dollar tshirt

until you’ve shopped in both the womens and mens sections you have no idea how much clothing companies hate women and want them to suffer.

mackle more goes to wales
  • mackle more: hey wales welcome to the show
  • the entirety of wales population: 50 dollars for a tshirt
  • the whales: 50 dollars for a tshirt
  • doctor: ben haggerty because of your multiple stab wounds you will suffer anemia and die. these are your last seconds
  • mackle more: damn

flintings  asked:

ok so im rewatching s1 and the bit where gates says the crew won't be happy with $8 each and ok so i did some maths and thats the equivalent of around $640 USD in today's money, or around 600euro, or £520 like thats not a bad amount assuming they make semi regular hauls like that (and assuming thats at the lower end of their usual haul considering gates' displeasure) like wtf are they complaining about they aint got phone bills to pay they aint got taxes to pay pirates are greedy bastards

im laughing so hard

flint: im gonna give u 5 million spanish dollars


flint: well thats a little unrealistic. this is hard work. 

mackle more goes to the circus
  • mackle more: haha look the clown
  • the whale: 50 dollars for a tshirt
  • mackle more: what the fuck a whale
  • roxy: fuck you quantum this will not stand with me i will fight you and i will seal you in this stone
I think I'm I'm dying.

I honestly haven’t ever been this sick in my life and I had the worst fucking day ever yesterday omg. I had my homie/co-worker drive with me two fucking hours to go pick up my friend and bring him to his car and pick up. We were supposed to get like 100 dollars and a tshirt. But no this guy was on some fuck shit. &a he was acting so fucking weird and I literally think he’s a fucking cop. N idk what was wrong with him or if he’s a cop lmao. My friend only got like a .3 shot and he was weighing out and everyone was just giving me hella anxiety and we were about to go grab some heroin and we didn’t because that’s just my luck haha. I basically missed like every shot of meth I did because my arms are garbage . N me and my friend got into a fight. N it turns out I found that one of my old friends is a fucking informant. N now my other friend went in . And I just can’t keep living like this . My mom hates me, my sister hates me. & I was to strung out to go get my adderall script . But the highlight of the day is when my homie was literally being sketchy as fuck and we had to keep following the dude we picked up in the car he got and Travis is like

But literally there were cops everywhere yesterday watching us at this park all day. &a it was was like 80 degrees out and I was wearing a fucking sweater because my tracks are so fucking bad .
I’m so depressed n Ima blow my brains out if I can’t get high today 😩

as yall know i regrettably adore super junior and eunhae in particular buuuut i’ve finally started watching their swiss adventures in One Fine Day and

a) if i had to travel with a clueless dude who took the credit like eunhyuk i would be popping blood vessels every minute i spent NOT making out with him

b)not sure a lack of making out will be a concern given the extensive game of footsie i just watched

c) donghae’s ENGLISH donghae’s EVERYTHING 

d) why are they acting like broke ass bitches who cant afford biscuits on a train. you two have bought Audis, taco shops, robot fridges, and 600 dollar tshirts please stop with this facade oh lord

mackle more goes to the house of mouse
  • mackle more: hehe a toon
  • micky mouse: this new toon is called
  • mackle more: 50 dollars for a tshirt
  • micky mouse: fuck outta here ben
  • ben 10: damn micky is a hater

anonymous asked:

It most certainly was not 99 cents. The t-shirts I got at Disney literally cost me $50. I'm in crippling debt to these heartless bastards; it's as if the Mouse is slowly crushing my soul with a firm, gloved hand. Why wont anyone stop these people.