dollar nails

Decided for this new year’s eve I’d wish myself some good fortune with these money nails. I just printed out images of cash and soaked it in rubbing alcohol. I watched a bunch of videos on how to transfer the image to my nail using that method, but none of them worked for me! Anyone have a similar experience or a way they solved the issue? Maybe I’ll figure it out in the new year!

I love you too Joker x Reader

A/N: Part 2 to Thorn in my side

Y/N walked into the bank they were currently robbing with J. As his henchmen started yelling at the people and pushing them down, she glared but did not say anything. Only Frosty listened to her, the others didn’t unless she got really upset. She mouthed a ‘sorry’ to the people and went to stand beside J. After her ‘torture session’ she felt like a different person. Of course she let the guy go afterwards and thanked him for helping her impress J. He went home with ten thousand dollars, short nails, and bruised ankles (She actually did use the scooter a couple times, only when J was looking though). That night she told J she thought she was ready for their ‘chemical wedding’ but he apparently changed his mind.

“You know, pumpkin. I don’t think you need to do that yet.” She sighed and nodded.

“You’re right. You see how mean I was today? Imagine what I’ll be like after that. We would have to have another batman to handle me.” He laughed and pulled her in for a hug.

“We would, doll. This city would be in ruins by the end of the week, bruised ankles and clipped nails for everyone!” She nodded and smiled, completely oblivious to the fact he was making fun of her. He started bringing her on heists, and less people died in robberies. She never killed anyone, of course. That night they went to one of his clubs to celebrate her telling a hostage to ‘shut up’. He told her he’s never been more proud. She starts feeling dizzy so J tells a henchman to go outside with her to get her some fresh air. As soon as they are outside, the henchman falls to the ground, a bullet wound in his chest. Before she can do anything a bag comes over her head, cutting off her air supply. Already dizzy from earlier, it doesn’t take long for her to pass out.


She wakes up from a slap to the face. As she tries to move her hands, she notices they are tied to a chair. When she blinks a couple times to clear her vision, four men stand over her. One is the business associate she apologized to because J wouldn’t shake his hand. And to think I told Frost to be nicer to you.

“She’s the one. Call J and tell him if he doesn’t accept the deal and give us the money, his bitch dies.” Rude. “Until then, let’s have some fun.” Another slap. This one busts her lip.

“Huh. That was fun! Can you do it again?” They all blink, surprised she’s not crying with how sensitive she is. She hides her smile, happy she’s being so strong. Mr. J is gonna be so proud of her! This time, a punch hits her directly in the jaw, causing her to taste blood in her mouth. Keep the tears back.

“Might want to keep that mouth shut, little girl. All the chit chat’s gonna get you hurt.” They mock J’s voice, making her scowl. Another punch. Her head whips to the side and she spits blood out of her mouth.

“Are you studying chiropractic? I have to tell you, I don’t think it’s working.” A grin breaks out on her face, showing bloody teeth. He lifts his hand to hit her again, before she starts yelling.

“Batsy! Batsy!” They look around, confused. The head guy looks back at her.

“What are you talking about?” She lets out a giggle.

“Oh that’s just my safeword.”

“I’m surprised J hasn’t put you in a coma. He should have kept that Harley girl and got rid of this one.” Y/N’s grin immediately disappears. The two things she hates, people thinking J abuses her and comparing her to his ex. Not wanting to show they hurt her, she puts on a fake smile and looks up at him.

“Can I get a lap dance?” Before he can punch her, an explosion comes from the hallway. This time her smile is real. J appears at the doorway, looking extremely pissed off. She lifts her hand as much as she can and gives a little wave. Her lip is split and she has bruises on her cheek and jaw. He shoots everyone but the leader, but then he points his gun at him.

“J! No, put the gun down.” He gives her an irritated look.

“Baby, let Daddy handle business.”

“No, J. Put the gun down.” He growls and does it anyway.He’d prefer to make his death slow. When his henchmen untie her, she picks up the gun and shoots the man herself. He raises his brow, shock turning to worry as he wonders what they did to piss her off that much. When he goes to put his arm around her, she throws up. And there’s my girl. He holds her hair and rubs her back. As she comes up, her eyes are tearful and her voice is shaky.

“You should have seen me, Mr. J. I was so strong. I kept a smile on through the whole thing! I know how much you love smiling, so I thought it would make you happy-” A sob cut off her ramblings. When she looked at J, he wasn’t smiling or frowning. His brow was furrowed, showing concern instead of pride. He spread his arms and she went rushing into them. As she cried, he petted her hair. 

That night, all she did was cry. J got tired of it pretty quickly so he left her alone so he wouldn’t make it worse. He decided to try and cheer her up by decorating a room so they can have a date night. He made her favorite food, burnt of course, and brought grape soda. After deciding the room was perfect, he went into their room where he left her to cry. When he walks in she’s still there, hugging her pillow. Walking over to her, he wraps his arms around her and rubs her shoulders.

“I got a surprise for you, baby.” She just shakes her head.

“J, I’m not in the mood right now.” He starts purring, knowing she can’t resist anything when he does that. She doesn’t respond, so he puts his mouth against her ear and does it again.

“Go ‘way, J.” He doesn’t, only presses his head against hers even harder, pushing her face into the pillow.  Continuing to purr, he moves his body so he’s directly in front of her. Baring his teeth, he lunged at her face and pretended to bite her, snarling and snapping his teeth at her neck. That caused her to giggle and she shoved at his chest.

“Stop! Stop! Fine, I’ll go with you. It better not be you trying to throw me into some chemicals again.” He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the room. She gasps as she takes in the sight. There were candles all around the room and roses surrounded a bear skinned rug and burnt food. He used blood to write ‘ I love you’ on the wall. Soon she was crying for the hundredth time that night. She had never heard him say it, but he usually showed it. Not this blatantly though.

“Careful. I don’t need to bite you again, do I?” He emphasised his threat by purring in her ear and rested his hands on her hips.

“I love you too.”