dollar sign necklace

Okay my theory here is that tonight RBB and Sugar Bear are illustrating how Louis and Harry’s public images are being manipulated by management.

Let’s start with the obvious- both bears are paired with objects that are closely associated with each boy. RBB is standing behind a banana, and we all know how much Harry loves bananas (if you don’t, you just haven’t been in the fandom long enough. Go look it up). RBB is Harry. Then we have Sugar Bear on a skateboard, and we’ve seen and gotten pictures of Louis skateboarding on several occasions (again, look it up). It’s kind of his thing. Sugar Bear is Louis.

Other reasons RBB is Harry– We all know recently that management has been separating Harry from Niall, Liam, and Louis. We barely get any ot4 interaction anymore, and onstage Harry practically acts like they don’t exist. This is because for some reason, management is pushing the idea of solo Harry very hard right now. They are trying to plant that seed in people’s minds by stifling his interactions with the other boys and setting him apart, and in case you haven’t been following the media lately, it’s been working. So what does this have to do with RBB? Well RBB is basically dressed like a diva–blinged out glasses, fur coat, rockstar necklace, and how about the pink hand with one finger sticking up? ONE finger as in one star as in solo Harry. Then let’s talk about the huge dollar sign necklace and dollar bills hanging from his clothes. Clearly management has very lucrative plans for Harry down the road and they’re starting to build up to it by controlling his interactions with the rest of the band and having him stand out as the member with the most solo potential.

Next Sugar Bear’s representation of Louis’ image shift is just super obvious. I mean the baby bottle?? Yes, this is in reference to management using babygate to up Louis’ public profile and get his name in the media. And that’s basically it. The end. I honestly don’t know whether the thing next to him is a horse or a donkey, but I’m guessing it’s a horse. There’s a number of things this could mean– The baby stunt is “horse shit” which is a common term for expressing disbelief or the improbability of something being true; Horseshoes are supposed to symbolize good luck, so perhaps babygate has been rough but Louis’ luck is about to change; Wild horses symbolize freedom, so maybe Louis is about to be free from all of this drama soon (I hope). I really don’t know but those are a few guesses that might make sense. 

If the above theories are correct then the faces on Sugar Bears shoes make sense. The blue face, which is Louis, is smiling because babygate is perhaps coming to an end very soon (finally!!). And the red face (usually green) represents Harry, who’s upset that management is pushing the idea that he’s not committed to the band when he really is. Especially in light of all the break up rumors. 

In summary, I can’t believe I wrote a post this long about two stuffed animals, but the boys are just trying to tell us a bit about how they are being controlled and what they are feeling about it.


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