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The signs as Seventeen quotes

Libra: my life is hamburger

Taurus: kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege

Gemini: I’m the best quality

Sagittarius: Are you kimbap kidding?!

Cancer: I love guys


Leo: my heart is mayonnaise

Capricorn: 17,18,19 TWOTEEN

Virgo: I’m a bright child!

Aquarius: drink water!

Pisces: the chicken will heal us

Aries: Well I only lived in America till I was five so

Lull Before the Storm (1944) - the English Lion and the American eagle crouch side by side on the cliffs of Dover, preparing for D-Day.

Selfless Love - part 5

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 790

Warnings: Language 

A/N: Patience…

Selfless Love - Masterpage

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As the weeks rolled by, you caught a glimpse of the man Bucky used to be and you loved it. He was charming, witty, generous and even a little cocky.

When he visited his sister, she lived in a nursing home in Brooklyn, she gave him a box filled with all sorts of trinkets and pictures. Steve stood next to him, offering moral support. That evening, you and Bucky were sitting on the floor at the foot of his bed, looking at the pictures.

You marvelled at how happy and carefree he looked. Even dressed in well-worn, everyday clothes, he still looked incredibly dashing.

“Where was this picture taken?” you asked, turning the photograph toward him.

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Stargazing and Stupidity - Wolverine x Reader (kinda NSFW)

#9 :”I found this photo of you in an old jacket, and it reminds me of what I lost, and I came back here to find it”

It has been SO LONG since I wrote for Logan. So, here, a fic for good ol’ Logan, about him realizing he was a total ass. ALSO, it’s a very long story, so sorry about that and if you’re not into reading such fucking long things…I can’t seem to write anything short -__-. Hope you’ll like it :

Warning because kinda NSFW, also language

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-I’ll be twenty dollars please sir. 

Logan nods at the cashier and dives his hand in his pocket to look for a dollar bill. He finds it, but he also finds something else that he takes out with the money without really thinking about it. Automatically. 

He doesn’t pay any attention to it at first, and just hands the bill to the cashier, before taking the packs of beer he just bought, and exits the small convenience store with heavy steps. 

It’s only when he’s outside and in front of his bike, putting the beers in his duffle bag, that he looks at what he caught with the dollar bill. 

His heart drops. 

And memories come flooding. Overwhelming him a bit. 

But of course, he hasn’t worn this jacket since he left. He completely forgot about what was in its pockets besides the money he shoved in when he grabbed it to go buy some alcohol…

He stares at the object for way too long. 

He knows he shouldn’t do this to himself. Nostalgia washes over him. Sadness and guilt makes his heart beat faster. And for the million times since he ran away from the the Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, he wonders : why ? 

Why did he leave ? Without a word at that ? Why couldn’t he face his feelings ? Why, despite knowing that it always hurt him and those around him, did he keep pushing the one he loves away, and leave them behind ? …

He doesn’t have an answer. 

He doesn’t even understand himself. 

Does he do it to save them from the death, pain and misery that comes with being acquainted with him ? Or does he do it so that he doesn’t get hurt ? 

He can’t answer his own questions…And the more he stares at what he found in his pocket, the less he knows and understands. 

It’s a picture of you. A picture he took because he wanted to remember how you were that day. Or rather, that night. One of the best night he ever had. 

On the picture he grips tightly between his fingers, almost crumpling it, you’re sitting on a rock, smiling at him. You’re sitting on a rock and behind you, a huge cliff. You’re somewhere in the Canadian rockies, high up. Surrounded by bright stars, the full moon shining high up in the sky. Wrapped in his comfy leather jacket. 

It’s an amazing picture. A perfect one. 

Because you’re on it and look so damn happy. Because you’re smile is the best thing he ever seen. Because the sky behind you is magical, the stars and Moon more beautiful than ever, but not as gorgeous as you. 

And because he loves you. 

…Because he loves you. Because he fucking loves you. 

With a growl, he makes a move to throw the picture away but…He cannot do it. 

Shoving it back in his pockets with another throaty growl, he shakes his head. 

No matter how hard he tries, he cannot forget, he cannot put behind him how perfect that night was. How perfect you were…He remembers everything with great details. 

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On Anger at the Healthcare Machine.

I follow our INR patients on coumadin on a weekly to monthly basis. There was one patient, Randy, who was never quite compliant, but was always cheerful and friendly. 

Randy liked his drinks, and would joke when his INR was too high or too low that it “must be the whiskey”. Randy was on warfarin because of a heart valve replacement about 10 years ago. In the beginning, I always chastised him - nicely - to not drink and to do better to have his INR taken when I told him to take it. But overall, he was not a difficult patient and I always looked forward to getting to talk with him.

On one of our monthly calls, he had a congested cough, and I heard his wife gasp in the background. He was saying, “No, no, don’t tell them.” and his wife took over. 

“Randy is coughing up blood off and on for weeks now! And he won’t tell the doctor because he doesn’t want to have to take time off work.” 

Rightfully concerned, we made an appointment to see him in the office that week. The doctor ordered an urgent CT scan, only to have it denied by Randy’s insurance. 

Really?! You’re going to deny a CT scan of a man with a mechanical heart valve who’s coughing up blood? Insurance drives me mad. 

After two weeks of appeals and peer-to-peer calls, the insurance finally let us move forward, and he got his CT. I came in the next morning to a flurry of messages in my EMR - radiology apparently hadn’t been able to get ahold of the physician, but there was a problem with the valve and the troubling signs of the beginning of an aortic dissection. The back up doctor called the patient at 5am and urged him and his wife into the ER. 

I checked the chart and saw, thankfully, Randy had followed advice and gone to the ED. Reading through the ED notes, it looked like there were no beds available in the hospital, so he was being held in the ED to await workup with the heart team. I felt anxious and checked his chart every couple hours for updates, along with our physician who called the ED docs for report a couple times that day. We both lamented that it was terrible he had to sit in the ED because of a lack of ICU beds - he should be in surgery already! My doc decided to ask them to transfer to another hospital, but got roadblocked at every turn.

And then…at 3pm that day, I went to check his chart again, and received the notification - “You are entering the chart of a deceased patient. Would you like to proceed?”. I instantly clicked “no” - I must have clicked the wrong Randy!

Typing in the info again, I again got the warning, and my heart sank. 

Randy’s pressure had been climbing, and despite repeated administrations of IV beta blockers, they couldn’t get his pressure down. He gasped, screamed, and began to code. The team knew he’d fully dissected. In less than two minutes, he went from v. fib to asystole, and in less than 15 minutes, they called time of death.

I was mad for days. I still am mad, and that’s part of why it took me months to write this. At every turn, if something had gone better, he’d likely still be alive. 

If he’d told us sooner. 

If his insurance hadn’t denied and fought us for the CT. 

If our CT availability hadn’t put him off two more days.

If the physician could’ve been reached immediately. 

If the hospital would’ve had available beds.

If they would’ve transferred him to a hospital that had availability.

If. If. If. 

So many of the ifs caused by a broken healthcare system in which people you’ve never met determine whether you can have the tests ordered by the physician who has known you for 15 years and went through years upon years of schooling. A system in which state hospitals are overrun with people who cannot afford primary care, often blocking access to people who need it most.

A system in which sees dollar signs in open heart surgery instead of a life to save. 

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modern inej & kaz hcs?

[cracks knuckles]

- kaz is either a VERY successful businessman (that may or may not have smth to the side bc we all know kaz has dollars where the hearts of the 😍 emoji would be) or a street boss… there’s no in between
- inej probably runs some errands for him in her spare time like you know… spy on his rivals, slash some tires, threaten someone (in a nice way) and has a yoga studio where she’s one with her inner self and peace
- kaz respects tf out of here and even if he’s filthy rich he’d never treat her as anything less than a goddess on earth which inej totally is and we all know it
- inej’s told him that she wants to have her own income and she doesn’t want any presents from him and prefers to have that money given to charity instead
- even so, kaz still gives her small but expensive gifts from time to time - on her birthday, on their anniversary, on important days and they’re always meaningful
- a golden case for her to keep her knives, a very luxurious frame for that one family portrait inej still keeps
- kaz’s a busy manTM but he always finds some time for inej and takes her out for lunch or something sweet in between meetings
- inej LOVES to tell him about her yoga classes and her eyes shine so bright kaz’s food always gets cold before she’s finished bc he’s just so Mesmerized
- kaz used to think tv is stupid and time-consuming - time he could spend earning $$$$$
- but inej got him hooked on netflix and now he literally can’t stop watching tv shows
- while we’re on that topic NO ONE can convince me his fav tv show isn’t lucifer like… you just can’t
- they have their get togethers with the rest of the gang every friday /despite wylan being a very busy businessman himself/
- they’re mindful of each other and they take it slow bc they know there’s no rush and it’s enough for kaz to see inej getting ready for class
- he lets her fix his tie sometimes and the feeling of her knuckles brushing his collar send goosebumps down his spine but it’s not a bad feeling AT ALL
- kaz brekker, a true wallstreet menace, melts at the sight of inej wearing his (t)shirts in the morning or even doing the most mundane things like making coffee, leaning on the fridge while she’s microwaving something for breakfast, just THE most simple things make him go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- they go on romantic dates like a pair of highschool sweethearts: lazy ice cream dates, movie nights, slow sunday walks in the park
- in fact, their first hand holding (without kaz shaking, without inej getting anxious) is at the cinema, probably during some really intense scene
- kaz doesn’t even realize it at first but then he hears inej laugh in the dark and it’s the purest, most amazing sound so he looks at her
- and there they are, fingers intertwined, no sweat or red spots, no panic, no water lapping at his feet
- their first kiss is very gentle and chaste and intimate while they’re laying on the coach: inej is in sweats and a ratty old tshirt, kaz’s hair is ruffled and unkept and his tie is loose and crumpled in her hand when she pulls him down to her
- he places his thumb on her neck, where he can feel her heartbeat and remind himself that yes, this is real and yes, you are safe and yes, THIS IS INEJ and she’s kissing you back and her lips feel like crushed velvet and spicy candy
- inej has a LOT of kitchen knives but kaz only smirks whenever he sees a new package on their front door saying “CAUTION: SHARP OBJECT INSIDE”
- inej is a modern feminist and she goes social gathering that could help a minority in need or just help someone who really needs it
- kaz always accompanies her but not bc he’s scared for her safety… if anything, it’s the safety of those who try to stop her from speaking her mind
- in the end, it may take them YEARS to get fully accustomed to each other’s presence but it doesn’t matter bc they have their freedom and they have each other and that’s the only thing that matters

Ruby Red II

Pairing: You/Yoongi 

Genre: smut (gang!au)

Word Count: 4,729

Warning: smut, car accidents, swearing

Summary: You’ve been involved with Bangtan gang for a short while now, and you stole the massive ruby, Satan’s Heart, for them. None of you could predict the repercussions, or the feelings that might spring up in the midst of the violence.

A/N: This is Part II. You don’t have to read the first part to understand (wink wink), but it might help. Let me know what you think!

Part 1

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