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Lana Del Rey + Unreleased Music Videos.

In order: Mermaid Motel, Kill Kill, Put Me In A Movie, Hundred Dollar Bill, Brite Lites, Diet Mtn. Dew, National Anthem, Kinda Outta Luck, Jump, You Can Be The Boss.

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Is it true Republicans are wanting to reopen Yucca Mountain? I hope not. Nancy (Henderson)

Nancy from Henderson, Nevada! Hello. Thanks so much for your question.

Yes, unfortunately, this is the reality we’re dealing with in this new administration. President Trump released a budget last week that outlined a $120 million proposal to restart the licensing process for creating a nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain. I have said this before, but I will say it again: this attempt to revive Yucca is naïve and would be a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars! Yucca Mountain is nothing more than a hole in the ground that we all know is not a viable solution for dealing with nuclear waste. Nevadans won’t stand idly by while President Trump irresponsibly forces our backyards to become the country’s dumping site for nuclear waste.

Earlier this year, I worked with Senator Dean Heller and the Nevada Congressional delegation to introduce legislation to keep Yucca from being resurrected. The bill would require a binding agreement between the federal government and the Governor, local government, and tribes before a state receives nuclear waste so Nevadans won’t be forced to receive another state’s waste against our will. I’ll continue to work with Governor Sandoval and my colleagues in good faith – and on both sides of the aisle – to fight against this and any other attempt to reverse this reckless project. I can promise you that.

The signs as Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: Radio

Taurus: Million Dollar Man

Gemini: Diet Mountain Dew

Cancer: Summertime Sadness

Leo: Lolita

Virgo: Video Games

Libra: National Anthem

Scorpio: Born to Die

Sagittarius: Off to the Races

Capricorn: Dark Paradise

Aquarius: Carmen

Pisces: Without You

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Is This The Ending? Three Thousand Dollars, A Mountain Lion, and No Clue Where Our Pants Are

Wolfstagstar The Hangover AU 

James: Wow !! I took a hundred dollars and made three thousand!! I must be a financial wizard!! 

James, two nights ago: drunkenly pressing up against the male craps table dealer: so gimme the goods big boy

I mean I hate coal as much as the next environmentalist but
A lot of our coal comes from the Appalachia region of the US, and areas around it, and my understanding is that some of the poorest people in our country hold those mining job so

You know, divest from coal, but you better be thinking of alternatives for the people who are In those jobs. It’s not fair to force someone out of work for any agenda, good or bad.
It shouldn’t be “yay! The coal industry is collapsing, screw you guys” it should be “hey we don’t think this is working, we don’t want to fund this, invest in this instead”. Those people need to have access to other work.

The Signs As Lana Del Rey Songs (Born To Die Album)

Aries :Off To The Races
Taurus :Million Dollar Man
Gemini :Diet Mountain Dew
Cancer :Summertime Sadness
Leo :Without You
Virgo :This Is What makes Us Girls
Libra :Lucky Ones
Scorpio :Born To Die
Sagittarius :Radio
Capricorn :National Anthem
Aquarius :Video Games
Pisces :Dark Paradise


A collection of some of the BEST new roller coasters of 2013! (not in any order) Outlaw Run, Full Throttle, Gold Striker, Karacho, Abyss, White Lightning, Flying Turns, Fjord Flying Dragon, Iron Rattler, Smiler.