dollar mountain

Movies with queer major characters


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But, I’m a Cheerleader

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The Handmaiden

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Sand Dollars

A Bizarre Love Triangle

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A Frozen Flower

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Tokyo Godfathers

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Two Weddings and a Funeral

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White Night

Blue is the Warmest Color

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Night Flight

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Antique Bakery

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Hello My Love

The Beauty Inside

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Brokeback Mountain

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What's the "million dollar bunny" situation? I know about the yeti. - Mod Rat


I didn’t know about this until I googled it earlier today. It’s the Brer Rabbit animatronic in splash mountain that jumps forwards in a loop along a short path.

This is the “Million Dollar Bunny” working:

He’s called the Million Dollar Bunny because it’s rumoured that he cost $1M to make and apparently the effect doesn’t work much.

my girlfriend doesn’t let me drink store brand sodas anymore because one time she left for a couple of weeks and while she was gone i basically didn’t leave our room for three days and in that time all i drank was 2.5 liters of dollar general brand “mountain thunder”

Reverse Pining AU: The SQUIP Enters

“I can’t believe I bought this thing for four hundred dollars.” Jeremy said looking over the tiny gray pill he and Christine just bought.
“Four hundred and one dollars, don’t forget the mountain dew.”
“If it works, this thing will change my life…we should split it.”
“I don’t think that’s how it works, besides when your cool you’ll owe me.”
“Okay here goes nothing.” Jeremy hesitated before putting the pill on his tongue and swallowing it with a drink of Mountain Dew.
“So, how do you feel?”
“Like a chump that just spent four hundred and one dollars on a mint tic tac…” Jeremy groaned into his arms.
“Maybe it just had a slow reaction time?”
“…that was all of my Bar Mitzvah money, gone…”
“Yeah…not cool.”
“Leave me to mourn with my Chile fries.”
“Five minutes.”
“Where are you going?”
“There’s a girl at Spencer’s that’s been hooking me up with these retro soft drinks. Today they just got in some Crystal Pepsi!”
“Wasn’t that discontinued in the nineties?”
“That’s why it’s so awesome!” Like that Christine disappeared leaving Jeremy to mope when he saw Jake and Michael walk by talking.
‘Now or never.’ Jeremy took what little courage he had and headed over to them.
“Jeremy, where’d you come from?”
“Yeah, didn’t see you man,” Jake chimed in with a slightly annoyed voice. Jeremy was nervous when he noticed Michael holding some Crystal Pepsi.
“H…hey, you like Crystal Pepsi? My friend Christine just went to get some over at Spencer’s.”
“That’s cool,” Jake turned back to Michael and continued their conversation trying to steer him away from Jeremy.
“Wait! Uh…there’s something I need to tell you!”
“I…I erm…” Suddenly pain hit Jeremy upside the head,“Ow!”
‘Target Male; Inaccessible. Beginning calibration program.’ Jeremy’s body spasmed as Michael and Jake watched in confusion at what was going on. Until he just stopped. By then the two were already gone and when Jeremy looked up there stood a guy that looked like Keanu Reeves.
‘Welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor, your SQUIP.’
“Holy shit!”

The signs as Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: Radio

Taurus: Million Dollar Man

Gemini: Diet Mountain Dew

Cancer: Summertime Sadness

Leo: Lolita

Virgo: Video Games

Libra: National Anthem

Scorpio: Born to Die

Sagittarius: Off to the Races

Capricorn: Dark Paradise

Aquarius: Carmen

Pisces: Without You

I mean I hate coal as much as the next environmentalist but
A lot of our coal comes from the Appalachia region of the US, and areas around it, and my understanding is that some of the poorest people in our country hold those mining job so

You know, divest from coal, but you better be thinking of alternatives for the people who are In those jobs. It’s not fair to force someone out of work for any agenda, good or bad.
It shouldn’t be “yay! The coal industry is collapsing, screw you guys” it should be “hey we don’t think this is working, we don’t want to fund this, invest in this instead”. Those people need to have access to other work.

The Signs As Lana Del Rey Songs (Born To Die Album)

Aries :Off To The Races
Taurus :Million Dollar Man
Gemini :Diet Mountain Dew
Cancer :Summertime Sadness
Leo :Without You
Virgo :This Is What makes Us Girls
Libra :Lucky Ones
Scorpio :Born To Die
Sagittarius :Radio
Capricorn :National Anthem
Aquarius :Video Games
Pisces :Dark Paradise