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Magickal Use of Cinnamon

Planet: Mercury/Sun/Mars/Uranus

Element: Air/Fire

Folklore: First cultivated and used in the East, Cinnamon was burned to purify the temple. It also promotes health, vigor and libido.

Main magickal uses: Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, energy, good luck, love, money, passion, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic development, success Other magickal uses: communication, happiness, harmony, healing, inspiration, knowledge, meditation, purification, spirituality, tranquility, wisdom Lore: Paul Beyerl suggests that cinnamon be paired with tourmaline for best effect. Cinnamon is important as a purification incense in China. Do not use externally on the body, as it irritates the skin.

The sun is typically seen as representing male or active energy and since cinnamon is a sun-related ingredient it is thought to be useful in protection magic. For a simple cinnamon protection amulet, tie nine cinnamon sticks together and hang the bundle above your door to protect your home from from unwanted people and energies. Laying cinnamon sticks along your window sill will serve the same purpose.

Financial and personal prosperity are also related to the sun’s active energy. Cinnamon sticks combined with other “prosperity” ingredients such as whole cloves, ginger and orange sections can be used as a simmering potpourri to help boost your efforts in job hunting, getting a raise or making general improvements to your financial status.

Because of its hot, fiery nature, cinnamon is a natural ally for love and sex magic. Try turning up the heat in your love life by grinding cinnamon sticks into a chunky powder and burning the powder as incense along with equal parts of red sandalwood and myrrh. Or simply place a stick of cinnamon under your lover’s pillow and see what happens.

SPELL:  Money Talisman


  • Five pumpkinseeds 
  • Three Cinnamon sticks 
  • One dollar bill 
  • Green cloth 
  • Green candle 
  • Cinnamon or basil oil 
  • Green ribbon


On a Friday during the waxing moon, assemble all your ingredients at dusk. Take the candle and rub (prosperity, basil, or cinnamon) oil into it while focusing on your bills and debts being paid, see them being paid, picture your self writing checks and smiling all the way to the bank. Light the candle and take the green cloth, add the pumpkin seeds, Cinnamon sticks, and the dollar bill and fold three times, tie with ribbon. Chant while you work and focus on money coming towards you;

Dollar bill, work your will.
Pumpkinseeds do your deeds.
Cinnamon sticks, do the trick,
Bring needed money & bring it quick

Repeat three times burn candle for nine minutes. Keep Talisman near your wallet or purse, and bills to be paid. Expect money to come, know it will and it shall be.

the signs as weird f. scott fitzgerald things
  • aquarius: the time he stood on a window ledge reciting poetry and almost jumped out
  • pisces: his foot fetish
  • aries: the time he threatened to jump out a window to prove his love for james joyce
  • taurus: finding out where hemingway moved to and showing up at his doorstep in the middle of the night drunk
  • gemini: the egg yolks he'd put in his friends' hats as a prank
  • cancer: leaving bowls of money out at parties for people to take
  • leo: the time his school paper publicly wrote about him, "will someone poison scotty or find some means to shut his mouth?"
  • virgo: only getting into college because he wrote the admission board that it was his birthday and they felt sorry for him
  • libra: eating ice cream for breakfast and fudge for dinner
  • scorpio: bringing a suitcase filled solely with coca cola bottles to work when he was trying to quit drinking
  • sagittarius: the time in the army he was caught naked with a girl by one of his superiors and tried to bribe him with a one dollar bill folded to look like a hundred
  • capricorn: when he dropped out of college he tried saying it was because of his tuberculosis but really he was failing every single class
Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N: Gah, I feel like this is a lame chapter. I spent hours writing, wanting to put this story out. So further apologies if it’s bland. 😔

Chapter Summary: You, Jeff, Troy, and Mallory go to Jessica’s party. For some reason, Jeff isn’t his normal, happy self.

WARNING: cursing

03. Jessica’s Party

Y/N P.O.V.

You praised the day Friday came. Your classes had been taking its toll on you and working part-time at Rosie’s 3 days that week was hectic; but you managed to pull through it all.

You stood in front of your long-length mirror, hanged behind your bedroom door, and examined your outfit. You tried on 3 other outfits before settling for this one, yet, you still weren’t satisfied.

You would have changed again if it weren’t for a car honking for you.

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[Ace attorney Dou] The paper crane (NaruMitsu)

A short doujinshi inspired by a scene in case 3-5 (Trials and tribulations - Bridge to the Turnabout).
“It was about more than 10 years ago when both Miles and Nick are still kids. Miles tried to fold a paper crane but he wasn’t good at it (actually he can’t even fold a dollar bill). Everyone tried to comfort him, but he would just sit there sobbing…
Then there came our Nick…”

Thanks for reading~

god is smiling on me not only did the most worthless human at my job get his hours cut to zip but the manager in training got fired

she was always late or no call no showing i am SO HAPPY

and to top it off i had a lady call me an angel tonight and then a lady left me these folded dollar bills with a quarter shaped like a heart as a tip and she said i was adorable

Charlie Winston

Words: 1,239
Warnings: Mild swearing, drug references, death
A/N: Hey, so here is kind of my take on Dallas’ backstory, or at least a piece of it. If you want me to write more on this topic just let me know! I hope you like it.

Dallas Winston sat down at the card table, cluttered with empty beer bottles and full ashtrays, as he ripped open the first envelope. It was from his sister Jodie who was almost a thousand miles away in Chicago.

He took out it’s contents; a couple of $50 dollar bills and a folded note. Hie eyebrows raised as he looked at the cash. Usually it was no more than $20, but he welcomed the surprise. Pocketing the cash Dally proceeded to open the letter which was written on a food stained piece of scrap paper.


This is everything I got for you right now, it needs to last you a few months. My boss is saying that my stomach is getting too big to continue stripping so this is all you’re getting until this baby comes. I’ll send you a letter when he get’s here though, maybe a picutre too, who knows.

I hope you’re doing okay. Make sure to stay out of trouble.


Though he was one of seven children, Jodie was the only one he still kept in touch with. He would write to her from jail and when he was released she sent him some money every month or so. Even though they didn’t have the same father, Jodie knew that Jack Winston wasn’t going to do Dallas any favors, he never did their mother any. He was too busy shooting up to take care of even himself. Independence and distance were the two things Dallas wanted though, even if he didn’t approve of his fathers drug habit he never complained too much about it. He was just waiting for the day the old fuck would finally overdose.

Dally picked up the next envelope that was waiting for him on the table. There was no return address and he was intrigued. It was rare for him to receive mail, let alone from an unknown sender. Usually it came as fines from the police station, other times from buddies who were stuck in the cooler and didn’t have any other company, but rarely was it from anonymous.

He tore into the envelope and pulled out a lined piece of paper. Before he read it he looked to the bottom of the page, seeing who the sender was. His heart almost stopped and his chest became tight. Signed neatly at the bottom of the page was the name Charlie.

Hey Dally it’s been a while since we last talked. I hope you’re doing alright in Oklahoma. Listen, I know you told me not to but I got caught up with the Street Rats. Things got worse after you left and you always told me to protect myself first right?

It’s been to much for me, theres to much going on. I need to get away from it all. Cliff almost died last month, did you know that? He got shot outside of some bar who fucking knows why. Everyday people are fucking shit up and everyday someone else dies from being gunned down. I fucking hate it here in New York man I need to get out. I need to come visit you down South okay? Write back to me at the address at the bottom.

Your brother, Charlie

Dallas sighed, tossing the letter onto the table. He reached into his shirt pocket grabbing the pack of cigarettes and book of matches that lived there. Lighting up his smoke he thought of New York. It had been two years since he left that life behind. It’s been two years since he’s heard anything from his brothers.

Cliff was shot huh? He scoffed and shook his head. I’m surprised the bastard isn’t dead yet.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke, Dallas reclined in his chair, kicking his boots up onto the card table. He thought about Charlie moving down here. It would be safer, thats for sure. Tulsa has it’s fair share of gangs but you’re never more than 20 minutes from cow country if you ever needed to get away. Maybe the fresh air would do the kid some good. Tulsa was gritty, but New York was straight dirt.

But where would he stay? He couldn’t stay with his father, hell, Dally could hardly stay with him. Dallas looked around Buck’s place. The midmorning sun streamed through the dirty windows, illuminating the dust and smoke particles that swirled lazily in the air, giving it a hazy quality. Chairs were strewn through out the rooms and beer bottles littered every surface, these were what remained from last night. This was no place for a kid.

Dally was lucky that Buck let him stay here, but he knew that he was an exception. There’s no way Buck would let a 13, wait shit, 15 year old move in. The only way that he could make this work is if the kid came down with a decent amount of cash, then they could figure something out.

After searching for a pen and a sheet of paper, Dally wrote his reply. He tucked the letter into his back pocket and headed off for the Curtis house. Darry had a stamp and an envelope, right?

After sifting through Buck’s mail for a few weeks, Dallas finally got a reply. Charlie agreed to bring down $200 to Tulsa. He just needed some time to get the cash. Dally told him to take as long as he needed to, he wasn’t going no where, besides an unexpected vacation to the cooler.

Correspondence between them went dead soon after he sent that last letter. Dally thought that maybe if he stopped looking everyday for a response than maybe it would come. A watched pot never boils right? For the first few weeks he brushed it off, maybe the kid was busy. Maybe he got a job to save up. Then, those weeks turned into a month. Then two months went by. And Dallas was pissed.

He gives this little shit head a chance to escape that hell hole and he can’t even reply. He’s probably throwing it away. Dally would have killed for someone to give him this chance when he got the fuck out of there. Instead, Dallas was left to his own defenses. He saved up enough for a one way bus ticket, packed all of his shit into a small duffle bag, and rode down to Tulsa alone only to wind up at his old address, where inside waiting for him was his father passed out on the couch with a needle in his arm. If he ever hears from that little punk again he’s gonna let him know exactly what he’s giving up.

Dallas got his reply three months after he sent his last letter. It was in a letter from Jodie along with a newspaper obituary she included.


Mom sent me this and I thought you should know about it too. Our little brother Charlie died a few weeks ago. He was holding up a grocery store when the owner shot him. They found him with like $150 cash in his pockets so they think he robbed another place too. Mom didn’t know much about it but she thinks he was getting ready to run away, why else would he have that much cash on him you know?

The baby should be coming in the next few months, I’m thinking about maybe naming him after Charlie.

Stay out of trouble,



Featured Herb

Thyme (thymus vulgaris)

Folk Names

Garden Thyme, Common Thyme








clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, courage, divination, dreams, exorcism, faeries, happiness, healing, love, money, prevents nightmares, protection, psychic development, purification, compassion, confidence, contacting other planes, grieving, magic, meditation, Midsummer, passion, release, renewal, rituals for the dead, Summer rituals, wishing Lore: Thyme has strong ties to faery lore. 

Magical Uses and Practices: 

Thyme is feminine in nature and associated with the element of water and the planet Venus. Thyme is also associated with Freya, Aphrodite and Ares.

Thyme can be used in spells to increase strength and courage.

When working hard to achieve a goal that seems unachievable, thyme can be used to keep a positive attitude.

Smudge your home with thyme to dispel melancholy, hopelessness and other mellow but negative vibrations, especially after a family tragedy or during a long sickness.

Place thyme beneath your pillow for a restful sleep and happy dreams and to prevent nightmares.

Faeries love thyme. Its addition to your garden will attract them and it can be used in spells to communicate with faeries. Thyme is associated with fairies and wearing a sprig of Wild Thyme, or essential oil of Thyme, is said to help one to see fairies. To see the fey, pick flowers from a patch of Wild Thyme where the little folk live and place the flowers on your eyes. If you place sprigs of Thyme on your closed eyes and sleep upon a fairy mound, this will also supposedly guarantee your seeing fairies. Dried, powdered Thyme, sprinkled on doorsteps and windowsills, is an invitation to the fey into your home. Wild Thyme, gathered from the side of a fairy mound, is especially potent for use in fairy magic.

Women who wear thyme on their person are irresistible to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities. You can create a magical broom using thyme, to banish negativity, or burn some in a bowl to help boost your courage before confrontations.

Thyme is also a purifactory herb; the Greeks burned it in their temples to purify them and so Thyme is often burned prior to magical rituals to cleanse the area. In spring a magical cleansing bath composed of marjoram and Thyme is taken to ensure all the sorrows and ills of the past are removed from the person. Thyme can also be carried and smelled to give courage and energy.

Thyme is believed to be Lucky in two different ways, for Protection and Cleansing and to bring about an increase in money. When using Thyme as a Protective Curio to Stop Nightmares, folks burn it on charcoal and breathe the smoke. The best-known use of Thyme is in Money-Drawing spells.

Some people plant Thyme in their gardens, saying that as it grows, their money will increase. Others take a dollar bill, fold it around Thyme Leaves, fold it again to make a packet, tie it up with green thread, and bury the packet in the middle of a Crossroads on the night of the Full Moon.

When carried on the person, Thyme is thought to inspire courage, attract good health, and protect from negativity, such as at funerals or other sad or unpleasant occasions. Carry a sprig in your pocket or make a sachet. Thyme can also be added to the bath for purifying and mental clarity. Put a handful in cheesecloth and hang it from the faucet while the bathwater is running. 

History and Folklore:

Thyme was called thymos by the Greeks, which meant “fumigate” or “smoke”. This indicates that it was used as a smudging herb. The Greeks thought very highly of Thyme. It was mixed in drinks to enhance intoxicating effects and induce bravery and warriors were massaged with thyme oil to ensure their courage and restore their physical power. Women wore thyme in their hair to enhance their attractiveness. The phrase “to smell of thyme” meant that one was stylish, well groomed, poised, and otherwise attractive. 

Thyme is a Mediterranean native spread throughout Europe by the Romans. Their soldiers added it to their bathwater to increase bravery, strength and vigor. It enjoyed a long association with bravery. In Medieval England, ladies embroidered sprigs of thyme into their knights’ scarves to increase their bravery. In Scotland, highlanders brewed tea to increase courage and keep away nightmares.

Thyme was used as early as 3000 BCE by Sumerians as an antiseptic. It does indeed have impressive antiseptic qualities.

It was used as an embalming herb in ancient Egypt and was burned in other places as offerings to celebrate Rites of Passing. It was placed in coffins throughout Europe to ensure passage into the next world.

Household Use:

The tiny flowers will attract bees to your garden. Honey made from these flowers is highly prized.

Sachets of thyme hung in your closet or folded in with your stored clothes will keep moths out, and smells nicer than mothballs.

Oil of thyme can be used as a household cleaning agent as it is good germ killer and drives away pests. Just put a few drops in a spray bottle with 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar.

A strong infusion of thyme makes a great hair rinse for dark hair and repels head lice. You can add rosemary as well if you have problems with dandruff.

Medicinal Properties:

Thyme has been used as a cough remedy and digestive aid as well as a treatment for internal parasites.

The active constituent, Thymol, has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties and a strong scent that helps loosen phlegm and sooths the respiratory system. It is used in many over the counter cold remedies.

It is also used for athlete’s foot and hemorrhoids.

For internal use, steep two teaspoons of fresh herb or one teaspoon of dried herb in one cup of boiling water. Drink no more than twice a day, in the morning and evening, to relieve lung problems and dispel parasites.

A stronger infusion can be used as a mouthwash to treat sore gums, as a foot soak to get rid of athlete’s foot, a body or hair rinse for lice or dip a rag in it and use it as a compress for skin inflammations.

Thyme can also be added to massage oils and bath oils for the treatment of rheumatism and general aches and pains. These oils can also be used for colds and lung complaints.

Use oil of thyme by dropping into an infuser, or into a pan of boiling water and inhaling the fumes up to four times daily to relieve congestion. Never take essential oils internally.

Herbalist Nicolas Culpepper recommends using thyme as a treatment for whooping cough.

In The Good Herb, Judith Benn Hurley says that the oil found in thyme, called thymol, has “antiseptic and antibacterial properties.” She also points out that thyme is popular with aromatherapists because of its ability to heal respiratory ailments and coughs


anonymous asked:

Do you know of any money spells that I can make in a jar/ witch's bottle? (Preferably something easy to carry around or put on a necklace.)

mix rice flour, corn starch, powdered orris root, and some unpopped popcorn kernels and put it in a small jar then write a money attracting sigil on a dollar roll/fold it up very tight and also put it in the jar then cork off the jar and hot glue a small magnet over the cork. finally tie a green string around the jar and wear it

Reminder that this conversation happened.
  • Edgeworth: What is this festive-looking ornament?
  • Larry Butz: It reminds me of art class in grade school. We used to have a lot of fun decorating the classroom with origami. Remember?
  • Edgeworth: W-Well, I...
  • Larry Butz: Oh, yeah...You never were any good at it.
  • Gumshoe: Really?
  • Larry Butz: Yeah, this guy was so bad, he couldn't even fold a dollar, let alone a crane. Everyone tried to comfort him, but he would just sit there sobbing.
  • Gumshoe: Really? I never would have expected that.
  • Edgeworth: Be quiet already! I'll never forget the shame of that day! You want a crane! I can now make a perfect quarter-inch crane without a single flaw!
WTNV - Ep - 100 - Toast


6. Carlos said that, “What it means to make a life together is to take the experience of two different lives and choose to interpret them as a single shared ___.”

9. According to Maggie and Donald Penebaker failure to pay your utility bill will result in what kind of strike?

11. Cecil finds Carlos’ enthusiasm about science inspiring and also deeply what?

12. Lauren Mallard insists that nothing makes her and Kevin happier than what kind of hearts?

13. Hiram’s Green Head says, “We find ___ within ourselves, without waiting for a ___ to be assigned to us!”

15. According to Diane Crayton, what does Josh Crayton always grow when he is becoming impatient?

16. Which of Hiram McDaniels’ heads does not trust recorded communication?

17. The Faceless Old Woman folds dollar bills into what kind of origami shapes?

19. Earl Harlan’s cake had which spice as an ingredient?


1. What do people in Night Vale usually call newcomers?

2. According to Tamika Flynn, what geographic feature is at the heart of any strong relationship?

3. The Faceless Old Woman finds what kind of rodents delicious (but sadly she is allergic to them)?

4. Which organ did Michelle Nguyen say that Katy Perry pulled out and threw to her back-up dancers?

5. Leonard Burton remarks that Cecil doesn’t look a day ___ than when he first started to work for him.

7. Deb, the sentient patch of haze, gives a toast on behalf of which cracker company?

8. Director of emergency press conferences, Pamela Winchell, declared that planets are all what?

10. Old Woman Josie gave wise advice when she said, “Sometimes it’s more important to have delightful people around you, than it is to succeed at some ___ goal you’ve given yourself.”

12. Mayor Dana Cardinal declared that the day was what kind of day?

14. Melanie Pennington said about the celebration, “People can be happy for ___ reasons, I suppose, so I should temper my comfort a bit.”

18. Steve Carlsberg’s main advice was to question what?

Card Reading

Human AU
Characters: Francis, Arthur
Warnings: death mention
Words: 2592

Arthur felt as though ball bearings were ricocheting off of the walls of his heart. The shockwaves of each ta-ta-boom of his heart rocked his brain, making him feel dizzy and faint.

I can do this, he thought, opening the e-mail.

I saw your ad on the board in Cardinal.
I didn’t think anyone took stuff like that
seriously anymore, but I think I’d like to
give it a try. Getting my cards read might
be fun, and 5$ sounds reasonable. Is
tomorrow at 2 okay? If 2 isn’t good, then
maybe when I get back next month.
- Francis

“Everything will be fine,” Arthur said to himself. He told Francis that tomorrow at two o’clock would work just fine and to meet him in Bright Eyed, a coffeehouse on campus, next to the library.

He hit send and leaned back as his heart started pounding again.

What if this was a bad idea? Maybe he should never have put up those flyers. What had he been thinking?

Closing his eyes, Arthur used a meditation technique to calm down and then pulled out a deck of Tarot cards from the top drawer of his desk. He might as well get some practicing in before meeting this Francis.

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So I had my wisdom teeth out and

now I have 4 holes in my mouth

hypothetically, what could I stick in them? I initially thought like, pointy rocks, for cool fake teeth, but them I thought maybe a wifi hotspot or maybe just a hundred dollar bill but folded up real small

or a kernel of corn

Idk if u had 4 small holes in ur jaw to fill what would you put in them

“I Wasn’t Expecting That” - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by Anon: can you please make a liam dunbar story based on the song “I wasn’t expecting that” by Jamie Lawson

Word Count: 4,592

Warnings: Cancer, Death…. Get tissues. (I know that pretty much spoils some stuff, but I don’t care cause y’all need to be warned before reading this or you’ll be like my beta, who got upset I didn’t warn her before reading this, lol.)

Author’s Note: I cried while writing this. If you don’t cry after reading this, I have failed as a writer. // Flashbacks are in italics.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by anajitssecret

Dr. Smith walked in and saw Liam sitting in a chair close to his wife’s bedside. His heart broke at the sight in front of him as Liam held on to her hand ever since she was put in the room. Liam never left her side and he couldn’t help but wonder how their love story began. A part of him didn’t want to ask because he knew he was going to be the one to break the news that their love story was coming to an end. Although Liam knew the doctor was in the room, he ignored him and looked at his wife asleep on the hospital bed, remembering the first time he laid eyes on her.

It was a warm summer night and the carnival was filled with families, friends, and couples in lines for rides and food. The smell of popcorn, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and dirt filled Liam’s nose as he walked through the crowded carnival with his best friend, Mason. Liam listened and nodded along as Mason rambled about his date with Corey the night before. Liam shoved his hands in his front pockets as they reached the end of the ticket line.

He turned around and saw a beautiful girl with her head rolled back and a hand resting on her stomach, as she laughed hard. The girl in front of her was laughing too, instantly drawing the attention of people passing by them. However, it was her sweet and innocent laughter that caught his attention. When they stopped laughing, Liam noticed the girl wiping her eyes from crying. She had a beautiful smile and Liam couldn’t help but smile too.

“Bro!” Mason’s hand waved in front of Liam’s awe struck face. “Are you listening to me?”

Liam snapped back to reality. “Yeah… I mean no.” He looked at the girl once more before looking back at Mason. “What did you say?” He asked confused.

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[ 💀 𝓓.𝓢. ; @blackthumbed  ]

     — Damon was drawn in like a moth to flame by the way the dark haired girl played the instrument, her fingers dancing up and down the neck of the violin as she brought it to life, the bow floating and gliding over the strings so beautifully as her body swayed in time with the music that softly filtered out into the late New Orleans evening. The vampire watched appreciatively from the far curb across the street, a soft smirk curling at the corners of his mouth. He was supposed to meet someone in the bar behind him but with a little time to burn, he decided to drift across Bourbon street instead, enchanted by Clarke’s playing. The crony could waitwould if he knew what was good for him. 

The piano had always been his thing, but he could genuinely appreciate any sort of beautiful music, didn’t matter if it was piano, guitar or in this case, the violin. He patiently waited for the song to end before speaking, lingering close enough to be able to extend the folded hundred dollar bill for Clarke to take personally instead of simply dropping it into her case like any of the other listeners had done with their donation before drifting off in every direction resuming whatever they had been doing or wherever they had been going until they too had paused to listen. “You’re really good with that thing. But…the million dollar question. Do you know any piano?” Damon asked with a chuckle, his cerulean hues lit with admiration and mischief as he gazed at the human, a faint grin touching his lips and eyebrows lifting to punctuate the question. There was something odd about her, different. The vampire couldn’t place it but could definitely sense it in the way the hair on the back of his neck prickled in her presence. In the wise words of Alice Liddell— curioser and curioser. Not a witch, not a vampire. Hmmm…

Title: Cinnamon
Other names: Sweet Wood, Ceylon cinnamon
Latin Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Planet(s): Sun
Element(s): Fire
Gender: Masculine

Primary Associations: Spirituality, Lust, Love, Protection, Healing, Power

Description: Cinnamon is a member of the laurel family and has brown, papery bark and leathery leaves.  A cinnamon tree will bloom yellow flowers in spring, followed by purple berries.

Magical Uses: Cinnamon as an incense raises high spiritual vibrations, draws money and aids in healing.  Cinnamon is also often used in sachets and infusions for these purposes, as well as heightening psychic powers. Cinnamon can also be burned to purify an area, while the oil is commonly used to anoint objects during a ceremony or ritual.  Many believe cinnamon to be useful in protection spells, and tying a bundle of nine cinnamon sticks above your door will protect your home from unwanted people and energies. Laying cinnamon sticks along your window sill will serve the same purpose.

Medicinal Uses: Cinnamon is good for digestive disorders such as indigestion, bloating, nausea and vomiting.  A smooth paste preparation made from cinnamon powder, water, and honey can been applied to the gums for toothache, and cinnamon oil can be used in the mouth as an antimicrobial agent.  There are also current studies being performed to see if cinnamon may have positive results against HIV and Alzheimer’s.  The oils found in cinnamon bark are thought to stimulate appetite and reduce spasms as well.  Some people also use cinnamon as a remedy for menstrual aches, parasite infestations and diarrhea. 

Culinary Uses: Cinnamon is a common spice in the kitchen often used in combination with sugar, and is an important mulling spice, great in cider and wine.  Cinnamon is also a common ingredient in candies, a multitude of baked goods as well as breakfast foods such as French toast or oatmeal.  Cinnamon can also be added to a variety of drinks for flavor, including hot chocolate, tea, cider and eggnog.  Cinnamon has also been used in the preparation of meat like venison, pork and beef, it also used as a component of many sauces, spice rubs and Indian curries.

Suggestions: A bowl made out of cinnamon clay can be used as part of money spells.  Write the amount of money you need on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl with a few coins as offerings of good faith.  When you get the money, bury the paper and the coins in the yard and your bowl is ready for your next money request.

Money Talisman

You will need the following items for this spell: 
Five pumpkinseeds 
Three Cinnamon sticks 
One dollar bill 
Green cloth 
Green candle 
Cinnamon or basil oil 
Green ribbon

On a Friday during the waxing moon, assemble all your ingredients at dusk. Take the candle and rub cinnamon oil into it while focusing on your bills and debts being paid.  Light the candle and take the green cloth, add the pumpkinseeds, Cinnamon sticks, and the dollar bill and fold three times, tie with ribbon. Chant while you work and focus on money coming towards you:

“Dollar bill, work your will
Pumpkinseeds do your deeds
Cinnamon sticks, do the trick
Bring needed money and bring it quick”

Repeat three times and burn the candle for nine minutes.  Keep Talisman near your wallet or purse, and bills to be paid. Expect money to come, know it will and it shall be.

Hazards and Precautions: Do not use externally on the body unless heavily diluted, as it irritates the skin.  Cinnamon may lower blood sugar in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  Cinnamon also contains the chemical coumarin, which is toxic to the liver and acts as an anticoagulant, which is dangerous in large amounts.  Heavy use of cinnamon may irritate the mouth and lips, causing sores. In some people, it can cause an allergic reaction.  There is also a chance that it could interact with antibiotics, diabetes drugs, blood thinners and heart medicines, so use with caution.