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Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)

big name music festivals serve the purpose of making rich people feel like they know anything about culture. you pay hundreds of dollars to wear stupid outfits and be bored and do drugs because you’re bored and hang out with other people who are as rich and tasteless and bored as you are. just tbh

@samwilson wanted prompt 47 and McSpirk: “You’re seriously like a man-child.”


Duty on New Vulcan is a special sort of compassionate leave, one with a no-denial stipulation attached, so no matter how inconvenient it is, when the call comes for Spock, Jim has to let his first officer answer it.  At least it’s only for a couple of months.  As so-called ‘Ambassador Selek’ points out, Spock is a mentor, a much needed wisdom figure and role model for young Vulcans.  He will be training them in survival skills and combat techniques while working to adapt the kahs-wan test to the unique challenges presented by the environment on New Vulcan.

Jim counts the days.  Not only because he misses Spock, but because without Spock, McCoy hasn’t got anyone but Jim to sharpen his wits—and his favorite hypospray—on.

They finally beam down to New Vulcan to retrieve Spock and find him in a clearing, sitting ranged around a campfire with about thirty young children of mixed gender.  

McCoy blinks at the spectacle.  “Pinch me,” he says.  “I’m dreaming.”

Jim doesn’t.  He wipes his face instead; it’s hotter than a two-dollar laser and the outfits the Vulcans are wearing are obviously… logical, if brief.

“This is Captain James T. Kirk of the U. S. S. Enterprise and also its chief surgeon, Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy,” Spock introduces them politely.  “I have heard some among you express the opinion that human adults are less resilient than Vulcan children, but I assure you.  Both these men would survive the kahs-wan without difficulty.  Starfleet officers’ training deals extensively with survival in hostile environments.”

Kirk sincerely hopes they aren’t about to be volunteered for ten days in the desert without food, water, and shelter, but McCoy refuses to rise to the bait, eyeing Spock with an expression that says once the kiddies have gone, there’ll be hell to pay.  Spock’s wearing exactly what the young boys are—a pair of black briefs over low boots with a utility belt and a bandolier over one shoulder.  McCoy seems to be on a countdown to explode like a grenade with the pin pulled out.  

“Forage for food and water to provide hospitality for our guests,” Spock directs the children, correctly guessing that McCoy is likely to explode if he can’t get off a smart-ass remark post haste.  The children disperse quickly.

“Damn, Spock.”  McCoy doesn’t disappoint, approaching him with a mirthful gleam in his eyes.  “Look at you in this Boy Scout getup.  You’re seriously like a man-child.”

“This is the standard for kahs-wan survival gear,” Spock says calmly.  “Instructors wear it to reinforce the sense of community experienced between themselves and their pupils.  In practice, it reduces the likelihood that candidates will smuggle unauthorized equipment into the desert.  ”

“Only one place to smuggle anything wearing an outfit like that.”  McCoy grins, wolfish, and Spock raises a brow at him.  “Not a very childlike place to smuggle things, I’ve got to say.”

“Not in front of the kids, Bones,” Kirk chuckles, but when Leonard snitches a kiss from Spock, he steps up to receive one of his own.  “But if you want to bring that get-up aboard when you’re through, Spock, I guarantee we can find a good use for it.”

“The sooner the better.  What kind of food and water are they gonna bring back?”  McCoy regards Spock suspiciously, glancing across the stony dun and brown of the desert.

“I should have mentioned we’ve got to get back to the ship right away,” Kirk agrees with too much enthusiasm.  

“They will return very shortly.”  Spock gives Kirk such a reproachful glance he sighs and gives in.

After all, he has reason to believe there’ll be quite a delectable feast to enjoy later.

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slides u this (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾ and one whole dollar

Chii has way too much fun making Fankids || Accepting!

NAME: Phoebe [ means bright like papa Robin, and is also the name of a moon goddess. It’s also a type of bird! ]
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: See below. Like Henry, her eyes are always closed.
PERSONALITY: Ended up with Henry’s sense of humour and cheer, but is a bit more reserved and quiet than he is– Likely the result of being the middle child between Corbett and Morgan. Can get a bit broody; Again, probably because she is the middle child. 
FUTURE: Has a bright future in the magical community, to be sure, being born to two incredibly powerful mages. Being the avatar’s child, of course, she’ll likely adapt to anything she takes up easily. I can see her wanting to take up Henry’s research on curses and continue his work to better the lives around her. Class wise… I see her as a sorcerer.
FIRST LOVE: (Shrug emoji?) Probably ends up with a brief crush on one of the other children. Teases Corbett endlessly about Irene, though.

incidentally, i like the idea of corbett’s fell brand being on his back, between his shoulder blades– and morgan’s is on her hand like robin’s!


saturday, june 17, 2017

today’s outfit: orange dollar store crop top, gray unionbay cords, this pin with a sasquatch on it that my friend six gave me

today’s song: “there is a way out” by mike doughty (there is a spirit in the drum machine/there is a skien of string strung around the room/over the weft and the wainscoting/hang your swag in the frozen hall)

                                APPEARANCES hold some idle value, this they know— a lie from a PRETTY FACE carries greater belief, violent words excused —but even they’ve cut a line not to cross. ruined clothes are far easier to forgive when they’re thrift-bought, rather than the DECADENCE she’s adorned in. ‘ y’ know, if you plan on bein’ gross and bloody, maybe y’ shouldn’t have worn such fancy shit. ’

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“When I started I was just a kid and his laptop.”

in which no one ever lets eli forget his mistakes, and i actually bother to describe my characters’ appearances for once in a lifetime wow astounding

Eli was a little surprised that Javier had reached out to him; he was amazed to see the man actually walk through the door of the cafe, as scheduled. He looked the same as ever, in a black suit that had probably come from a department store, but wearing it with the confidence of someone in a thousand-dollar outfit. Eli wondered, briefly, if he had more than one of the same pair of sunglasses, and they all looked the same, or if he only had one pair.  They stayed firmly on Javier’s nose, even though the cafe was brightly lit with both sun and fluorescent light.

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Ok…it’s time for a conversation about American Girl dolls….

Before we really begin let me say…I really like this company (as much as anyone can like me can ‘like’ a money-making power house). 

Why do I like this company? Well American girl doll has been hailed from the beginning as being revolutionary…and the title is well deserved. 

They have dolls of all different ethnicities available for purchase through their ‘historic’ line and ‘look-a-like’ dolls. 

They offer tons of accessories to help children with disabilities and injuries. They sell doll wheel chairs, crutches, seeing-eye dogs, casts, finger splints, etc; You can now even purchase a doll without hair or eye brows for children with hair related disorders or for those going through chemo. 

The dolls each have their own back story, some of the dolls have learning disabilities, come from impoverished house holds, or are dealing with serious life events (like war and slavery). 

What are my criticisms? 

    There aren’t ENOUGH dolls of color. Yes there are some but they are still well in the minority and don’t receive the same attention as the white dolls. 

They are expensive as fuck. The dolls themselves run about 100-120 dollars each and the clothing is usually around 20-35 dollars per outfit. These dolls are really only an option for upper middle class and wealthy families, unless you can find one cheap second hand. Children who may really need a doll like this to find strength in may not be able to afford it. 

NONE of this is my issue though 

My issue is currently with their historic doll line, which they have recently updated to make more ‘trendy’. 

I own Kitredge so we’ll talk about her…

Kit’s story takes place in 1933 and her family is struggling during the depression. 

Recently AG released Kit’s new “chicken keeping” out fit 

I mean sure it’s cute but compare it to the ‘work outfit’ Kit was sold with when I was a kid (over 10 years ago) 

Wayyyy less cute but way cooler (personal opinion) That’s why I always loved Kit…she made the best of her situation…she helped her family through poverty and still had interests and adventures. PLUS she was the only doll with short hair, like me. 

AG has done this transformation to most of Kit’s outfits unfortunately. The colors and patterns are brighter, her accessories are nicer, and the focus is far more on her cute outfits than her story. It’s really terribly disappointing. You can still buy retired outfits but they are much more expensive (due to the rarity). 

American Girl doll get your shit together and stop making history cute, the dolls are cute enough as they are…everything you sell doesn’t have to be pink and frilly and shit. Some of us liked these dolls because they offered different options. 

dark mori boy themed shadowkin//ghostkin for anon!

thanks for the super sweet compliment! I’m glad ya like my blog. :) 

I assumed when you said under 150 dollars you meant per outfit–obviously (unfortunately :( ) you can’t get all this for 150 dollars but I tried my bestest to make it that you could pick a top, bottom, pair of shoes, a piece of outerwear, and probably accessories for that price ^^ Some items (namely the shorts on the right) are really expensive but I put them in anyway just so there was like an idea. Unfortunately polyvore is severely lacking in masculine clothing :P 

Hope you like it regardless! :D


My coordinate yesterday featuring some of the clothes I got on my NYC trip~~! I tried out something a little different and I really like how it turned out! I’m also gonna try and include coordinate breakdowns now~~

☆ Tracksuit: Novalar (Novala Takemoto)
☆ Shoes: Reebok
☆ Rings and Necklace: 6%DOKIDOKI
☆ Socks, Other Accessories : Dollar Store