookstore. Hope your day is going well and you're keeping warm. (:

Tysm! Though i dont think only an hour would be enough lol

dollfacemay asked:

hello, I just wanted to say that your blog makes me smile, I'm glad you exist, and I hope you have a good day. c:

this is like the sweetest thing a stranger has ever said to me ❤️ thank you ☺️ I hope you have a good day too

dollfacemay asked:

Whilst having a lengthy scroll on your blog I saw a text post you reblogged that said something like "my aesthetic would be most likely thought to use witchcraft by a small town" and I was like oh hahaha me too haha and then I realized we were probs thinking of the same exact fucking town

We probably were suspected of witchcraft lmao

now i do witchcraft

it’s come full circle