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Headcannon that Bruce Wayne goes to fast food places and orders the cheapest thing on the menu then gives the cashier a 100 dollar bill and drives away when they go to get change. (He knows how much those people struggle thanks to Danny)

Oh wow. The employees feel both surprised and happy at this.

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McCree/Reaper's s/o is totally sold on singing to them and it just so happens when they are at a bar and are really drunk, their partner singing 'Bang Bang' by K'naan for a karaoke thing to them (replacing the feminine pronouns with masculine pronouns though!) Thanks!


Totally on board for this, in fact he’d be the one to suggest his s/o get up there and sing karaoke. All the better that they’re singing something like this! He’s actually impressed they can rap that well! Loves it even more that they replace the pronouns, so he just sits there with a front row seat to the karaoke bar and enjoys the show. If he’s drunk enough himself, he might throw some dollar bills on the stage.

“Yeah, that’s my baby girl!” he cheers them on.

He’ll ask for an encore, too, and might even change his ringtone to this song.


How did you even get him to a karaoke bar? Well, he doesn’t want to be there, and as soon as his partner gets drunk and starts crazily singing some dumb song about him on the stage, he wants out immediately. Reaper will probably stop them before they can even start, picking them up off the stage and slinging them over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“That’s enough,” he growls, “Time to go home,”

But that won’t stop his partner from singing “Bang Bang” on the way home, replacing all the pronouns for him. Even though they’re drunk, he still finds the song suiting for their relationship. Didn’t he try to shoot his s/o when they first met, anyways? Reaper gets his s/o home and in bed then adds the song to hims many battle playlists.

in 2014 i found this girl’s blog where she had all these dumbass posts about always sunny being good gay rep and dennis being “queer as a three dollar bill” and everyone thought she was crazy but that’s all of you now so i guess she was ahead of her time
Fire, Fire - Chapter 2 - Homeo (Wherefore_art_thou_Homeo) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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[**NOTE**: Only read this if you have already read the first work in this series, Top of the World. Reading this first would spoil some of the bigger reveals of the first work. Also, this is a totally skippable segment of the TotW series. If the things mentioned in the tags make you uncomfortable, you can 100% skip this story without missing out on anything important to later segments.]

Noya hadn’t realized his shoulders were tense, but they relaxed once he could no longer hear his mother’s footsteps. He kicked his feet gently a few times and uncovered his head. He smiled at the wall. He still had a crumpled-up ten-dollar bill and several ones, along with a small handful of change. He could make that work for a while. It would be fine.

It would all be fine.

Chapter two is here at last my dudes. It’s a bit longer and a lot heavier than I originally planned, but it’s also here earlier than I thought it would be! I hope you enjoy ~

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Lana Del Rey + Unreleased Music Videos.

In order: Mermaid Motel, Kill Kill, Put Me In A Movie, Hundred Dollar Bill, Brite Lites, Diet Mtn. Dew, National Anthem, Kinda Outta Luck, Jump, You Can Be The Boss.

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This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

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