dollar bison

Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Begins

Our National Park Service, an agency you and I fund with tax dollars, is transferring bison from Yellowstone National Park to an Indian tribe for slaughter, not because of some treaty or honoring the Indians’ relationship with bison, but because the NPS plans on slaughtering about 600 bison, eventually up to 1,600, in deference to the Governor of the State of Montana, who is bowing to pressure from the cattle industry to reduce the number of bison who wander off the National Park and threaten the cattle.

Story can be read here.

Once again, the Obama administration is showing its total ignorance and blind eye to any degradation of our national lands, national parks, and iconic American animals. He just doesn’t care.

Let's Play Five Nights at Matt's

You play as Zai, or Madame Batsu, who have taken up a job as a nightguard at Matt Mcmuscles’ pizzeria and wrestling fun house. The hours are long, and the pay is entirely in Bison dollars, but it’d be a normal job….. if it weren’t for the animatronic zaibatsu members trying to kill you. They aren’t mean or anything, they just think your a zaibatsu fan who forgot their costume, but those costumes are filled with quite alot of sharp metal pieces and wiring, you probably wouldn’t survive getting shoved into one of those.

Matt Mcmuscles doesn’t do much initially, he is the boss after all. He spends the first few nights reading punisher comics, but near night 4, he becomes agitated with you and immediately starts threatening the other zaibatsu with pay cuts to boost their performance. When he steps in himself, he’ll start throwing fire axes at your doors, draining your power at an alarming rate. You can tell he’s by your door when you here his distorted chants “ RoW rOw FÏgHt ďå PœwA”

Possum Pat is very short, but very strong, fail to keep track of him, and he’ll start breaking your door buttons. If you can catch him in the light, then he’ll get incredibly salty, and run away to play persona for a while

Woolie the Wolf is a crafty beast, who likes to sabotage your cameras by covering them in his bloodstained “When’s Mahvel?” bib, or by overriding the feed with his streetfighter matches against Diago the Dog at evo. However, If he shows up at your door you can have Madame Batsu punch him, forcing him to lame out the rest of the night. just know that when the power goes out, he’ll be super salty, and won’t wait for Matt to finish singing “Snake Eater” before coming to get you.

Then there’s Liam the Lion. Responsible for the “ jimmy rustling of ‘89”, he was condemed, and as a result, always stays in Vita Valley. That is, unless you don’t keep the camera on him frequently enough, then he’ll rush your office, wailing “NoTîCe ME SeMpaīiI”. You have 2 seconds to lock the door before he grabs you, if you’re playing as Zai, then you can distract him by throwing Senran Kagura disks outside the door, but they only work so many times.

Then, there’s the dreaded “Zach the Cat”. No one is sure of how he is triggered, but when he is, they say there’s no surviving it.

Can you last through all five nights at Matt’s?