dollars outfit


Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)

anonymous asked:

No wonder all these sportswear brands want Louis to wear their stuff cause he looks like a million dollars meanwhile the same outfit on everyone else makes them look like chavs just like Eleanor does in that get up 😂

when will louis get his modelling contract is the real question

dark mori boy themed shadowkin//ghostkin for anon!

thanks for the super sweet compliment! I’m glad ya like my blog. :) 

I assumed when you said under 150 dollars you meant per outfit–obviously (unfortunately :( ) you can’t get all this for 150 dollars but I tried my bestest to make it that you could pick a top, bottom, pair of shoes, a piece of outerwear, and probably accessories for that price ^^ Some items (namely the shorts on the right) are really expensive but I put them in anyway just so there was like an idea. Unfortunately polyvore is severely lacking in masculine clothing :P 

Hope you like it regardless! :D

I’m starting to get REALLY WORRIED

that i spent well over 600 dollars on an outfit that won’t be here in time for the Beyonce concert aka the rapture aka my time of death.

I’m having such a moment right now like….I fucked up. A lot of the creepyeha reviews say they waited almost 2 months for their product and the concert is just a bit over a month away. Fuck.



there’s one of two options here, right? either option a) there is some random crew member named some variation of mattmike and they’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on outfits for stuffed animals, arranging security guards and spotlights for said stuffed animals, giving the stuffed animals a cell phone, setting up a twitter account for those stuffed animals, and taking those stuffed animals out on the town with them, also while putting forth a lot of effort in incorporating lgbtqia+ icons into the bears’ ensembles, spreading awareness and visibility for lgbtqia+ for the fandom. but, not only that, but they’ve also gone out of their way multiple times now to associate those stuffed animals with harry and louis. so, they’re going to allllll of that effort to trick people. and if that was case, i’d really suggest for them to get an actual hobby because that’s a bit extra for a joke, and it being a joke is inconsistent with all of the careful effort made to raise lgbtqia+ awareness and support within the fandom. it’s obviously a cause that is close to whoever is responsible for the bears’ heart. and they could have continued to do so without ever associating with harry and louis. or option b) it is harry and louis (with the help of various members of their crew).