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Mangas I discovered this week (29 June - 5 July 2015)

• Rabukome no Baka (from Sakurai Shushushu)

-> shoujo, romance, comedy, drama, slice of life

-> Sakura Suzu is a rookie shoujo mangaka who doesn’t seem to meet success. One day, her editor who has worked with her since her debut is transferred. The new editor in charge is a handsome guy who used to work in the seinen departement. It’s love at first sight for Sakura but he doesn’t think the same… (from Manga-Updates)

• Donten ni Sirius (from Nakashima Vega)

-> shoujo,romance, school life

-> Due to the nature of her father’s job, Hinoka has transferred schools several times. When her friends from her first school ceased contact after her transfer, Hinoka resolved never to become close to anyone again. Now in her seventh transfer school, she joins the idle astronomy club, thinking she could continue living her life alone. But what happens when she meets a boy who shines like the brightest star, Sirius, on a cloudy day ? (from Manga-Updates)

• Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii (from Harada Yui)

-> shoujo, romance

-> Asuza Akimoto is in love with the student body president Ousuke Kobayashi, but she would never dream of confessing to him. Then, one day, she discovers that he has moved into the house next door to live with his uncle, a novelist. When she is offered a part-time position helping them with housework, she takes the opportunity to get closer. However, not everything will be easy when living next to two handsome young men ! (from Manga-Updates)

• Onaji Sora wo Miteiru (from Touda Yoshimi)

-> shoujo, oneshot, romance, drama, school life

-> Rin is always sending messages with her phone and doesn’t speak to anyone. Even though she’s like that, Taka got interested in her and keeps on following her. But why doesn’t she want to look at him…? And who is this mysterious person with whom she always exchanges messages with…? (from Manga-Updates)

• Hatsu Koi, Yoru ni Tokeru (from Mitsuki Miko)

-> shoujo, oneshot, romance, school life, tragedy

-> Rin and Hiro are childhood friends. The truth about Hiro’s love that he can’t confess is…? (from Manga-Updates)

• Million Dollar Man (oneshot from Kuroda Noa)

-> shoujo, romance, comedy, school life

-> My Childhood friend is a pheromone boy. (from Manga-Updates)