Summertime. Fun under the sun? Or death from the heat? Either way, it’s good to imagine all the vacationing my imagination is taking when I think of beaches, mountains, and being back home in Dgt.

#calligraphy #dolldalera #summer #夏天

A quick afternoon break with today’s #attheoffice #ootd. Photo taken by @raymondangat.

A @bayoclothing top with a subtle threaded design. Blue pants from Uniqlo. Polka-dotted slip-ons from Cotton On’s Rubi.


Happy Lunar New Year from the #dolldalera! 新年快乐~

Let the Lunar New Year ring in fortune and happiness to all. May it bring about new opportunities and allow us all to have a second chance to fulfill our wishes for the year.

As the sounds of the gong ring,
And the light of fireworks sing,
May the Year of the Horse
Bring us to the course
Of happiness, joy and fortune.


Just downloaded this app called Sketches. I find it pretty amazing how it recognizes my #handwriting through the smartphone screen. Used my chubby finger, not any stylus pen or other whatnot. Haha. #dolldalera