“Education is the movement from darkness to light. Allan Bloom”.
”I think that when we peel back the onion to find the solution at the core of all the various problems that we face in our communities and around the world, there it is: Education. I believe that education can transform us as individuals and as a community, it informs our ability to think outside the box, to think critically and rationally, to communicate and compromise and contribute to our own and others’ well-being.  And, of course, that’s just the obvious stuff. Téa Leoni

I know that maybe these posts are boring for you, but being a student is a cause that I felt very strongly about and I’d like apart from the photos and bullshit, we could help Téa to achieve an important goal. I have already donated more than once, and surely I will do it again next week.
I ask you to dedicate only 5 of your dollars to this causeI’m nobody, I ask you to do it for Téa and for those people who really need this money.

We are 97 donors and the amount is $19,645, I hope we can reach $20,000 together until May 31.
5 dollars are nothing compares to Education. They could be an hamburger or a coffee in less, but I assure you it’s worth it. 
I don’t do it for popularity, I do it anonymously.
I do it just because I wanna help, seriously. So please.. Take a look at this post, and do something important with me. Even if I’m nobody for you. Together we can change lives.
To donate —> here