dollcreep's characters

anonymous asked:

You've mentioned that some of Viv's designs border on theft, could you possibly elaborate on that?

The one on the left is Jamille, Viv’s character who appeared on her portfolio website which was created in 2014. The one on the right is a picture of Error, one of Dollcreep’s characters posted (here) in 2012 and made earlier than that. While there is a debate about who owns the characters Jiji, Akfkinz, Gunter, and some others (a debate which we have both agreed got ridiculous and we do both also agree that Viv was ultimately in the right), Error was not purchased as part of that deal. Viv has drawn fanart of Error in the past as well, and the character Jamille looks extremely suspiciously like her especially considering that she was created after Viv and Dollcreep had their falling out. 

- Beth