dollar t shirt

My kinda love

I want that early Sunday morning kinda love. Where church isn’t the place I worship. I want that pay 80 dollars for a matching t shirt that we never wear kinda love. I want a you’re meeting my parents so trim your beard and your hair kinda love. I want that even though I don’t really care tell me about your friends kinda love. I want that what are you doing? It depends kind of love. I want that crazy let me clone you using your split ends kind of love. I want that call me when you get home kinda love. Knowing damn well that I’ve already used up all my cellular data on my phone kinda love. I want that I’m not hungry but I’ll steal some of your chilli cheese fries kinda love. I want that if I share my food with you and I don’t cry you know it’s real kinda love. I want that tell my friends about you so they tease me kinda love. I want that you just texting me pleases me kinda love. I want a cliche kinda love. I want that you have flaws but I’ll accept them anyway kinda love. I want that I don’t believe in anything but you still make me pray kinda love. I want a silent I don’t have anything else I need to say kinda love. I want a pacing back and forth while you’re typing your message kinda love vowing that I’ll never exercise. Then I do it again as I exercise my freedom of speech as you make it so hard to do as you leave me speechless kinda love except for some mild extremities as if you were holding me down like I’m holding you down as my blood rushes to some of my extremities namely my hand that’s in yours and I just grip tightly as if I was applying pressure to a perfuse wound. That’s my kinda love. I want that correct me to show that we both have power kinda love. I want that don’t say my. Say our kinda love.

Me: finds a 30 dollar t-shirt that reminds me of you on Amazon, says I happened to find it at goodwill when I give it to you so I seem thoughtful and caring but not too caring that I would go out of my way

You: finds a 3 dollar t-shirt at goodwill, says you specially ordered it off Amazon when you give it to me so you seem thoughtful and caring
Liam Payne looks cheerful and well-rested during One Direction hiatus
The musician, one quarter of the world's biggest pop band One Direction, beamed as he stopped by HQ for his record label Sony in Kensington, London on Friday afternoon.

A little break appears to be doing Liam Payne a world of good.

The musician, one quarter of the world’s biggest pop band One Direction, beamed as he stopped by his record label Sony’s headquarters in London on Friday afternoon, despite being on hiatus from the group.

Following another big win for the four-piece at the BRIT Awards 2016 this week, the 22-year-old was in high spirits and looked particularly well-rested as he continued to enjoy his time off.

Liam cut a casual figure in dark jeans and an on-trend bomber jacket, which he paired with a grey T-shirt.

The ruggedly handsome boyband star had something of a glow about him, his happy and laidback disposition showing through.  

The singer was accompanied by Funky Buddha nightclub owner and friend Paul Chung, that afternoon, who was characteristically cool with a dollar sign on his T-shirt.

With his bandmate Niall Horan off travelling the world and Harry Styles keeping a low profile, Liam has been keeping greatest contact with new dad Louis Tomlinson.

The duo hit the BRIT Awards together on Wednesday night and representing their four-piece band by accepting the fan-voted Best Video accolade for Drag Me Down.

Ahead of the ceremony, Liam made sure he stayed in the hearts of his admirers as he shared an incredibly sexy selfie on Instagram.

The boyband hunk showed off his sensational six pack - the result of his pre-party workout session - as he geared up for one of the biggest night in the showbiz calendar.  

Liam opted for a black and white filter on the shot which helped exhibit every contour on his incredibly taut stomach.

A smattering of chest hair gave his look a grisly, rugged look - no doubt set to send his ‘Directioner’ fans into a frenzy.

The handsome star, who is on an indefinite hiatus with One Direction, added the caption: 'Workout done off to party!!! #britawards2016’

It was said to have been a disappointing outcome that Niall and Harry would not attend with the duo on Wednesday night.

A source told The Sun newspaper earlier this week: 'This could have been one last hurrah for the boys at what could be their last BRIT Awards as a band.

'But Harry has shown no interest in attending and Niall is away on his holidays in Thailand. Louis and Liam want to be there as a thank you for all the fans voting for them in the Best Video category - which is the big audience vote of the night.

'The band still have a massive fanbase and they should clean up in the public vote so they’re hoping it won’t be a wasted trip.’

  • skips: mordecai, rigby, the problem is you've based your entire life model around a false narrative of how you "should" be, specifically as "men", for whatever that means, primarily fed to you by other people you barely remember combined with norms repeated your entire lives in all the media you consume
  • rigby: skips we already figured that out yesterday and cried about it for like 3 hours
  • mordecai: yeah, dude
  • rigby: now will you PLEASE just give us a ride to the mall, mordecai wants to buy some 5 dollar monster energy t-shirts and a plush dog to cuddle
  • mordecai: yeah, dude

I literally saw a post on here where someone was talking about how they couldn’t believe a woman was spending money on superfluous clothes and hair styling while her children were starving and someone literally commented “did you just criticize a poor person for buying clothes and a haircut” listen… if you are really that poor… you do not need to be buying those things. the $80 you spent on a tshirt and a haircut could have been used to feed your family. If you need a haircut that badly you can do it yourself or there’s places that will cut your hair for like 10 bucks. if you need clothes that badly you can go to a thrift store. You do not “need” a 25 dollar t-shirt.

and I’m not speaking from a place of “rich privilege”. I’m speaking as a poor person who has done these things to get by.


1. Find 5 dollar thrift shop t shirt
2. Acquire cheese grater
3. Go crazy on shitty old t shirt
4. Wear torn up t shirt
5. Accept compliments on your now $300 looking t shirt