dolled up


Painted par Akara

not a perfect face up, but it’ll do. I’m just waiting on Fish’s clothes and wig to ge here. Once the wig is here, I can dye his tail and ears. His gloves and boots are dyed with idye poly (love the stuff).

 He’s a modified pukifee tika. I dremeled off his elf ears (4 ears bug me), but accidentally took too much off…. so had to rebuild part of his face to make me happy. blushed to match and he’s good as new. 


Hello everyone!


These are the pieces for my Sam Winchester dress-up set!! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and I’m really excited to offer them to you guys!! With Burbank Con 2016 looming closer and closer, I realized I needed to work hard and clear my credit card and work on being An Adult and save money — so I’m offering these!! If you’re interested in helping me out, these are magnetic dress-up dolls that are hand-cut individually, piece by piece, with blood, sweat, and love. ♥ 

The pack will come with a fully-stocked 50+ piece magnet set in it’s own labelled bag, as well as a thank you sketch of Sam Winchester on note card paper! 

The entire set is priced for $35.00, shipping and handling included in US, please see UPDATE for overseas shipping!

If you can’t afford this price but there are particular outfits you want and would like to buy just a small selection, e-mail me and we can work something out. 

IF YOU HAVE A COSTUME NOT ON HERE AND YOU WANT IT, for $5.00 per costume or piece I will craft your own unique outfit that you so desire! Just let me know in your e-mail that you are interested in requesting commissioned pieces.

UPDATE: Also, it pains me to say, but it was more costly than I thought to send my magnet packages overseas (out of the US). So as of right now, if you are a non-US citizen, the price for the magnets is set to $45.00 dollars instead of $35.00, to adjust for the $13.00 shipping. :( I am definitely willing to pay some of the shipping out of pocket, but the money I make on supplies and labor drops by… like… ~30% when I pay for international shipping, and that’s a bummer from a business standpoint, ya feel me. 


I am willing to sell them for the normal $35.00 dollars to international buyers

if they would like to cut out their own magnet sets instead of getting them pre-cut! That way you are still getting yours for the same price as US citizens, though you would have a bit of a craft project yourself cutting them out. It would include a cute little bag to place your magnets in and the thank you card (and maybe some stickers if I have them available), so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing the aesthetic! ♥

If you are low income and want to purchase magnets and live in the United States, feel free to speak to me about buying the pre-printed magnet sheets and cutting them out yourself. :) This low-income offer is unfortunately US-only  and will depend on the cost of supplies at the time. The discount won’t be huge due to the cost of magnet supplies (it’s actually about $15.00 for me to make a single magnet set), but $5.00-10.00 off might be doable if you don’t have a lot of money.

I hope that I’ve offered some varying payment options/choices that could help better ensure your magnet fun. I’m sorry if it’s all a bit complicated! I definitely want to offer these to as many of you as possible. Because everyone deserves a little Sam to dress up. Yessir.

(… I think Canada shipping is cheaper, though; if you’re on the same continent, lemme know, it may be a cheaper price. Man, shipping.)

Please contact me at and let me know the following:

a.) your name and address so that I may ship these to you

b.) any additional requests, such as requested extra outfits or etc.

c.) the name you want a thank you written to.

d.) the paypal name that will come up when you purchase!

Once I verify your information, you can send your payment to the same e-mail listed above on Once I receive your payment I will cut out, package, and ship to you! I will ship outside of the U.S. as well, just let me know if there’s any trouble receiving your package. :)


You’re all awesome!!

– Ashlee