dolled up

Anyhow, we’ll set the rest of that discussion aside for now, since I want to clarify how I differ from some of the others.

I don’t believe in the purely mind-pattern definition of self.

I don’t see uploads, if possible, as being identical people to the originals.  You might be able to Ship-of-Theseus something to cross that causal barrier, but then you have to actually Ship-of-Theseus it to get the appropriate causal entangling.

If I get shot, and you re-instance a brain backup into the blank nervous system of some sort of empty clone doll, I don’t wake up - the clone does.

My suspicion has only grown greater on this with the whole quantum stuff.

…not that having a near-identical clone go on without me isn’t at least somewhat comforting as an idea, but then, so is a nice grave compared to naught at all.

Cheer Up Post #5471 - Abandoned Greenhouses Edition

dreamland-doll would like a post featuring abandoned greenhouses. Enjoy!

More Abandoned Places

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Youtube recommended me Belly Dancing videos after I binged on Figure Skating vids. 

So uh. I jumped down that hole and have spent most of my time doing up some outfits on Kylo hahahah

Things we have seen Cas wear:

  • the Greater Trenchcoat
  • the Lesser Trenchcoat
  • classic dress shirt, slacks, and tie
  • a robe 
  • a hoodie
  • sales associate vest
  • white boxers + nothing else

Things I still need to see Cas wear:

  • the Greater Trenchcoat again 
  • a leather jacket
  • leather pants 
  • skinny jeans
  • a plaid hunter’s shirt
  • one of Dean’s t-shirts
  • a waistcoat 
  • sunglasses
  • soft pajamas
  • eyeliner
  • a fuzzy, oversized sweater
  • literally nothing