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Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)

What the signs spend all their money on

Food: Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn

Books: Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo

Clothes: Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Leo

They don’t: Pisces, Cancer

“whose mans is this” - me on @phangate 2k17 

why do people think it’s a real acc it’s obviously someone shitposting ?? why would phil still “pretend to live with dan” if he had a wife?? yall are fuckin crazy lmfao guys it’s so expensive and with dan’s fucking fashion choices (two of his jumpers are over a thousand dollars his clothes are so expensive) it’d be impossible for him to pay rent by himself lmao it’s 2017 they wouldn’t be able to hide this shit for this long?? literally almost everything about their lives is SOMEWHERE on the internet lol and also @ phangate if any of this is true why would they constantly go to parties together, ONLY sit by each other, barely be able to spend time apart?? why would phil still do liveshows in the lounge?? i can’t believe anyone thinks this shit is real lmfao dont even worry

until you’ve shopped in both the womens and mens sections you have no idea how much clothing companies hate women and want them to suffer.

Your first getaway together..

Jumin: He surprises you with a trip to Europe on his private jet. There is a full itinerary consisting of wine tastings, exquisite cuisines, shopping, and socialite parties. He spoils you with thousands of dollars with jewelry, designer clothing, and… lingerie. Zen texts you daily to make sure you are okay.

Zen: You two plan a secret getaway to a resort island to avoid the paparazzi and for Zen to recharge in between action roles. One day on your trip is a couples spa day including full body massages and a hot spring. The rest of the days are spent relaxing at the beach and the evenings are spent cuddling together in your hotel room.

Yoosung: He buys the VIP package for you and him to attebd LOLOLCON with him. The weekend is full of gaming shenanigans and Yoosung bragging about you being his girlfriend to other attendees. Saeyoung runs into Yoosung by surprise. Both of them hang out together the entire convention.

Jaehee: It’s a girls only weekend getaway full of wine, shopping, coffee, and lots of binge watching on Netflix. Both of you entirely cut yourselves off of social media until you two return home causing the RFA to panic until Jaehee lectures everyone I’m the chat room.

Saeyoung: He surprises you with an impromptu road trip. Your days are spent enjoying the scenery on the road and exploring the unknown. Each day of the trip has a sense of adventure. One night is spent outside stargazing rather than staying in a hotel room. Saeyoung professes his love to you again under the stars.


Saeran: Still suffering from major anxiety, you spend the entire weekend with him at Saeyoung’s home watching movies together. You offer to cook him meals and enjoy each other’s company. Both of you end up falling asleep together on one of Saeyoung’s couches.

Nibbler (Futurama) Pet Costume Tutorial for under $10

Just need, 1 collar, Ping Pong Balls, Black Pipecleaner, black Sharpie, scissors, old red shirt/fabric and a little tape. (fabric glue and black fabric optional)

Depending on the size of your pet choose an appropriate amount of pipe cleaners for the eye stalk size.   

For a cat we chose 6. Now twist them tightly together to form one long bendy stalk. 

Be careful of the pokey ends and where they end up!

Find the Mid point of the collar and wrap the stalk around it a couple times tightly. Important! Make sure any pipe cleaner ends are pointed OUTWARD when you are finished. Then Tape the area to insure no one gets poked.

Take your ping pong ball and carefully poke a small hole in the back of one of the sides. 

Insert the Stalk you made earlier into it. 

For the cape take a quick measurement of how large your pet’s back is. You can use a string for an estimate if you don’t have a measuring tape. For most cats it will be between 7 and 15 inches. For our cat we went with 10. Then measure across their back. For this cat we went with 16. 

Mark on your old shirt those measurements + an inch (Always add a little just in case, You can always trim it off later. You will get a rectangle that is wider than it is tall for most small pets. Remember that a pet has a wider back than a human due to the forward facing legs.

(OPTIONAL) Once you cut the rectangle out of the fabric you can do a quick glue hem to the edge.

Just fold and press tightly and let it set for a couple minutes.

While your hem is drying just add a black dot to the center of your Nibbler eye. We suggest starting with a tiny dot and just gradually enlarging it. 

Give the top of your cape a little tie at the corners 

(OPTIONAL) If you have a pack of Ping Pong Balls You can make different expressions by either using your sharpie to make black marks or taking a small scrap of black fabric and cutting it with a slight  circular curve to the fabric. Apply glue to the top of the eye. 

Starting at the Eye Dot press the fabric down and work towards the back. You will get ridges of fabric that grow larger the more you go towards the back. Press them tightly together until you have covered half the eye.

Now to just trim off all the excess black scrap carefully with the scissors including those ridges you pressed tightly together. Be careful to not trim so deep you cut the ball.

And there you have it! A Nibbler Costume for Any Pet!

If you make one make sure to tag us in it so we can share! Have fun crafting!



never done this commission shit before, figured I’d try now- but I AM DOING TALKSPRITE commissions! I’ll probably do a more fancy post here at some point, but for now this is all I got the knowhow to do

A set of 6 expressions(uneditable):10 dollars

The PSD File for easy editing of expressions:20 dollars

Additional clothing/items:1 dollar each layer of clothing/or item

if at some point you just wanna buy the 6 expressions, and then upgrade to the PSD file, then you’d just pay the extra money to get the file!

I’m probably only doing 1 at a time until I get the hang of it,and the flat price might eventually change